Category: Spiritual Warfare
KILLING JEZEBEL – Powerful Prayers to Destroy the Spirit Witchcraft, Wickedness, Disfavor and Oppression

Today’s Reading I will tear down your walls and demolish your defenses. I will put an end to all witchcraft, and there will be no more fortune-tellers - Micah 5:11-12   Update It's another week of commanding your blessings. Again, here's the details and focus for the month... ...

Fasting Day 9: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Breakthrough and Divine Restoration

Prophetic Declaration for the Year This is My Year of Total Restoration and All Round Victory.” "For God is at work in my life; He will give me victory on every side, and empower me to experience all-round restoration this year, in Jesus name." Today’s Reading 16 When he brought David ...

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