Pray For Others Page

And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  –  Job 42:10  (NKJV)

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. – Phili 2:3-4


  1. As you genuinely pray for others, God takes over your own battles.

  2. When you pray for anyone, kindly click on the blue Pray Button. It will register that you have prayed.

  3. If you do have a special word for the person you have prayed for, click on the Reply button and drop the Word (Must never be promotional)

Be blessed as you intercede for others.


  • prayer for clear mind

    prayer for inner healing of mind and heart. I have experienced attacks from the enemy and feel like no one cares. I know God cares, but I need to be renewed in my mind and spirit. I need a fresh anointing and self revival.

  • Unpleasant workplace

    Pray God will direct managment to assign MAP to work with EM her spouse and not me.Mark 10:9 What (MAP/EM )therefore God hath joined together, let not management put asunder. MAP is a busybody inspecting coworker's work when there are scheduled inspections every 30 minutes, she asks why this coworker is not here, when coworkers leave if they leave early without pay, or complains about preferential treatment or how managment does not do what she expects, she will tell managment when your method does not line up with her approval. Bottom line she disrupts the entire work environment as a self righteous appointed sheriff.Pls pray against MAP, coworker who interrupts when the supervisor talks to me or calls the supervisor to my position when she deems I am not doing my job properly.This has happened on two occasions...she ask me questions when she is assigned to work in the different area and while I am attempting to do my job. I can not answer her questions and do my job at the same time. She had her spouse to help her to the job and I was working by myself. In the past I asked she be assigned to work with her spouse. Please ask God to keep MAP away from my work area. The supervisors know she complains about every little item, this item was not her concern because she judged me incorrectly.

  • Stealing in our home

    Please help there is stealing in our home even when doors are loc ked and security on. Think it might me Astor projection because we let a women live with us until we found out she was a witch this has been going on ten years I'm seventy and just want to die. Also something pushes me and I have fallen several time. Please help. We are born again Christians.

  • Bride

    The Bride for my elder brother. God's will be done.

  • I need God direction over my marriage

    I got married about three months ago (3 months) and My wife and I are having marital issues already. she has told me she wants a divorce but she is yet to act on the divorcee. I am seeking this prayer, for God's divine intervention and direction. If this marriage was really His will let it stand, and if not then let it fail.

  • Thailand

    Hello I would like to ask you to pray for me and my family as we are considering a trip possibly move to Thailand and please ask the Lord if I should have my surgical procedure done there. Thank you

  • Pray for FINANCIAL

    My name is David from Malaysia, the reason I am writing is needed prayers and help very-very badly where I facing financial problem & difficulties.

    I need urgently cash for my own expenses, pay-off loans and debts. Please in God name, help me with prayers.

    Everyday of my life feel down, sad, scared, tired & worries. I pray that God in His love will free me from all this bad experience of my life.

    Please, I beg you to storm heaven on behalf of me.

    Thank you

    Your brother in Christ,


  • Breakthrough

    I have been noticing difficulty in praying for a marriage partner i have even tried it twice but it a problem and also people in my Family who are called like me have issues in marriages. I believe what is impossible with men is possible with Almighty God the creator of Heaven and earth

  • Nanny

    Hello! I’d like prayer to touch and agree on our finances. We lost our home, cars, furniture, saving and more in 2008. I don’t understand it when we were very much givers and tithing 20-25% . And we both have had to go back to work at 61 and 76. We’ve been good stewart’s of all GOD gave us, but are financially and hopelessly discouraged after 10 years and hearing prophets predict a turnaround for over ten years. We are so trying to understand this thing threw God’s eyes. We desperately need a breakthrough as our daughter is struggling in medical school and we’re trying to assist her!


    Please pray for my total healing from high blood pressure, Chronic sinusitis, Blood disease, allergies and arthritis. I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing too hard for God to do so i believe and trust in my God for my healing.

  • Prayer for Divine Intervention

    Kindly pray for the LORD to grant me HIS grace and mercy.

    I have been in the same job with only one promotion in the past 13 years.

    I seek divine intervention in my career and the future of my family as we make plans to relocate this year,


    I have been offended deeply over a matter I shared with an instructor regarding my past abusive childhood. (part of my testimony as a bible student) The statement that offended me: was that I had a choice in the way I developed from an abusive situation at the age of 6, (grew up being rebellious because I grew up in a very dysfunctional family) pray for me that I am able to protect my heart knowing that we wrestle not against flesh and blood and to believe the enemy put this remark in his heart. Pray too for him that he is able to guard his tongue against flippant words of offense knowingly or unknowingly. I tried to address this with him but he has yet to respond. Bless you, for your prayers ...In Christ Alone!

  • Witchcraft destroying my marriage

    Good evening Pastor

    As I'm writing here the tears are falling from my eyes,I'm overwhelmed with sadness, My life is falling apart,My mother in law is using black magic to destroy my marriage,and she's making my life hell.Pastor please pray so that god can intervene,Please pray for God to save my marriage and break and remove the black magic from me and my husband and from our marriage.

    My birth name was Grace Makombe but ive reverted to islam when i married my husband ,My name is Gaironiesa Levendahl my husband's name is Sulayman Levendahl.We married for 3months now but we together for almost 5yrs .His parents has never accepted our marriage they hate me and they said they going to break us apart.They using witch craft to break us apart and they succeeding.My husband has moved out of our house his moved in with his mother, his like a robot that does everything they tell him to do.He told me over the phone that he misses me and wants to come home but something keeps him from coming.He wants a meeting with my family because he wants a divorce,its his parents evil doings.Please help me to pray for God to break these peoples evil plots and plans,to break all their evilness and evilchains they have over my husband, my life is falling apart please help us.My husband looks like a walking corpse.His under their evil spell.Please pray to break the evil chains that's keeping my husband hostage in his mothers house, God I pray that you open my husbands eyes so that he can see what these evil people are doing.Lord I pray that you release my husband and send my husband home to me.Amen.Mymother in-law is a cold hearted evil person she even encouraged him to have an affair also now.please lord I need you now more than ever,let your will be done in Jesus name Amen

  • Familiar spirits

    Seem to be chased down and hunted by men that may want a service. I’m not involved in any of that I don’t need money from men I have a husband. I need your help Lord I’m trying to be a good women devoted to her kids and family.



  • healing

    I got skin parasites while I was in North Africa in the mission. Please pray for me to be healed and continue God's work. The doctors don't have a solution but God has a solution.

  • Marriage

    I've been divorced 14 years, my testimony is God is faithful, is has kept me since the day my husband walked out on Thanksgiving day 2004. I'm believing for my Devine spouse will find me this year 2018, we you pray with me for the will of God be done in my life.




    may god bless you I'm asking for prayer I'm in a abuse marriage and I hurting and yes a pray each day god knows yes I try setting down with my husband to tell him look your hurting me but the enemy don't want to here whose words so I'm asking for just one touch from lord it takes a lot for me to do this I been holding on to this hurt for a long time 52yrs and I cant be silent anymore my soul crys out god bless you

  • deliverance

    pray for me that i may be deliverered satanic delays,the spirit of the tortoises and goat

  • Prayer for a new job

    Help me pray for a new job and new career path. pray against the spirit of delay and barriers. My current job is not fulfilling and I am overqualified for my position. I have applied for other jobs even outside of my country awaiting responses

  • Healing&Business

    Please pray for me,I've hurt my right knee and I can barely walk now it's really painful please pray for my complete restoration.
    I also need prayer for my business that I would get an increase in sales and succes in all of my businesses.

  • Debts

    Please pray that God will deliver me from the spirit of debt for fours years I have been struggling with my finances seems like it's trying to over take me. Need to come out now in the name of Jesus. I need a breakthrough this week of at least 10 thousand dollars just to caught up and become current on my bills. Touch and agree with me that it is so in Jesus name.

  • Consistent income

    Jan Mathee needs a consistent income. He is in the building industry and relies on one man for business and income. He has been without work for close to 4 weeks and has had no salary. He recently got saved 2 weeks ago and is a new Christian. Please uplift him in prayer and also pray for direction and ideas on how to get work coming in. Thank you

  • I want my husband to come back to me

    We been separated for a long time,I want him to come back and start again our life,I want him to have more love for me,forgive and forget all the fast,I want to start everything,I want to bring him to JESUS CHRIST and serve him .Erik Fernandez I want him to come back to his wife,and Robert fong my x husband, I want his mistress to go back where she belongs.i don't like to live adultery and for my X-husband,we want restoration for our marriage.thank you.I N JESUS NAME.AMEN

  • Deliverance from monitoring spirit.

    A monitoring spirit in form of a hawk is following me about for over three months.please pray for me so that God will delivere me from it.

  • asthma (coughing) and Skin asthma (itchy skin rashes)

    Please pray for my all year round healing of asthma (cough) and healing of skin rashes (skin asthma). Thank you. Also please pray for healing of my both eyes astigmatism.

  • Connection on Facebook: portraying to be Dan Okpara

    I was on Facebook and connected with a person I believe to be Daniel C. Okpara. I posted on his page thanking him for the books and how it was helping me. I sent a message on instant message and was happy and surprised that I got an immediate response. I asked how can donate to the ministry and was surprised that I was getting a video call. I didn't answer because I wasn't read for a face-to-face. I immediately began to feel sleepy and knew that something was going on in the spirit world but I couldn't see anything nor remember anything. I immediately attempted to cancel whatever happen while I was sleep but struggled greatly to get through the pray. Wanted to know if it Min. Daniel I connected with on Facebook and it was him who tried to reach me on March 2, 2018. I feel strongly that my spirit is warning me about this connect.

  • Mr

    Hi God bless for the good work u are doing in His kingdom. In the beginning of every year in months between January and March I find myself in debt for the whole year pray for me

  • Job

    I have been praying for a career for what I went to school for . Please help me pray that god will bless me with a better career that I will be successful and have peace on the new job

  • For me and my daughter Funke.

    For God to heal us physically as we are both going for operations.

  • Mrs

    Saints I have few BUSSINESSES not working since 2008 and sanitation services I engaged in 21 days fasting from 1st February I had an additional ideas of uk business start in uk and go international payroll/ umbrella adding agency nurses and doctors and money transfer
    2 children and their progress as well as salvation of them and my husband
    3 HEALING of my husband s incisional hernia

  • Mrs

    Saints I have few BUSSINESSES not working since 2008 and sanitation services I engaged in 21 days fasting from 1st February I had an additional ideas of uk business start in uk and go international payroll/ umbrella adding agency nurses and doctors and money transfer
    2 children and their progress as well as salvation of them and my husband
    3 HEALING of my husband s incisional hernia

  • Delieverence from drugs and physical healing

    My Husband and I are trying to change our lives we have struggled with drug addiction and people interrupting our marriage one because we let them and 2 because we thought they could help they say we are no good for each other . We have enough knowledge about Christ and know that we should be living right yet we tend to do wrong. I don't understand.butvlivung this way is killing us and our marriage. Plz pray for us we are a good team when it's him and I and Jesus . But when others are involved we tend to drift from each other. We have gotten in to fights . We need a Lot of prayer I mean a Lot of prayer we are people who have tasted the Lord and going back to our vomit has damaged us greatly. Thank u for s oing what u can may the bless your coming and goings.

  • Delieverence from drugs and physical healing

    My Husband and I are trying to change our lives we have struggled with drug addiction and people interrupting our marriage one because we let them and 2 because we thought they could help they say we are no good for each other . We have enough knowledge about Christ and know that we should be living right yet we tend to do wrong. I don't understand.butvlivung this way is killing us and our marriage. Plz pray for us we are a good team when it's him and I and Jesus . But when others are involved we tend to drift from each other. We have gotten in to fights . We need a Lot of prayer I mean a Lot of prayer we are people who have tasted the Lord and going back to our vomit has damaged us greatly. Thank u for s oing what u can may the bless your coming and goings.

  • Job

    Please prat for me a need a job am keeping seaching for job and I can't get a job for myself I have to working for some one when the get off their job and I get to do couple of day until she come back for her job please pray for my my mind the devil mess with my mind a can't for focus on God when ever a read the Bible a can't ubderstand it a can't remember what I read and this is going on for a long time at time a don't even don't know how to pray pure confusion thank uou

  • pet charity

    please pray for pet charity to get enough donations to pay big debt. thanks

  • Family

    Please lift my family up in prayer specifically for a closer relationship with the lord and provision. In July my husband and I went through a divorce after 21 years of marriage. My 4 kids and I are currently staying with my parent but desire to get back on our feet again and have a place of our own. I ask for wisdom in parenting my kids alone and instilling in them a desire for the things of the lord (ages: 10, 11, 16, 20). I ask for Gods continual blessings as we focus on making Him first in our lives.

  • Sister in Christ



    My #1 Cheerleader is gone (my Mother) just over 1/2 of my life my fight has always been real. In the past 3 to 4 years my health has caused me to check in and out of the hospital multiple times with double pneumonia (MRSA + last September ) A couple of my Doctors told me that they didn't think I had a chance in the world to pull through. I even got a visit from a couple of the Emergency Room Doctors, I actually think they wear just checking to see if I made it. One of the ER Doctors actually asked: " Judy do you know what a temperature of 104 does to your brain?" I answered him with " Of course I know, it fries it......" Feb 2nd my Home Health nurse came to change my PICC line dressing and run in my IV antibiotics. She found me with a fever of 104 again. Once again double pneumonia. They admitted me again. It was a floor nurses' came and found me unresponsive. Off to the ICU I went put back on the ventilator. From what I remember after 2 weeks on the ventilator they Extabated me. My body hurts everywhere and my throat is raw. I have begun my recovery. But this time my #1 Cheerleader isn't here to encourage me. Right out of ICU my weight was 99.4. In order for me to win this struggle, I am relying on Gods great mercy. I too am fighting to heal a large wound. I miss my #1 Cheerleader. I know that if GOD allowed her to look down on me she would want me to fight. But since I know where she is, without doubt, I'll meet up with her again. There is no sorrow or sadness where she is so of course, GOD wouldn't allow her to look down upon the earth and see sorrow. I know without a doubt I will see my Mother again one day. My Dad told me a number of times " Judy I can't lose you too...." so my battle now is to get myself healthy for my Father" Will you as my friends PLEASE pray for my healing? The wound that took Superman's life is the battle I'm fighting today.......

  • deliverancefrom

    kindly pray for my daughter deviana sharon from occult practices believing in reincarnation doctrine she is alone studying in usa she is hating us telling us that she will shoot any one who comes against her belief she is yet to be married i believe god must do a miraclee in my daughter iam burdened much and cry day and night for her restoration thank you

  • No matter what I do

    I need clarity over my latest relationship. I feel spiritual demonic forces are at work through a gen curse, soul tie or monitoring spirits. We make progress and then it goes up in flames based on one comment. I reached out to another ministry for some prayers for deliverance but waiting for their reply. Thank you!

  • Marriage restoration

    Please pray to lord to restore my marriage
    Please pray for my husband Sunil to change his mind and come back to me with repentance
    Please pray for him so that the lord touch his soul and heals him
    From one year we got separated because of my mother in law and now he is rejecting me

    She is trying to break this marriage completely
    I’m helpless

  • Broken hearted in a million ways

    I am asking the Lord for turnaround.... praying for restoration of my marriage that died the day I said "I do."
    I never got to set up a household with my husband... been waiting for years and about ready to give up. Strange demonic women and demonic men always interfering and obstructing. He makes excuses for the delays. I just want to be with someone that loves and cherishes me. Lots of women have a husband that truly loves them, why not me? Heartbroken, humiliated, lied to, lonely and rejected. I want to find love in a husband that actually loves me enough to want to be with me as a family. There must be love some where.

  • Broken hearted in a million ways

    I am asking the Lord for turnaround.... praying for restoration of my marriage that died the day I said "I do."
    I never got to set up a household with my husband... been waiting for years and about ready to give up. Strange demonic women and demonic men always interfering and obstructing. He makes excuses for the delays. I just want to be with someone that loves and cherishes me. Lots of women have a husband that truly loves them, why not me? Heartbroken, humiliated, lied to, lonely and rejected. I want to find love in a husband that actually loves me enough to want to be with me as a family. There must be love some where.

  • Daughter's future husband

    My daughter is a 31 year old Spiritfilled woman and she wants a Godly husband. She has been faithful. She has turned down several proposals from people that are not true Godly people because she wants God's best. She wants someone that truly loves God as she does.nk7r4

  • Mrs.

    Please pray for me NOT to get tired in striving/doing God's will and praying for others...that I may grow in His love and learn how to love others and myself like He loves, with a pure love. Pray for His calling in my life to be mighty in the tearing down of strongholds and every lofty thing that sets itself in place of His throne and strength to fight the good fight of faith and for spiritual prosperity in every area of my life and husbands life.

    Special prayer for my husband Desert who deals with a demonic spirit of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and likewise his past.
    Bless you, in Christ alone!

  • Depression

    Lord please release me from my depression

  • Job

    Blessings you and your team Pastor, and tbank you all for your prayers. I just want to report that our prayers were answered regarding me getting a job, I have been successgul in getting a job this past week and will begin work on Monday...ALL PRAISES BE TO THE MOST HIGH GOD!!! He still answers the cry of His people.

    Thanknyou all again and God you continually.

  • Prayer requests for Breakthrough

    Dear Br
    Please do pray for us, we r in the ministry since many years, please do pray that we be blessed with children's and a house of oyr own. And for our ministry to becone more powerful.
    Thanking you
    Antony & AMALA

  • Inner peace

    My regards.
    God bless you for what you have been doing, kindly pray for me I have a lot of enemies frustrating my inner peace at work that have reached an extent of resigning and my business idea seems not to work. Have been trying to find partners to start running an NGO to help women and juveniles in legal matters but nothing seems to work, I know my God is not man and nothing is impossible hence am standing on his covenant that I shall be fruitful in my career and business in Jesus Name.

  • Deliverance

    May I ask for prayer for my mind, it’s like there is a block or pain on my ER side of my brain.
    Thank you, Christie


    Please pray to God to restore my marriage

    please pray for my husband Sunil to change his mind and come back to me with repentance , please pray for him so that lord heals him and touches him , and he will understand the purpose of marriage,

    And GOD will break him from all curses and bondages like illegal affair.

    from one year we got separated because of my mother in law and now he is rejecting me.

    Please pray to God to save my marriage

    I'm very depressed and sad


    Please pray to God to restore my marriage

    please pray for my husband sunil to change his mind and come back to me with repentance , please pray for him to heal him and touch him , so that he will understand the purpose of marraige,

    from one year we got separated because of my mother in law and now he is rejecting me.

    Please pray to God to save my marriage

    I'm very depressed and sad

  • Please pray for my breakthrough

    Please pray that my relationships heal and that my husband comes to me soon and that my son is delivered from fear and anger. Please pray that the Lord reveals to me what the root problems are so we can get set free to serve Him.

  • Life-time Partner ( Husband)

    I am requesting prayer for my God-ordained husband to show up in this 2018

  • Full-time Job

    I am requesting prayer for a permanent full time job

  • GOD Already did it

    They"re trying to kick me out of my apartment because my mentally ill child got into the basement and went into the car in the basement . I offered to pay for the damage but instead they are evicting me .
    So ple pray for me

  • Valentino

    May the Lord keep my life free from doubting.

  • Please Pray for my grandson, and the whole family .

    Please pray for my grandson who is 27 years of age. He is depressed and tired. Chronic fatigue syndrome. He has conact with healthcare. Pray for his mother and father too. Pray also for me , his grandmother. Pray for forgivness and love in the family.
    We live in Oslo, Norway.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Help!

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks for helping,bles,keijo sweden

  • Pray for My Niece Under the Cancer Demon's Assault

    My 32-year-old unmarried, childless, niece got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that only younger women get. Since September, she has had a fallopian tube and ovary removed. She's gotten a few rounds of chemo which doctors say isn't helping. They've put her on immunotherapy, and that was starting to work and then she developed fluid in her stomach. That's been being drained, and now her kidneys are being attacked for shut down. This. Is. Straight. Out. Of. the. pit. of. HELL! My sister and I are servants of Christ and prayer warriors who've experienced awful things and our lives and have prevailed in faith. Satan is the only one mad, and he doesn't count. The devil wants to destroy us through my niece before he's flogged the way God showed me he's about to be. God has shown me that satan is violating the injunctions against him in the court of Heaven and is being judged for that so this is his response since he tried this with my sister and me and it failed. Let's agree in prayer and make this weapon formed against my niece's body as big a failure as satan is at being God.

    Please PRAY and PRAY HARD because these doctors are talking about putting my niece on ostomy/urine bags and she's beside herself. We must pray that her kidneys are healed immediately, completely, permanently and irreversibly, that these demons of cancer and related illnesses, which have already been cursed to their root, are obliterated, and my niece is healed AND becomes a woman of God like her mother and aunt. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  • Ms.

    Hello BLWO,

    I have a college degree and I keep being turned down for jobs. There are people who don't go to church, pay tithes and don't have education. They are having no problems prospering. Please pray for me. I will continue to trust GOD, and pray and do for other.
    thank you and GOD BLESS!

  • Dream

    I need prayers for the dream my husband had we were in a boat the water was calm but all of a sudden the boat turnover and all our properties in the boat sank then the boat suddenly was upright with us in it

  • Mr

    Please pray that the charges against me are dropped, I have totally repented and I plead The Blood of Jesus over this!

    Thank You Jesus!

  • Prayer for Reconciliation

    I am praying for healing and reconciliation of my relationship with Kenneth. We had been together for over four years and I had hoped I’d someday be his wife. We let other people, financial stress get in between us. God I am laying my heart out on His throne knowing nothing is impossible for my God. No hurt is too great for God to heal in all of us. I truly desire God to hear and answer me speedily.

  • I need prayer and support ASAP

    There is so much more to this story I could tell if anyone wants to hear. So I will get to the core of what is happening. I am under severe spiritual attack right now. My health my finances my work my relationships ALL are suffering badly. I need your help. PLEASE.

  • prayer

    Dear servants of God, First I greet you by the grace of the lord. I am sending this message, to request a prayer, so as to be delivered and set free from any bondage in the name of Jesus. I also humbly request a prayer to deliver my family, my business and finance from all forms of evil, demon and curse in the name of Jesus. Last but not least, I beg you to pray that I can get my soul mate soon. Amen. God bless you.

  • I am anurse

    I have been divorce for less than a year but has been seperate for 2 years the divorce was not my idea. My huband was wrongly taken from me. I have a degree and I cannot find A job in it Please pray for me

  • Prayer Request for Freedom from bondage

    Dear Partner,
    I would like to ask a prayer through a person who has REAL INSIGHT, CHRISM, POWER above diabolical and occult powers. For many years now I am in a windmill battle for my material blessings. I know the gospel of God and I apply it on a daily basis, yet I am in constant battle in my mind. Sadly I can not see the TRUE ROOT of the problem. This issue has became tiring, I have no money left and debts did not stop. I am in need for immediate true SPIRITUAL and PHISICAL breakthrough. I want to fulfill my Heavenly Father's calling and I am asking my Heavenly Father to open in my path the gates (doors) that Satan can not close. ,,For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power,,
    I am waiting for a response in an email:
    May God Bless your services.
    Mr. Imre Ivacson from Romania

  • Ms

    Please pray for two of my friends one is in ICU not expected to make it i know GOD is able requesting your prayers as we pray for total restoration in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN Minister Stanley Lee

    2nd} Bishop Robert Thomas has had two strokes sent home to die [unbelievable] we're praying for his recovery also in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN
    Miracles Hallelujah
    3} Bro. Clarence Staton had stroke on both sides of his brain received this message via text don't know him yet YAH does praying for him also

  • breakthrough in every area of my life

    I don't have a job for almost a year now
    - I'm in my late thirties but still single - and I'm a woman
    - I don't have any other financial means since I'm not working/in another term I'm broke
    - I have a severe cycle of failure and loss in the area of jobs. I always loose jobs for the last 10 years. The money I saved always goes to the rainy days which are typically several months of unemployement that I'm in between jobs for at least for 6 months at a time since I don't keep employed.
    - I don't have any type of solid relationships specially since I came to USA. I find it incredibly difficult to build any type of friendship/friendship. My family and I don't have a healthy relationship for years - so it's difficult to say that I have a family
    - I don't or couldn't build a church family since the church I go to is so big and may be superficial....
    - i'm always suicidal - at least for the last 10-12 years. It's by God's extremely amazing grace that I'm still alive.
    - I'm overwhelmed by life and I don't know anymore what to do. I always fast, pray, praise God, believe and I do the spiritual things based on my level/as much as I could but I don't know what else I should do to get God's attention, favor and breakthrough. It seems that God constantly takes me through this desert and I don't know what type of hope my life has
    - No one understands my problem because I look well put-together and happy for anyone who look at me on the outside but my life is completely different

  • Debt management

    May you please join me in prayer. I am bound by debts at the moment. Now the back is now threatening to close my accounts. The only way out of this was toget a loan to consolidate all debts and have affordable monthly instalment.But my bank cant help. No-one can help me. What bothers me mostly is my husband could easily help me but he doesn't want to. I am not perfect but I feel upset if I have to look for help elsewhere when he could help. But well the word tells me that God is my supplier. Please join me in prayer for God`splan to take over

  • I have the long tail of an animal hanging behind me

    I can clearly see the shadow of a tail with a pointed end. It's been there a while but as I fast and pray, holy ghost reveals the seriousness of being cursed with a tail of an animal. I need help and some very powerful prayers.


    Greetings Team,
    today is the 40 th day, of my fast and I am scared due to the dream I had last night
    I had a dream that I was eating my own poop, as I an finalising my 40 day fast where I went from 06:00 am to 3 pm without food
    I wish for strength and wisdom to find God's purpose in my life
    thanking you all for your support and my our Lord Bless you all

  • Protection prayer for son

    Please pray that my son Ahi who is in prison is safe and that he will call me so I can hear his voice and know that he is ok. I haven't heard from him in 5 days and he usually calls me everyday. Please pray that GOD will calm me and send me good news now in Jesus name and may GOD bless you

  • Financial breakthrough

    Financial breakthrough for me and my family, God's blessings and favour upon my Business.

  • Deliverence from Depression

    Please pray for deliverence for Jeannie from depression, and A Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know that depression is a spirit and grace to overcome it. Pray for her to have the strongholds broken down in her mind and godly walls rebuilt in her life.

  • Employment

    Please pray and agree with me for a job. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Praying for deliverance

    I am looking for safety from God, and total deliverance. I am a single mom raising 3 children



    1. Marie

      In the Name of Jesus Christ, they shall not be any premature death in this family no more.

  • Prayer for Deliverance from spirit od stagnation

    Please pray for me that the spirit of delay will be broken from my life.



    1. Marie

      May the Holy Spirit empower You and your family, and may you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. May you be set free right now from any type of bondage in Jesus Christ name.

  • personal prayer

    please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own

  • Closer than ever

    Prayer for more directions and my spiritual gifts wisdom and knowledge a godly man my first love is God disinfectant loves the lord is more than i do we can never love our Heavenly father to much thank you for touching on agreement and lifting in up in prayer and my family my son have a bassinet on the his has opted from it and nerve damage and his memory he loves the God and knows there a purpose technicalities lift him before me if needed to be in Jesus name amen

  • Prayer Request

    From bottom of my heart I ask You for prayer . I have so much problems with debts and with all my financial situation. Is really hard from around four years. The last year was especially hard and only thanks to God I haven't lost hope for restoration. I want get back my home and pay my debts and be free from those evil's chains. I know the power of the prayers and I know with all my heart and soul that Almighty God my Beloved Father is the only way in every situation. Thank you so much. Gosia

  • Prayer and Healing 100 percent for my fractured ankle

    my name is nicole and i am writing in hopes that you all can pray for me in oct i fell and fractured my ankle and its been the worst situation in my life
    i need my foot to get back to normal so i can walk regular again
    its my biggest wish to heal 100 percent
    pray for me

  • Miss

    I need deliverance in my finances. Lord help me to finish building my family's house this year.

  • For forgiveness and for the anointing/ Holy Spirit to return

    I created legal grounds for enemy to enter, and now I am feeling really empty

    1. N A

      Dear Rawle, I pray you are doing well by God\'s bountiful grace. Please know and remember that one time, David (a man after God\'s own heart), felt really empty! Do read Psalm 51 and cry out to GOD to create in you a clean heart. According to verses 10, 11, 12, and the verse 13 will become your testimony (which I will love to hear one day, AMEN). I cover you with the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, AMEN. Add Psalm 32!!!

    2. N A

      Please read Psalms 32 & 51!! And receive back THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I cover you and your family with THE BLOOD OF JESUS. Amen

  • Debts

    Please pray for Deliverance am heavily in debt and failing to fend for myself and family

  • Restoration.success.favor.

    Hi prayer team please stand with me in prayer.for miracle breakthroughs with the house situation we have for years.there is forever a problem .asking for supernatural.miracle breakthrough.for our own work sales.much gratitude for prayers

  • Fed up

    Hi, i feel so deflated... I been single for 16 years, I'm 43 no children not married. I easily make female friends, but no decent male seems to be interested in me. I've prayed and fasted and don't know what else to do. I've become dispondant and disappointment has enshrouded my life. I constantly see people's life progressing in the area of romance, including young ones in my family, and it's like I'm observing from a glass prison. I've gone through deliverence prayers about 2 years ago for this. I feel extremely let down and Dissapointed. I've keep myself clean spiritually, but just feel embarrassed and humiliated by my situation. It's like I am still a child and there is no validation of myself as a woman, as someone attractive or as someone that would be a good mother. I feel this has been stolen from me. I am so tired to fast anyone and my prayer life is not as it was.please help.

    1. Denise

      Dear Diana God created you forfellowship with Him. Seek a more intimate relationship with Father God. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy but Jesus has come that we may have abundant life. I too went through life thinking like you I am not worthy of able to get a male companion. It is a lie from the pit of he\'ll. We are destroyed by the thoughts that separates us from loving Father God. Your self worth and validation is already given from Our Father God, His love is unconditional and never changing. You are beautiful and no man can give you your worth only a Loving Father has and continues loving you forever. Blessings and Shalom Denise

    2. Nangula

      Good day Diana. I totally feel for you as I am half in the same boat as you. The difference, I have got a child but no man still and I am turning 40 this year. I am just coming out of a friendzone kinda relationship, it hurts but during the 21 days fasting, this was the revelation I have been getting to rid myself of him. It is not easy, it is hurting. Then an ex of mine out of the blue got hold of my mobile number and we started communicating. It was as if he never left. We spoke about love, how he never stopped loving me and thinking of wedding me. We agreed to meet up and out of the blue he just stopped answering my calls. I was devasted and disappointed but you know what? Reading my scriptures and been a part of this network is keeping and helping me to be steady and to wait patiently, especially after reading the Praise Challenge that was posted today. It is not easy but continues to trust in the Lord. Doubts mean you lost faith, which bring worries, and worries bring fear which brings hopelessness and unbelief. And if you have no faith, then you know not God. Read Heb 11:1, 3, 6. Keep the faith......You are loved!

    3. Susan

      I\'m praying for you. I watch many you-tube videos on prayer for a mate. Also, your negative talk needs to be stopped, repented of, and replaced with Bible verses on finding a mate, marriage, etc. God created this entire universe with His word, and He will create a great marriage with a godly husband for you too, but He will use the instrument of your MOUTH, speaking His word, to do it. Don\'t let the devil steal from you anymore by doubting. Don\'t follow the advice of this world either. Just as a seed has a plant within it, so Gods word on Marriage has within it your ACTUAL future Marriage. You just have to plant the seed and water it daily by speaking the word out loud until it manifests.

    4. Salome

      Hi Diana do not allow the devil to put you in a corner by being fed up.Remember that Jesus\'s love is unending and he will certainly give you the perfect partner.Be still and know that he is God and he will bless you in a way that will surprise everyone.You shall testify this year don\'t despair.He has said come all yea who are weary and burdened i will give you rest.Find rest in his loving arm.With you in prayers.Salome

  • Finicial Breakthrough

    Dear Brethren, please intercede for me on matters finances. I heavenly in debt, I faithfuly tithe and honor God with my offering but still there is no breakthrough finicially in my life.

  • Prayer for my neighbours

    Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer.
    I wish to request prayer for the salvation of my neighbours Mary, Carlton, Darnel, Dale, Patrick, Roger and Ricardo. They have opened a drug den in our village and have held many young men captive to this demonic spirit. This 'business' also has seen many strange strangers coming into our neighbourhood.

    Thank you for praying for their salvation and deliverance. I pray that God really opens their eyes to the spiritual truth of their enterprise.

  • I believe someone is doing spells on me

    Hello I'm in need of prayers I really believe that someone, somewhere is casting spells on me and my love life. This summer I met this really nice humble guy now we are distant we don't talk or anything anymore and that's not like him, I believe it's a guy name Adam who I just was attracted to because one time he went to a physics to have a reading. Since a few months ago when I first started having feelings that something wasn't right I put him out of my life because to me as long as he was in my life I kept losing all my friends. I know that something was did between Shane and me because I prayed shortly after meeting him to God to give me and sign if he is the one not just any sign, but one I can understand and God you see that's why it's so important for me to get help with prayers against this darkness in our lives. I pray as well at night in the day all the time. Please pray for me. I have a few of your books that I use to pray at midnight as well those books are wonderful. Thank you all so much, God bless you all.

  • Unemployed

    I have been out of work for some time and just happened to come across your material. I found it appealed to me in some way. So this is why I am sending this prayer request. I am in need of a financial miracle as I have been struggling financially for sometime due to being in and out of work. People around me are succeeding but I am struggling and I can't quite figure it out. I struggle with depression and thoughts about my life. I ask you pray for me.

  • Debt cancellation

    Am heavily in debt and one debt was a business that went under after I had invited a friend to invest, who invested $20,000. Now he is demanding a return of his finances to the point he has taken the matter to court and I received summons. I urgently need God's intervention in this matter.

    1. Salome

      Hello Magret am with you in prayer ,i face a similar situation am in debt in excess of $20 000 but i believe the Lord is my redeemer .He will certainly remove us from this pit we are in this year and place us at the top.He is able

  • Please pray me niece is being stalked!

    Please pray for my niece who is 27 years old but she is emotionally and mentally impaired. A 40 year old man and his wife just convinced her to move out into their house with them. We believe he wants to take her Social Security money and we are also fearing that they want to use her as a sex slave! please pray! this is an emergency... Pray to break the Demonic mind control hold this couple has over her. s4we need help thank you for praying in Jesus name!

  • Employees

    I’m on a new job again and I’m not able to keep it for longer than a year for some reason and I’m frustrated and sad about it. Im constantly under attack from staff especially my own race (im black) im at wits end and I’m a minister with a potty mouth and double mind please help me find the true and living way to serve the true and living God

  • Healing.

    Deliver me lord, from any plots of the enemy.

  • deliverance,generational curses, debt

    prayer request for generational curse,debt,financial breakthrough and marriage(looking for faithful,submisive,loving and caring woman

  • Please pray for healing for my daughter. Her name is Adeoti

    My daughter is 38 years old and have been battling fibroids in her womb for a while. She has the desire to be a mother, but doctors are telling her that she may not be able to carry a child in her womb because of the fibroids. She had surgeries to remove them, but they grow back. I believe that God is able to heal her completely as only He can, and that she will carry her own children. So please join me in prayer that God in His mercy will be glorified in her life and restore her womb completely.

    The irony of her situation is that as a gynecologist, she helps other women to conceive when the have difficulty to do so. She has also kept herself from having sex until marriage in honor of the Lord. She is getting married in a few months.I believe that Satan is trying to steal her testimony about God’s sustenance when you keep yourself until marriage.

    1. Ernestine

      John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled you BELIEVE!!!!! read the rest and. just believe

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