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Hi Beloved, Welcome to the month of April. Today, and in continuation of my last email on hearing the voice of God for yourself, I want to talk about 5 ...

Welcome to the month of March. I've got some interesting news for you this month. But before we begin, may I ask you to take a moment and say this prayer ...

Beloved, Welcome to February. Two are better than one. So, in this second month, may you experience increased strength and greater acceleration. You will ...

For he said to Judah, “Let us build these cities and surround them with walls and towers, gates and bars. The land is still ours because we have sought the ...

The theme for the Month: Divine Settlement. Memory Verse: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added ...

I have a Prophetic Word for You (Please read on to see what I was inspired to tell you) A week plus ago, I shared my two strange dreams with you and our ...

Welcome to the month of September. Before we pray the prayers for this month, I have a prophetic word from God to you. Last week, while thinking about ...

Welcome to August. This is our month of New Beginning. My earnest prayer is that you will experience a fresh encounter with God's power and be empowered ...

Welcome to July It is the seventh month of the year and the first month in the last half of the year. My earnest prayer is that this month will be a month ...

Memory Verse “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.” - Ephesians 4:32  ...

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120 Powerful Night Prayers that Will Change Your Life Forever
If you need deliverance from satanic oppressions, and breakthrough in your life, and need it fast, then this book is for you. Jesus said that there are situations that can only be resolved by prayer and fasting. In this manual, we are going to apply the force of fasting, combined with the power of the night to take our deliverance and breakthroughs by force. Fasting with MIDNIGHT PRAISES AND PRAYERS is a daring combination that will invoke the power from above to silence your oppressors and hand you the victory you deserve.
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  1. Fasting is designed to humble our spirits to receive from God, not to hurt ourselves. Drinking water during fast is very very okay

  2. God bless you sir. To sow a seed, kindly use the GIVE link above. If you like to send offering directly into our account, WhatsApp me on: 0807 six zero seven 8432

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  13. You are in my prayers

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  19. Subtribe with your real email

  20. Thank you so much Shelly.

    I truly covet your prayers.

    Blessings to you and yours

  21. 234 807 607 eight four three two

  22. Send it to me on:

    daniel @

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    Daniel C. Okpara May 8, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    I don’t know how to do that, but I’ll ask my developers

  24. Yes, I did. I am editing it again

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  32. Hi Maggie,

    I do not know why Paypal is not allowing our payments to work. We will continue to contact them.

    I will let you know once it is okay. However, pending when it is ready, if you can send your donation via Western Union, that will be great, but if not, dont worry. we will inform you when Paypal is ready to accept donation for us.

    Thanks for buying my books. I am personally very grateful that you did and I am happy you were blessed by them.

    Danie Okpara
    For: Better Life World

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  40. Amen. Mary, God bless you

  41. God’s mercy is available for restoration. Blessings

  42. Thank you Alden. Remain blessed.

  43. Hello,

    I think I agree with your pastor. But ensure you keep the lines of communication open. Ensure you continue to do your best for him in love.


  44. We are joining you in prayers.

  45. I received your prayer request. We are praying for you. Thanks

  46. Please delete the present copy on your kindle, and re-download it.

    Thanks for buying the book

  47. Please check your email again for download links manually sent to you.

  48. This book is no longer free on Amazon. It was free for 5 days on Amazon which is the number of days Amazon allows us to have our books free on their platform. However, if you check the price, it’s only $0.99

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  52. Thank you so much for this word. Blessings.

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  56. Amen

    Happy birthday Claressa.

  57. We have now added a medium to donate. I also sent you a mail. God bless you for your generosity. All donations are greatly appreciated and they help us reach out to more people for Christ.


  58. It was free the week this post was made. It’s no longer free now. Amazon only allows us to offer a book for free for five days only. But if you want this title for free, please kindly reply and I will email you the PDF version. Thanks

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  64. Hi Ngozi,

    Go to the prayer request section of this site and you can send me a whatsapp message from there.Thanks

  65. Thank you so much for this addition. I didnt think about this. God bless you

  66. Wow. Thanks for this message. I will consider this going forward. Kindly let me know specific titles you want and let me see how it can be sent to you. Thanks.

  67. That sounds like a witchcraft attack. Don’t stop your prayers. The powers of darkness will not win in your life. Add this prayer: ‘O Lord, by the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare myself separated from withcraft and all evil covenants warring against my life and destiny, in Jesus name.”

  68. Please contact ACX customer support. They are the ones that sell the audiobooks and stream them. Kindly get back if you still have issues with accessing your purchase

  69. Please check your email.


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  71. Wow. This is a great deliverance. May God’s work in your life continue until the perfect day.

  72. Wow

    This is a great victory. Continue to give Jesus Christ Praise

  73. Thank You Barbara. God bless you and your family

  74. Amen, Thelma


    And yes, if you’d like to get these books via PDF it’s available. Email me using the contact us page on this blog.


  75. Please send me a WhatsApp message using the number on the prayer request page.


  76. Link has been sent to your mail.


  77. As the Lord wills, Apostle. Send me a message with your WhatsApp number using the contact form on this website.


  78. You can pray any time from 12 midnight to 6am. Spend at least 1 hour or more in prayer every day

  79. Get a biscuit and juice and pray over it. That’s all.

  80. Will you like a PDF version?

  81. Hi Belinda,

    I’m not sure why you’re not able to buy the book. I think it has to do with Amazon setting or something.

    Please try again using your country’s url, instead of the USA link.

    Let me know if you’re able to solve it.



  82. The links has been sent to your email used for this comment.Pls check and ket me know

  83. When you pray against evil plans and it goes back to the senders, you haven’t broken God’s commandments of kindness. The Bible itself has said that whatever a person sows is what he reaps. It’s a spiritual law of sowing and reaping that takes place.

    God usually gives everyone the chance to repent of their evil plans. If they refuse and continue, definitely, they’ll bring some hurts to themselves. It’s just a spiritual law. Your praying against evil plans protects you from them.

    We break God’s laws of compassion and kindness when we want to avenge ourselves and not let God be the one to avenge for us.

  84. Hi Beloved,

    I empathize with you over your marriage. You’re in my prayers.

    Turn it over to the Lord and stop worrying about it. When we rest in the Lord, we can enjoy the journey despite the struggles

    Be blessed

  85. Hi Esther,

    Please send a message using the contact form on the website.


  86. Thank you, beloved.

    You’re a blessing

  87. Thank you so much Sabrina

    Remain blessed.

  88. Hi Jemima,

    Your story is amazing, and very encouraging.

    God is a wonderful father. We’ll keep knowing Him as long as we live.

    Thanks for reading.


  89. Amen

    Thank you so much Anna

  90. Reply
    Daniel C. Okpara May 8, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Hi Maria,

    Magdalena, Nicole and Shaun are in our prayers.

  91. Reply
    Daniel C. Okpara May 7, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Thank you so much, Sister Laurel. I am happy you asked for this. I am glad to realize that many people are following us.

  92. Reply
    Daniel C. Okpara May 5, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Link has been sent to your email. Pls confirm after receipt

  93. Hi Frank,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Your comment is very very helpful

  94. The download has been sent your email. Please confirm and get back to me.


  95. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Biblical Jezebel did indeed practice witchcraft and all other forms of wickedness. Please read:

    2 Kings 9:22 (KJV)

    And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?

    The word for witchcraft in the verse above comes from the Hebrew “kesheph.” It means sorcery and witchcraft. The Merriam-Webster defines witchcraft as “the use of sorcery or magic, communication with a familiar spirit.” Sorcery is defined as “the use of magical powers that are obtained through evil spirits.”

    Queen Jezebel in the Old Testament practiced witchcraft—sorcery—against her enemies.

    The use of the term, “Jezebel spirit” is an allegory which means a spirit that operates witchcraft and wickedness. The nature of this wickedness is usually that of manipulation, domineering, control and intimidation (causing fear). These were all traits exhibited by the Biblical Jezebel.

    Yes, this spirit can also cause murder, but that’s not the only thing it does. In fact, murder is in the least of its activity. Its real assignment is to produce frustration by stopping people from getting what truly belongs to them.

    Remain blessed

  96. Hi Dennis,

    You can reach me personally for counselling and prayer using the whatsapp number on this post.

    God bless you.

  97. Wow. Thanks.

    Our Hallelujah belongs to Him. He deserves it

  98. Hi sir,

    I sent you a mail on blake500—@…com

    We will revert back to you once we get your donation

    God bless you and your ministry

  99. Helleluja, Praise God.

    I am overjoyed at what God has begun to do in your life. I believe that He who began a great work in your life, will bring it to completion.


  100. Hi Sharon,

    The download link has been sent to your email. Please check and revert

  101. Hallelujah Masha,

    God who has begun a good work in you will bring it unto perfection.

    You will never be put to shame, in Jesus name.

  102. Which of the books please? This book was offered free for 5 days only. It’s no longer free now. However, for only 2.99$, it is very affordable.

    But we have some free books to download here:

  103. Hi beloved,

    There could be some error somewhere. Please would you be kind enough to resubmit this prayer request here:

    My team and I are waiting to pray over this issue specifically.


  104. Hi Andrea Pessoa,

    I join faith with you today and say Amen.

    Jesus Christ has taken your pain away on the cross. I, therefore, agree with you right now that this pain has no place in your body. Be healed right now, in Jesus name.


    PS: You may also submit this prayer request on this link:

  105. Hi Ash,

    I stand in agreement with you right now and pray for Brandon. I speak God’s peace in his life. I pray for peaceful recovery this day, in Jesus Christ name.


    PS: You may also submit this prayer request on this link:

  106. Hi Marsha,

    Nice talking with you.

    Please would be kind enough to point out which is your name among these:

    Marsha Crosby,Marsha Millikan, Marsha Smith

    We have prayer requests from these names.

    I just want to verify as I would like to personally reply one or two based on the request sent.


  107. Hallelujah Debbie,

    God has begun a great work in your life. And he will bring it unto perfection.

    I rejoice with you.

  108. Dear DEECEEINDC,

    Once again, we agree with you in prayer and declare that God will direct you to the right property where His blessings will locate you and abide with you. As the LORD says, He has taken over this battle from you. Relax in Him, your victory is certain, in Jesus name.

    God says: “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light And your judgment as the noonday (Psalm 37:4-6).

    Because you have delighted thyself in the LORD and committed this matter to Him, according to this Word, we pray, your desires regarding a new property and for the case with the gang-up is granted, in Jesus Christ name.


  109. Dear beloved Ashley,

    We are in prayers and agreement with you. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word will never pass away. Together we bind the spirit of delay projected against your life and marriage and we claim total restoration this year, in Jesus Christ name.

    We also claim his salvation and bind the spirit of atheism and cast it into abyss, in Jesus name.


  110. Hallelujah! Jesus be praised.

    We join you in thanking God for His salvation upon your family, and daughter, Chelsea Rolle.

    The entire members of Better Life Ministries are in praise for this report. Pls tell Chelsea that we love her so much. Tell her God is doing great things in her life.


  111. Wow servant of God. I say a big Amen

  112. Amen. Amen. And Amen.

  113. Hallelujah!

    The Lord our God is Love. His Mercy endures forever. What He has done in your life shall be permanent

  114. Yes beloved.

    It’s our time for full restoration, in Jesus Christ name



    Just to let you know that my team and I are in agreement with you. The Holy Spirit is giving us the following Words for you…

    1. Affliction shall not rise a second time.

    2. Because you have made the LORD your refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil will befall you, Nor will any plague come near your dwelling place (Psalm 91:9)

    3. The LORD has gone ahead of you and will make all the crooked places straight (Isaiah 45:2)

    4. You will not need to fight in this fight. You will hold your peace. Those who have gathered against you will fall for thy sake…

    Be rest assured, that all will be well. The glory of your latter days shall be greater than that of the former.

    In Jesus Christ name.


  116. I am standing in prayer with you this day.

    I pray that God will give you and your partner wisdom to resolve your misunderstandings and come to a place of peace and joy that knows no bounds.

    I pray that the wave of quarrelling, anger, and bitterness cease in your home this day…



  117. I am in agreement with you beloved. God is working in your life for His glory. The Spirit of God put the following words in my heart for you:

    “…his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

    I am sure that God will fill your life this year with peace and joy that passes understanding, in Jesus name.

    While we wait on the LORD for restoration, open up your heart and accept God’s peace and let His joy fill your life.


  118. May God empower you to follow His direction revealed in your heart, in Jesus Christ name.

  119. I agree with you in prayer this day.

    The LORD will perfect all that concerns you. This year is surely a year of testimony and great restoration for you and your family. In those areas that you look forward for God’s help, He will show Himself so strong on your behalf, in Jesus name.


  120. Hi Nancy,

    The link has been sent to your email. Let me know when you get it.

    Remain blessed

  121. Hi Gail,

    The link has been sent to your email. Let me know when you get it.

    Remain blessed

  122. Hi Angel,

    The download link has now been sent to your email address manually. Please let me know if you got it

  123. Amen. Amen. and Amen.

    Your testimony is guaranteed in Christ.

  124. Bless you beloved,

    The book is actually available for UK. I think that sorta thing happens due to some kind of IP issue. Please try use another browser, or change your IP and see if you can

  125. Beloved,

    Sure. You can add your own prayers. The prayer points are to give you some direction. Feel free to pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

    The reflection is for direction.

    Stay very blessed.

  126. Please break your fasting with light meal, normal meal. As you decide.

    Note: This is not an all-out 21-day water fast. It’s a daily fast. That means you break your fast daily… All depending on your choice

  127. Link has been set to your mail. Pls confirm when you receive it. Thanks

  128. I’ve sent the download links to your email.

    Please let me know when you get it.


  129. Thanks for your observation.

    Yes, All You Need to Know About Deliverance, is same as 20 Commonly Asked Questions About Demons.

    We have now updated the other one.

    Again, thanks a lot.

  130. Thank you so much beloved. May God continue to enrich you with wisdom for daily victory.

  131. Thank you so much beloved. My heart is filled with gladness regarding your testimony. God will surely perfect all that concerns you.

    Remain ever blessed.

  132. When the posts were made, the books were free. Amazon only allows one to make his books for free for a few (5) days only, which we have used up. So, I’m sorry for the price.

    Meanwhile, I have sent you a mail with link to download the 4 free books promised on this website homepage incase you haven gotten them.


  133. I have sent the links to your email. Let me know when you get the books.


  134. Hello beloved,

    I am sorry to hear about the problem you just talked about. Be rest assured that our LORD Jesus wants to set you free.

    1. Completely surrender your life to him

    2. Pray and ask the LORD to show you any property of the devil in your possession and remove them.

    3. Fast and pray in the midnight for 7 days

    4. Get and use this book for guidance and prayers:

    We wrote that book to be a guide to anyone having spiritual attacks like you just stated to obtain deliverance in Jesus name.

    Remain blessed.

  135. Sent to your email

  136. Blessed Sister. How are you doing. I’m glad hearing from you.

    You’ve not commented for the past two weeks now. I hope you’re doing great.

  137. Thank you so much beloved. Remain blessed

  138. Praise God beloved. I’m so encouraged hearing from you.

    Thanks a lot and remain blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

  139. Thank you so much beloved. Your words are so encouraging.

    Remain blessed

  140. Thank you so much, Sheila. I say Amen to all your prayers. I am so happy to receive this prayer from you.

  141. I’ve sent the link to your email. Let me know if you got it

  142. Thanks dearly beloved for your comment. They are so encouraging

  143. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your words each week are so encouraging.

    God bless you my dear sister

  144. Dear Marsha,

    I understand that you are worried about your health and the expense of treatment. But first things first…

    1. Put your faith in God and refuse to be worried or afraid.

    2. God is right there with you. I can see Him work with and through the doctors and perfect your healing, in Jesus name.

    3. God is in charge of everything that concerns you. He will provide for you in ways you least expected, in Jesus Christ name.

    Please read: 2 Timothy 1:7, Philiapian 4:19

  145. I sent links to your email. Pls let me know when you get them. Remain blessed

  146. Hi Marty,

    I’m really excited to receive your testimonial and story. What a joy it feels to read just these few words of yours. I am certain that the LORD who began a great work in your life as a teenager will bring it unto perfection. My team and I feel so encouraged with your story.

    Remain blessed ma’am

  147. I sent the books to your email used for this comment

  148. Pls check your email, or get back to me if you didn’t get the mail

  149. I sent the link to your email. Let me know if you got it.


  150. It was free a week or so ago. Amazon does not allow a book to be free for more than 5 days within a 3-month circle. Please send me a mail requesting for the PDF verson at: info @ betterlifeworld .org. And I will send it to you.


  151. And in the name of Jesus Christ, victory is yours.

  152. Kindly download it on Amazon

  153. It is to run from Monday till Wednesday. Please check again. Maybe Amazon algorithm has not changed the price

  154. Send me a mail using the contact page

  155. Thank you beloved. I’m glad you were blessed.

  156. It is well dear. You will certainly experience a breakthrough. I assure you that this moment is temporary.

  157. Please download the book on amazon by just clicking on the buy button. It will be downloaded to your Kindle, then you can read it. If you would rather have it on PDF kindly send me an email using the contact page.


  158. Dear Jiru,

    please kindly contact me using the contact page above and let me know the email to send the book to you.


  159. Dear Marsha,

    Let me start by assuring you that you will not die. You will live and declare the goodness of God.

    Secondly, let me assure you that God loves you. He also cares for you. It’s true that some times we feel bad. We may feel odd and feel that God is far away. But you know what, our relationship with God is not based on how we feel. God loves and cares for us regardless of our feeling. This is the honest reality.

    Thirdly, you dont need to fight anything. Our battles were won for us by the LORD Jesus Christ when we gave our lives to Him. Be rest assured that He knows your inner struggles. He says that He will give you rest if you call unto Him(Matt 11:28). All you need to do right now is to ask him for this peace and rest. Then reach out and accept it with faith.

    Be confident that you will live and continue to declare the love of God to others.

    Finally, no one can decide our lives by his/her statements and views about us. The words of your teacher while you were a kid are nothing over your life. Stop thinking about them and think about the words of God for you instead. I join faith with you and decree that you have the peace that passes all understanding henceforth, in Jesus name.

  160. Thank you Laura for your comment. I really appreciate your contribution. Remain ever blessed.

  161. Please let me know if I should send the book to your email – preach… which you used for this comment. If you have a prefered email, please let me know using the contact us page

  162. Thank you beloved. Remain strong in Christ.

  163. It’s working fine on Amazon. Simply click on the Amazon Orange Purchase button. You will not be charged, because it’s free. Then you can access and read it on your kindle device or cloud reader

  164. You are blessed beloved. Continue to reject the lies of the devil in your mind and let God’s peace and assurance fill your heart

  165. I am in agreement with you in prayers. Receive grace and empowerment to walk in God’s will for your life daily.

  166. I have resent you the links. Pls confirm when you get it. Thanks

  167. Hi Eunice,

    Looks like I did not get a mail from you, or maybe an oversight. Can you please email me from a more conventional free email platform like GMAIL. Like I said, your e…ugh@… email doesn’t seem to be receiving a mail from me

  168. Beloved, thanks for your humility and comment. I’ll cover all these in these series. Please stay tuned.


  169. I think that your email address has some filter or what. I sent the link to you manually, but it bounced back. ERROR. Pls email me another email address and I will send you the download links manually.

    Email me at:


  170. Although it’s working, the link has been sent to the email you used for this comment.


  171. To God alone be all the Glory. He is a good God and delivers His people from their pains. I join you in praising Him for this intervention. Indeed He has started a good work, and He will bring it to perfection, in Jesus name.

    Praise God

  172. Hello Benjamin,

    I join you in prayers and decree that this cloud of darkness be melted away in Jesus name. I pray for Sophie, Shamyra and you, Benjamin, I pray that that God will visit you all at the very points of your deepest needs.

    I pray for a breakthrough for you all this day. Let this oppression and financial lack be dissolved right now. May you all have peace that passes all understanding. And may the Angels of heaven begin to minister to your financial needs in Jesus name.


  173. Hi Michael,

    I’m sorry you couldn’t get the link. I’ll ask my developers to run through the automated process again. Meanwhile I’ve sent the link to your email used for this comment.

    Stay blessed.

  174. Download links are working fine

  175. Actually the links are working fine. When you subscribe, the download links will be emailed to you. You may check your email spam folder as well. Also I have sent the download link to your email used for this comment

  176. Thanks Edward for your input. Yes, you are right. In day 14, we dedicated it to praying for the salvation of others. Cheers

  177. Thanks for coming around beloved. Continue to come around and make your own contributions. I believe and pray that God’s plans for your life must come to pass this year, in Jesus name

  178. Thanks for stopping by Sister Caroline. May God bless you all round this year

  179. Beloved, you can join us, notwithstanding. There are no set laws and rules. The point is for us to humble ourselves before God and learn His ways. We are seeking God for empowerment to fulfill His plans for our lives this year.

    Participants are expected to skip at least one meal a day to read the Bible, meditate and pray.

    We pray and believe that God will meet us all at the point of our deepest needs as we humble ourselves before Him and seek His wisdom for living, through Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior.

  180. Beloved, the links are working. Pls try again. If it doesn’t, kindly email me on: info @ and I will send them to you personally

  181. Thanks beloved.

    Indeed, 2017 shall be for us a year of Rehoboth…”Victory over things that strove with us in the past and room to flourish”

  182. Fixed now

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