Fasting Day 16: You Shall Not Die – Declaring God’s Promises for Long Life

Prophetic Declaration for the Year:

 “I have victory over everything that strove with me in the past, for God has given me room to flourish in the land.

“Therefore this is My Year of REHOBOTH.”



“With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.” – Psalms 91:16


Today, declare God’s Words and promises of life into your spirit, soul and body. Reject every weakness and threat of death.

The Lord does not want us to die untimely. He wants us to live a long healthy life. However, long life is a promise that comes with lots of conditions.

In Psalm 34:12-14, the conditions include: keeping the tongue from evil, lips from speaking lies, departing from evil, doing good, seeking and pursuing peace.

In Psalm 91:14-16, God promise of long life comes with a condition of loving the Lord.

In Proverbs 3:1-2, the promise of long life come with obedient to the laws and commandment of the Lord.

As you declare God’s promise of Long Life today, receive empowerment to live and walk in the light of God’s Word, in Jesus name. 


Father LORD, I thank You for keeping me alive to this day. I thank You for Your mercies and faithfulness.

I thank You for Your Love and kindness.

I thank You because You are the only One who can give long life to anyone. No other person can do that, but You, O LORD.

Thank you for the promise of long life to those who obey you.

I praise and magnify Your name, this day, and forever, in Jesus name

Everlasting Father, I commit the totality of my life into Your hand; Help me by the Holy Spirit to walk in Your ways and to keep Your commandments; engrave Your fear me every day, for it is written that the fear of the LORD prolong days (Prov. 10:27).

Holy Spirit, please empower me on a daily basis to obey and serve God, so that I may spend my days in prosperity and my years in joy and strength (Job 36:11).

Holy Spirit, plant the laws and commandments of God in my heart and help me never to forget them, and may they lengthen my days and cause me to dwell in peace and security (Proverbs 3:1-2).

I declare this day, according to the WORD of God, that I shall not die but live and continue to declare the goodness of God (Psalm 118:17).

I shall fulfill the number of my years. I shall live to eat the fruit of my labour, for I shall not labour for another to enjoy (ISAIAH 65:23).

The LORD God Almighty shall satisfy me with long life and under His wings shall I find refuge all the days of my life. In Jesus name. Amen

Daniel C. Okpara is the author of numerous best-selling books, including, What Do You Have in Your House?, Parable of the Serpent, Pillars of Excellence in Life and Business, Take it By Force, Prayer Wave, and Many others. He is the founder of Better Life World Outreach Center, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to global evangelism and equipping of God's people to live a better life. He is also the founder of Breakthrough Prayers Foundation, an online portal leading people all over the world to encounter God and change their lives through prayer. He has authored over 50 books on business, prayer, relationship, and investment.

  1. what ever you want .first do it to others and GOD will do it for .praying for the salvation of others was v good. GOD bless your good work thanks

    • Thanks Edward for your input. Yes, you are right. In day 14, we dedicated it to praying for the salvation of others. Cheers

  2. Well, death is not for everybody. Jn:11:26-., Jn:6:51:

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