Hearing the Voice of God (Part 3): A Healthy Relationship Requires a Two-Way Communication

Memory Verse

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

– Jeremiah 33:3 


When we give our lives to Christ, we are called to a relationship with God. Every true relationship requires that both parties communicate with each other effectively. This communication is not a one sided thing. It must be a two-way communication to be a balanced relationship. Only then can both parties be mutually beneficial to each other.

Can you imagine in a marriage where the man does the talking and the woman only does the listening. That’s surely a disaster package!

Or can you imagine, as a father, my daughter, Annabel, runs to me and says, “Dad, what can I do to pass my oncoming exams?”


“Dad? Dad, Please, I am talking to you. Help me!”

What if I think to myself, “This girl? Doesn’t she know I have written all of that out in my life application manual five years ago? There’s a whole section on how to read and prepare for your exams there. Why’s she not reading the manual? I’m not saying anything. Hopefully she’ll remember and go read the manual.”

I would be a disconnected, cruel father if I treat my daughter like that. But this is exactly the same thing we put to God our Father all the time. We somehow feel, “God’s not going to talk to me. I’ll just have to figure this out or go read the Bible enough to try to see what’s up”

There’s absolutely no relationship if this is the way our relationship with God is planned to be.

In the scripture above, God’s says that when we call Him, He will answer and then show us some things, some great and mighty things. Things we don’t know. Yes, He’ll talk to us back.

That’s saying, “Hey dear, you pray, you talk to me. But I’ve also got a few things to tell you too. Let’s reason together”

Unfortunately, we only do the talking and don’t care for what God has to say. No wonder we then get stuck in the way, wondering what’s really happening with all our prayers.

Relationship experts often advise that poor communication is the major cause of breakdown in a relationship. A new survey confirms the key to staving off divorce lies in how effectively couples communicate.

YourTango.com, a lifestyle website, polled 100 mental health professionals and reported that communication problems were responsible for 65% of divorce cases and 43% of couples’ inability to resolve conflicts.

“The findings may be interesting, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that communication could make or break your marriage,” says John Gottman, professor emeritus in psychology, known for his work on marital stability and relationship analysis through scientific direct observations.

Beloved, effective praying requires that you learn to listen to God as well. When we pray, we talk to God. When we listen, God talks to us through the Holy Spirit. Then we’ll be inspired on what to do, where to go, how to go about some things and so on. Mother Theresa said,

“Listening is the beginning of prayer.”

I do understand that many times we try to listen and not hear anything. The trial in itself is commendable. But we must not conclude and say, “Well, I’ve tried to hear from God but, I’m confused. I’m gonna use my head”

The Bible says that “he that believes does not make haste” (Isaiah 28:16b). If we are praying and seeking God’s direction on any issue, we must be willing to wait. Waiting is that part of faith that finally gets the job done. It’s while waiting, praying, relaxed and meditating that we find clarity in what God is trying to tell us individually.

James 1: 6-8 says:

But when you ask him, be sure that you really expect him to tell you, for a doubtful mind will be as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

…and every decision you then make will be uncertain, as you turn first this way and then that. If you don’t ask with faith, don’t expect the Lord to give you any solid answer.  (TLB)


Q1. What does relationship between couples teach us about our relationship with God?

Q2. “Effective praying requires that you learn to listen to God as well.” Explain

Q3.  What do you understand by the statement, “Poor communication is the major cause of breakdown in a relationship”?

EXERCISE: Share with someone how we can learn to listen to God when we pray

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