Prayer Points for September: There Shall Be No Loss, Free Book

Welcome to the month of September.

Before we pray the prayers for this month, I have a prophetic word from God to you.

Last week, while thinking about the content of this Newsletter, God dropped the following words in my heart: “There shall be no loss.”

That is what the Spirit of God wants me to tell you first.

Yes, I know.  We live in exciting times. There’s problem everywhere.

Today, it’s Kabul and Afghanistan. The other day it was Haiti’s earthquake. Last week, it was Greece’s fire.

Everywhere you turn to, problem.

Even my own country is not spared. We are now the third most terrorized country in the world. Our currency has lost over 150% in value, and inflation is over by 50% in the last three years. And it’s worse because the media is forbidden from talking about it.

Everywhere you turn, today, you can see fear in the sky. The movie title for our today’s world would be “NOWHERE IS SAFE.”

Unfortunately, if you truly pray to understand what is happening, you will know that we ain’t getting peace and stability in this world any time soon. As we normalize and grapple with one issue, another one will crop up. Why?

Jesus said, “The world will be full of troubles.” (John 16:33)

Devil has no peace to give. And sadly, too, man has peace to give. No matter who is president, we’re going to have problems in the world.

Thankfully, in the same place where our Lord and Savior told us we would see so many kinds of problems in the world, He also told us, “Be of good cheer,” “Don’t be afraid,” “Be courageous.”

And in many other places, He also tells us He will protect us from the evil one.

This is my message and prayer for you today.

Yes, the problems in the world are real. But God will keep you and your household.

Look up to Jesus. Look up to Him and Him alone. Our safety and protection cannot come from man.

The darkness in the world will get darker and darker because men chose to ignore the light of God. But we have hope and are confident that God will continue to keep and see us through.

Repeat after me, “God will see me through. He will protect me from the evil one. There shall be no loss, in Jesus name.”

September, Our Month of Deliverance And Congratulations

Once again, welcome to September.

It’s our month of deliverance and congratulations.

It’s usually the month we embark on 21 days deliverance prayer retreat.

I invite you to join us in our oncoming 21 Days Deliverance Prayers starting Tuesday, September 8th, 2021.

We will be waiting on the Lord for 21 days and demanding deliverance in prayers.

And there will be deliverance from all kinds of demonic oppression and breakthrough.

I will post an update on the blog every seven days. That means, every Tuesday this month, I will post prayer points for the next seven days.

You surely don’t want to miss this personal deliverance prayer retreat.

I will be guiding you in the challenge to enforce deliverance in every aspect of your life.

You and I will stand in the place of prayer and fasting and command into manifestation God’s purpose for our individual lives and ministries.

Kindly check the blog next Tuesday (September 8th) for details on the nature of fast, the prayer points, and scriptures of focus.

(NOTE: I will be traveling for ministry outreach to another state, so I will not be doing a live broadcast. Keep me in your prayers)

In this 21 Days Self Deliverance Prayer Retreat, you will encounter a Word that will push you out of your present limitations and manifest God’s glory in your life, health, marriage, relationship, and finances.

Meanwhile, here are prayers to command the month of September:

Prayers to Command the Month of September


Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of September.

I praise You for bringing us safely to this month.

I appreciate You for keeping us through the past months and the challenges of the year so far.

I praise You for You will keep us safe all through the other coming months.

My glory and praise are unto You forever and ever, in Jesus name.


O Lord, You have begun a good work in our lives (Philippians 1:6);

You are protecting and providing for us;

You are blessing and healing us.

I thank You because You will bring Your works to completion in our lives.

I praise You for what You have done, for what You are doing, and for what You will do.

Thank You, Lord, for every blessing we have received and for every blessing we will receive, in Jesus name.


Father, Lord, I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over myself, over my family, over my home, over my spouse, over my children, over my career and company, over our church, over this environment and community where I live, over the building where I live, and over everything that concerns me.

May the blood of Jesus Christ speak on our behalf all through this month of September and the remaining part of this year.

By the Blood of Jesus Christ, I decree that we shall be protected, preserved, healed, strengthened, restored, and lifted out of our darkness.

By the Blood of Jesus Christ, we shall be saved and continue to rejoice in the Lord, our God, in Jesus name.


Heavenly Father, as we enter into the last quarter of this year, I declare your Word that it shall be the best quarter we have ever had.

You said that better is the end of a thing than the beginning (Ecc. 7:8).

O Lord, guide me, lead me, inspire me, direct me, empower and instruct me to walk in Your will all through this quarter.

May I only embark on projects, relationships, and activities that are in line with Your will for my life, in Jesus name.


Precious Father, visit my family this month.

Let my marriage, children, relationship, and finances speak forth your glory this month, in Jesus name.


This month, Lord, empower me by Your Holy Spirit and brood upon my thoughts, words, and actions.

Guide my character and attitude to bring glory to your name before the world, in Jesus name.


Father, Lord, You visit the earth and cause it to overflow; You greatly enrich it with thy stream full of water, so that it’s grain will yield for man (Psalm 65:9).

Therefore, Lord, visit us and enrich our lives and families with Thy wisdom, and power that we may yield prosperously for thy good, in Jesus name.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I come against every evil plan against our lives for September and all through the remaining part of this year.

I bind every evil messenger released to bring frustration and death to our families. I send them back to the abyss, in Jesus name.


I decree that we shall not die but live to declare the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 118:17).

We shall labor and eat of its fruits; we shall build and live peacefully in our homes, in Jesus name (Isaiah 60:20-22).


Hear me, O month of September!

You are created for my good.

You will bring us peace, answers to prayers, and prosperity to our efforts.

You will be our best September ever, for the Lord is working in you and leading us through you, in Jesus name.

Thank You, Lord, for making this month a blessed month for me, my household, my church, my community, and my nation (name), in Jesus name.

Free Book for The Month

I promised to send you three free books every month until November. The promise is still on. But the Enough Is Enough Free Book Series for September will be released toward the end of the month. Meanwhile, download my latest prayer book for free on Amazon, and use it to decree and declare over your life.

FREE THIS WEEK: There Shall Be No Loss: Powerful Prayers of Protection and Breakthrough for the Ember Months | Prayers and Declarations for Your Family, Children, and Neighborhood. Come Against the Powers of Fear, Losses, and Untimely Death.

Download Free on Amazon Kindle – Tuesday to Friday.

Update On Our Food REACHOUT Evangelism Program

To God be the glory, our food REACHOUT program finally kicked off on the second Sunday of August. And so far, we have reached out to about 298 families with food packs. More pictures and details on my Facebook page.

As I said in my last Newsletter, the first phase of the program will run until the end of the year.

I’d ask for your offerings and donations to help us continue giving food to our community while reaching out to them with the Word.

Food REACHOUT evangelism is before now a part of our ministry’s system. Once every month, we reach out to our community with food packs and preach the Word to them.

But in recent times, from 2019 to the present, we’ve seen food prices skyrocket to over 250% in our country, leading to many average homes being unable to feed twice a day. Our currency value fell, leading to lower purchasing power for many citizens. Hence, food support is such a big deal and a big relief for many homes today.

As we prayed and reflected on better ways to continue reaching out to our neighborhood, we felt God leading us to double our efforts in the food REACHOUT program. Thus, we started the every Sunday food REACHOUT.  This way, we will get to reach out and support as many homes as possible with food while reaching out to them with the love of God.


I had sent an email newsletter to our over 31,000 subscribers, explaining the vision, and asking for freewill offerings towards the marathon food REACHOUT evangelism.

Unfortunately, the same day that I sent out that email, that was the day PayPal disconnected our merchant, Flutterwave, from using them to receive money. As a result, people who wanted to send an offering to support the food evangelism REACHOUT could not.

Faith That Works Books: Here’s How You Can Donate to Us for Now

Until our Merchant is able to resolve their issues with PayPal, you can donate to us by buying our Donation Books.

Our series, Faith that Works Books, available on Amazon, is packaged as donation books. This means that every money from those particular books will be considered a donation towards our food REACHOUT evangelism program. When you buy them, you are donating to our ministry, and helping us in our every Sunday food REACHOUT evangelism.

Amazon works with our country. So, we will be able to receive donations made as sales on the books. And they will be channeled for the Food Evangelism outreach. That is why the prices are a bit higher than my other books.

Here’s what you can do to help us REACHOUT with foods to hundreds of more people each week: Buy as many copies as possible:

1. IGNITE: 31 Days Meditations and Prophetic Declarations That Will Activate Your Faith and Win Your Battles.

2. ROAR: 31 Stories of Faith, Daily Meditations And Prophetic Declarations That Will Change Your Life

Buy for yourself; buy and gift to others. Your purchase goes into our vision: Food REACHOUT project (Refer to my August 2021 newsletter for details). The more copies you buy and gift to others, the more we can share food packs with people and preach the Gospel to them.

We are praying for all buyers of this book, our books, and supporters of our vision to REACHOUT to others. God bless you as you partner with us.

Something good is on your way.

Daniel C. Okpara is the author of numerous best-selling books, including, What Do You Have in Your House?, Parable of the Serpent, Pillars of Excellence in Life and Business, Take it By Force, Prayer Wave, and Many others. He is the founder of Better Life World Outreach Center, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to global evangelism and equipping of God's people to live a better life. He is also the founder of Breakthrough Prayers Foundation, an online portal leading people all over the world to encounter God and change their lives through prayer. He has authored over 50 books on business, prayer, relationship, and investment.

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