Pray For Others Page

And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  –  Job 42:10  (NKJV)

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. – Phili 2:3-4


  1. As you genuinely pray for others, God takes over your own battles.

  2. When you pray for anyone, kindly click on the blue Pray Button. It will register that you have prayed.

  3. If you do have a special word for the person you have prayed for, click on the Reply button and drop the Word (Must never be promotional)

Be blessed as you intercede for others.


  • Nothing is working out

    Hello dear brothers and sisters
    I need deliverane, because my life goes in circles and never makes progression. When doors open they shut very soon again. When I have opportnities tgey turn into problems. This is since I am with Jesus, for 18 years.
    Lastly my forex trading business failed and I lost a lot of money. Now I am in debt. I work two jobs but it doesn't hold.
    Please pray for a breakthrough and that the Lord provides and that I can trust Him again, my heart is weary and hopeless. That the will of God shows and I am able to walk it out.
    Thank you.

  • Protection from my enemies

    Please pray for me and my three children.i and my three children,shruti,guddu,rohan ,are suffering a lot due to the blakmagiks done by vandana,shobhna,neelam,pinky,pappu.this relatives are so envious of us that they have made our life hell by following blakmagiks on us constantly.everytime we pray to God for any problem we are healed by God but they again follow wrong practices on us fearlessly.please pray for us pastor that God forgive us and destroy the blakmagiks done upon us please pray that God heal us completely and restore everything back to us.p please pray that Lord destroy my enemies completely who have done somuch on us.please pray that God bless my children with good success in life ,career ,education good job,good health.thanks

  • Prayer for financial Breakthrough

    I would like you to pray for i and my family that we should be financially stable and be able to pay all of our debt and that the Lord would fulfill His promises concerning my life

  • Prayer for my home to be delivered

    Please pray for my home that is in construction at gellizeau. My husband purchase piece of property and we started building since 2015 and ever since we started building my husband sisters started bringing dreams ( which are lies), that someone have placed witchcraft in his home to kill him and block our house from being completed. He have a sister who deals in witchcraft and she manipulated him to the point he give his sisters permission without my consent to go on our property and plant something associated with witchcraft , telling him that it will get rid of what was placed there to kill him. Ever since he allowed his sister to plant the stuff on our property he hold up the construction of our home almost 2years. I got sown in war fare praying and i saw God move and now our roof is on and our home is almost livable his sisters bring dream again, but this time their dream is about me, that some one is usung witchcraft to block me from going into my home and they say that in the dream they mixed 3 portions to spray down inside our almost completed house. I know it is all a lie and his sister who practice black magic wants to delay the completion of our home, because we plan to move in by the ending of this year, Molita is trying to place spirits in our home to cause confusion. Please pray with me that Molita Stowe plans fail that God almighty assign legions of angels to attack every witchcraft spirit and the witxhes that go into our home to do up witchcraft spells to cause delays and blockage in the completion of our home. Please pray for my husband isaac stowe that god almighty wake him up so that he will stop believing in witchcraft with his sisters and his father.please pray for my husband that God change him that Molita or no one will be able to manipulate into believing that witchcraft is good. Also pray that what ever Molita is up to next that it must fail in the mighty name of jesus christ. I need my home and i need to move into my home as of this year in piece, please pray that God almighty takes over everything, in Jesus christ name.

  • Mrs

    Doctor's reports says breast cancer but I believe the Almighty God to reverse the report of man and heal me...please pray with me. Thank you.

  • Deliverance from financial problems

    Please pray for my familys spiritual financial problems.going thru lot of failures.

  • job

    am graduate but i can a job i did auto mechanics and auto electricial

  • Deliverance

    Pray for my Ricardo Morris let him come back to God and desist the outside life. Stop the affairs he is having outside his marriage. Pray for his wife and son.

  • Mom's Health-Update

    The radiologist says my mom won't be needing radiation. Thanks be to God .
    We are so grateful.

    Her next appt is in two days -we will hear what kind of medication she will need.

    Thank you so much for prayer support -please do continue to keep my mom in prayer. Please know that you are in mine.

    Thank you once again.

    Wishing you God's Bountiful & Beautiful Blessings.

    Sarita L.



  • Lost my job

    I lost my job last year and have been trying to recover ever since. I’ve had a temporary job and a part time job which lasted me this long but they are no more. I now have no job or income coming in and the bills are soon due. I’ve been applying for several full time jobs but nothing has come through as of yet. I’ve always worked and find it difficult to be in this position. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Need help breaking whatever this is

    I really need help for prayer partners to join me. Just found my ex put some kinda of santeria or voodoo thing so i could never be found by my BOAZ and if any man became interested will turn around and say lets be friends or disappears andit's TRUE. 44 never been married and have men interested who have been interested one min and says let's be friends the next or completely disappears.

  • Salvation for Yasmin

    We declare Yasemin irem Kurt a woman of God, and saved by the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Mrs.

    Good afternoon,
    I am asking for the prayer of agreement that my husband would be delivered from all manner of addiction, but especially marijuana, lying and pornography addictions. Also, that he will stop seeing other women and desire reconciliation with me.

    Thank you.

  • Deliverance from governmental bondage

    I was born in Cameroon though i dont live there now, i do have personal prayer request but my heart goes out to my country, had same president for 35yrs and the English side have been under oppression from the French zone all these years. They have gotten tired and want seperation and deliverance but the government has deployed wicket military in all areas to kill mercilessly. There has been mass killing, people living in bushes, children being killed esp in Bamenda, there is no life there anymore. Women giving birth in pushes and dying its heartbreaking. Please pray for Bamenda Cameroon for God to send us a deliverer. Thank You

  • 24 hour Breakthrough

    Greetings in the name of Jesus
    man of God/ woman of God please keep me in your prayers I need R1200.00 by tomorrow for start my business, I dont have it as I dont work, _Please keep me in prayer for this breakthrough,,,poverty must fall in Jesus name.

  • Prayers against nigjtmares

    I recently had a nightmare where I was kidnapped and taken to a fancy mansion. I suspected that they wanted to do some kind of satanic ritual. Luckily I was able to escape by God's grace. I even ran past one of my captors and she didn't see me. God must have hidden me.

    What I am also worried about is that twice now during nightmares I have suprisingly spoken in tongues, usually when I am very angry in the dream. I dont belive that this is ME, rather something evil surfacing from deep levels of my conscious. Is this possible?

    Please pray for me

  • Salvation

    Please pray for my family salvation and deliverance from household wickedness, too many things are going on in my life Ife.
    Please pray for this young lady name ( Mercy Ankrah, Benjamin and Comfort Darko)
    Thank you.

  • Unemployment

    There's a cycle of unemployment and lack of finances warring ag8my Faith.

  • Marriage

    Just ask for my husband to come home so we can work on our marriage.

  • Adultery

    Bring my daughter out of the adulterous relationship she is in with Shaw, Leite, and Khorri, These man are distracting her and she is even being fought on by Shaw. Thanks for your prayers she has a calling on her life.Witchcraft is being used to bind and control her.

  • Adultery

    I’m requesting prayer for my marriage. My husband has turnt his back on his family. He left to be with his mistress. Please pray for my marriage to be restored. And for my husband to be released from the strange woman.


    My son is having an overwhelming time with his church leaders. Somehow the relationship has become toxic. He is a young man who is meeting opposition from time to time from his leaders. He feels marginalized and that his leaders are out to destroy his passion. He is frustrated and very often feels like giving up. Our family has made this an urgent matter of prayer because we understand that the enemy wants to destroy relationships but God is about preserving the relationships of His children Forgiveness is key.

    Please help us pray for everyone in this situation. God is able!


    FIrst I will like to think GOD for blessing my family. I just ask of HIM to bless me with finances to purchase a very nice AFFORDABLE CAR. Secondly, I will like to move in a very nice quiet neighborhood. A nice AFFORDABLE apartment or home.....whatever his will is for me. To bless me to have the BEST JOB UNTIL MY BUSINESS open up. I have BIG DREAMS.....I know GOD Will see forth to all these things happening....because I'M PUTTING AND SEEKING HIM FIRST. Lastly, that MATE whom he has tailor made for me. He can come at anytime. When it's his will for me. PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER THIS PRAYER....THANK SO MUCH FOR THE AGREEMENT OVER MY PRAYER.....GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Members financial attack

    Members financial attack on their tithe and giving

  • Me and My Family

    We have been attacked by witchcraft health with High Blood Presure and Doctor I won’t live to long and few weeks ago I was fine and so was my family

  • Debts

    Sir, I request you to pray for my finances. I am in the same salary for more than 3 years of my life I have work experiance of 8 years and my salary is that of a fresher and I am married. Most of the time by mothe end its by God's grae my needs are met. Please do pray for me and my sister who is also married to get good jobs or start a business per Lords will and be delivered.

    May God Bless you


  • College miracle

    I have a masters from a college and I moved to North Carolina with that masters and now the state is not recognizing my Master's degree and saying that I have to take more courses to get an add on license. I do not have the money for that and the courses I would have to take are the same ones that I have already completed. Please join me in praying for God to move on my behalf so I will not have to take courses over and spend money that I do not have. I sent an email this morning to the university (Concodia) to Patti V so if you could pray with me so that I can get some resolution and walk in my victory.

  • Favor, Deliverance and Inner Healing

    A family member needs favor with the judge for her protective order to be granted from domestic violence abuse. She also would like her Court date to move closer than November for the final custody battle. Pray she will have sole custody of her daughter. The father of the daughter threatened to slit the mother's throat. Mental disorder runs heavily in his family. The mother is a diabetic and lost too much weight due to stress, etc. Pray for her that she gets healthy, counseling, salvation, and makes a schedule for her and her daughter. She does a lot of what she is going to do, however, her actions speaks differently. She is finally out of the shelter and in a place, however, pray for her to make her place a home. Although she loves her daughter, her sense of urgency is not there. She will do for other people except herself. Pray also that her eyes will be open to the things of God. I question the church she attends. They teach hate against certain people and this comes against the Word of God. This religious group teaches only on the law. I fear for what her daughter is receiving. Pray she digs and seeks God daily and see for herself that God's Word is the only true Bible. She is easily influenced by other people. This is not good.

  • Salvation-Deliverance-Healing

    I need total inner healing from being belittled, bullied, and put down from family and others people as well as depression. Also I have been homeless for a month now, and I need a Home. This is the first time I am facing this. I am in the miry pit and high in debt. I need a financial breakthrough in the amount of $15K to get back on track quickly. I need favor from God for my VA benefits to go through from when I was a soldier in the US Army Reserves. I was told to apply and I am getting a run around so I can continue to work on my home-based business. In the meantime, I need a good paying job so I can become stable again. Pray for my family to be healed and delivered from the past. This family is divided heavily with hate, bitterness, unforgivenes, etc. Many need salvation.

  • To attract s godly husband

    I have been on my own for quite some time now.I would like for God to bring me a godly spouse so we can walk this journey together
    God bless yo you

  • Ms

    Good morning man of God, my prayer request is for total deliverer for my entire family, from alcohol, drugs, fornication, masturbation, adultery,gossiping, help us to be delivered from all evil. Some must be delivered to give their lives to Christ, Help us please man of God. I want to be a Kingdom financier and need to be delivered from spirit of poverty, need strong prayers. Need to be delivered from the spirit of fear, am a student, studying procurement and supply and I failed first time and am afraid that I might failed again. Pray for me please. My son is addicted to alcohol and drugs, alcohol is now more in him and up to the extend that he start taking self brew tombo which is just not good at all.He finish school but no work, Please pray for my son his name is Doriaan Wensen Tsanes, we are from Namibia.

  • Healing

    I am in need of a break through
    Dont know what to do, i pray all the time
    my family I love them but they are not good to racj other. My grandson need help bad was abused, has ADH.Please pray for
    Him.thank you so much!!!

  • Generational curses

    Please pray for me to be delivered from all generational curses from both my mother and father's family that are holding me back from progress and other areas in my life. May my children and future grandchildren be free from any of these curses. I humbly ask this request in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Devastating Hurricane

    I would appreciate pray as we are coming through a devastating hurricane. Cities and towns are flooded with more rain and rivers overflowing their banks, roads collapsed. We need a miracle. Right now I need to know how to pray.

    I left my house and don't know when we will get back. I know this might sound selfish, but so far, there is no flooding at my house. My car is still there. I put a Blood line around the property, but because I don't have current information, thoughts are trying to bring fearful thoughts.

    Thanks your prayer support.

  • favor and deliverence

    I pray for favor my children and I. I especially pray for my son who suffers rejection from friends. I pray that he finds favor in the sight of his classmates and schools mates and that he will no longer be an outcast in his school. I pray for deliverance from the spirit of poverty and debt to be able to fulfill God's purpose in my life in Jesus name, Amen.

  • In my marriage

    Please pray for me and my marriage. I really need a restoration in my marriage and that God would draw my husband to Him. Thank you.

  • Deliverance from Witchcraft Spirits

    Please pray for total deliverance for my family and I from Witchcraft Spirits. Also, pray for financial break through to come swiftly to us in Jesus name.

  • Belief in image

    I want to pray for my month to accept Jesus as her salvator and my sister.

  • persecution from unknown people and nightmare

    God bless you brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus,
    I want to pray for protection and be free of satanic dreams.
    I want to pray for wisdom and discernment.
    There is a curse in my life that I am not get married
    I am in the debt

  • Prayer request for clarity

    Good day, thank you for this opportunity. I have been having issue believing in myself and what God wants to me do. For some time now I feel a call to leave my job and start a business in coaching and speaking to people while I share God's Word and my experiences but I seem to lack direction and confidence. Everytime I get an idea and start planning it seems as if I'm not comfortable with it anymore. So, for 3 years I've been going in circles taking classes and see coaches, buying your books and praying, listening to inspirational and preaching on YouTube as well as attending church but I just feel stuck. Please pray for me as even now I'm getting the push to leave the job but I have debt and just sacred to leave and don't know how I'll pay them off without even having a business idea that I can settle and be comfortable with even to start. Thanks for yours as you and your ministry continue to be blessed.

  • Praying for financial favour

    Brethren, please join me in praying to God for financial breakthrough in my career and in my business. LET GOD FAVOUR ME and grant me the grace to break new grounds in Jesus name. Amen

  • Witchcraft attack from work place

    Please pray for me and family, been under extreme attack on body mind and spirit. Ian being severely attacked in my body by dizziness headaches chest pains and things moving in my body, being cursed and attacked in my dreams, lost family members one by one no one seems to understand. I have been unable to concentrate to pray. I feel like I’m in complete darkness and God is angry at me please pray for me

  • Mom's Health

    Please pray re: my mom's medical appts
    this week re: whether they will recommend radiation or not. Her surgeon didn't think so -hoping for the best from the oncologists as well.

    I have been praying for your requests as well

    Thank you.

    God bless.

    Sarita L.

  • General deliverance

    Kindly pray for me to be delivered from stagnancy, delay, rejection, lack, anger, disappointed and frustrations

  • Mom

    Need healing from the spirit of religion , witchcraft, and mind controlling spirits. That will God will restore our relationship

  • Daughters

    Please pray for my daughter Latifa Scott for deliverance from a sexual/lust spirit (was molested at a early age) and that God will heal her emotional.

  • Help!

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  • Help!

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  • Gods promise,

    Hi. Lord has spoken to me on when my 2 children were taken from me by injustice. Every day I have missed them and I had a good bond with them. Lord said He's returning them back to me I miss them every day. On that day at court a statement from the children's guardian atlightum the social services stopped her from showing her report to say my 2 children should not be adopted, the social services lied saying she hadn't brought it in . But I know she had brought it in, because throughout the whole case she had everything and wasn't forgetful. When we was in the court room she was crying next to me and with me. The injustice of what the social services did. I know it's probably happened to many. We were not told until after that day that the guardian atlightum for my children had said no for my 2 children to be adopted. My mum said if she had known that day she would of been supporting me saying no. But her hope at that time was gone on that day of court. My heart cries for my 2 children to come back soon. Because what seems impossible on Earth isn't impossible for God to do.
    I believe in the power of God in where He says if 2 or 3 are gathered in His name He's agreeing with us.
    I've had visions of being with them. My eldest child shes had dreams of the same thing. A Christian friend has had visions of my 2 children being back with me, I know that my youngest and of course my oldest will get on well together with them. As my eldest had a good bond with them. My youngest whose 3 now but very early on has smiled at her two siblings photos and still does now. I look forward to her meeting her siblings. I trust Lord in confirmations and believe even if I get one amen I know. But I also know even if I don't I know there coming home to me and there siblings. Thank you Lord so much. So I'll say in Jesus name amen here and ask that if you feel led to agree with me Iook forward to seeing that amen.

  • debtfree

    kindly pray that i may get money from human rights commission and also from police academy where i gave lectures to police personnel iam great need i believe phililians-4-19 thank q

  • job

    kindly pray for my daughter deviana sharon to get a job in minot nd also deliverance from wrong doctrine i believe nothing is immpossible with god

  • Marriage

    Thank god with your relationship from the inside out for God's perfect will to be done not permissive will any lies and deception be completely exposed if it's the hand of God for the conjugal visit to go through or for him to be released with complete exoneration and in Jesus name I pray

  • Mr

    Please agree with me in prayer for God's protection as I travel to Africa. Family members are being used by Satan to inflict sickness poverty and divorce in my life.

  • Health

    Please pray for my health and sight

  • rent

    I am asking that I will receive favor from my business landlord and my home landlord to pay my rent and keep my places in jesus name

  • breakthrough for marriage and another child

    I am asking for prayer for a breakthrough and freedom from spirit spouses and for me to get married and have another child

  • Constintly in lawsuits and pending lawsuit

    I have been attacked with lawsuit after lawsuit in my business and i have a pending countersuit that has lasted 3 years. need prayer for breakthrough

  • my business needs a breakthrough

    My business has been under attack for almost 5 years and has been the object of slander, lawsuits, loss of money, constant jealousy, envy, witchcraft and disorder. People have tried to take it from me, I have had issues with the state which has caused me to have to give up my accreditation. I have had to pay loads of money out back to agencies because people just leave and owe money and don't pay. Its so much, but i read up on what a business spell is and I have fallen under all of the symptoms of it. I have tried to fight this alone as most of the people that are doing it against me are supposedly christians. The lawsuit I am in is a countersuit relating to my business and it has been held and delayed for 3 years allowing the person that I countersued to begin hiding assets as she is a multimillonare. It seems to be some racism involved also. please pray for me to get a breakthrough in this area, I would truly appreciate it.

  • Breakthrough in Finances

    For the past several years my fiances have been up under a major attack. I went from being pretty much a millionare to almost in the process of filing for bankruptcy. I was a very strong giver and also I fell up under alot of witchcraft and envy and jealousy coming from those that I was helping. Money just kept disappearing so I figured that I was under a curse from God or I was under a spell. either way i know that this is not Gods portion for me. I know it is Gods will for me to prosper and I am even willing to build his kingdom, but I need a financial breakthrough immediately. I don't know what to do at this point but i know the Holy spirit led me to this site for agreement as I own all of your books and work towards following the direction. But I know there is power in agreement and association.
    Also, I have a lawsuit that has been pending and going back and forth for three years. Some how i feel that this is not God but a demonic delay. I believe the judges, attorney's and others are involved and it has affected my life, livelihood and business tremendously.

  • Depression

    Greetings man and woman of God,
    Please keep me in prayer my son is depressed he locks himself in his room day and night playing the playstation, only go out when he make himself food, i am afraid that he will be possessed by the playstation charectors. My self I need prayers last night I could open my eyes to pray at midnight, I held my day 5 prayers in my hand could not open my mouth to pray and my eyes were closed, I really need deliverance for my home, my finances and my husband to stop using the medicine from witchdoctors///Thank you God bless you all

  • Need re wire me

    Need to be rewired need to change my routine need past prayer for me for obedience oppressers threatening me . My

  • Urgent Prayer Request

    Right now I am in urgent need of Gods favor, increased finances, as well as housing for me and my grandchildren. Unfortunately, I discovered my family member failed to pay the mortgage for four months on our property and now we are facing foreclosure. I believe in miracles and trust God to make a way out of no way in Jesus Mighty Name. Please pray and agree with me for Gods provision, guidance and wisdom in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

  • Emergency breakthrough

    I'm asking for this emergency prayer. Cause I had surgery in MAY and had to be out of work for many weeks to recover, well needless to say I've had a hard time catching up on myBill's. And I'm now I'm behind 2 months on rent , my car 1 month and all my utilities and Dr bills, and my mom bought me some food cause she saw I had none.... I don't want to ever become homeless again. I need a huge breakthrough miracle in Jesus name.

  • To be Debt Free in Jesus Name.

    I desire to become debt free. I have 46,000.00 in debt and 41,000 of it is student loans. Most of that debt is from the interest. I desire to buy a home for me and my dad and children and my credit has forever been low. I need God to give me the wisdom on how to budget properly and how to make wise decisions with my credit. In Jesus name. Totally debt free in Jesus name!

  • Protection for me and my children as well as my dad.

    I'm asking for prayer for my dad, my children and myself that God will protect us and keep us safe from all hurt harm and danger. That he will encamp his Angels all around us and give his Angels charge over us. My dad is now 76 years of age and he's very dear and close to me. My mom passed away 16 years ago and it's been only him here for myself and my children. I want God to Bless him for being there us and helping to keep me and my children in tact. I'm asking that God will deliver my oldest son from the streets and draw him back to him in Jesus name. Keep my girls safe and that God will bless them with Saved and Holy Ghost filled husbands that will love them as Christ loves them. Keep my youngest son safe and to filled the void he has in his life of a Father Figure. I'm asking that you will be in agreement that God will send the husband he has ordained for me to be a cover for my household. So that he can be there with us and for us and pray over us as The Spirit of God leads him In Jesus name. Also I am a single mother and I've been on second shift for the past 6 months and I desire a shift where I can be home with me 2 teenagers at night and on the weekends. Also healing in my body... I've been over weight for many years now and I'm asking God to take the weight off in a healthy way without being sick and to heal the knot in my stomach. My hair has thinned from taking medicines for high blood pressure. I'm asking God to restore my hair in Jesus name. I desire a life for me and my children filled with love, joy, happiness, peace and love. to be able to live a prosperous life in Jesus name. Thank you!

  • Prayer For My God Sister

    I'm asking for prayer and agreement that my God Sister will be healed completely of cancer. The doctors told her Monday that the cancer has spread all over her body and they're only expecting her to live for 2 weeks. I'm asking that God will give her the same favor that he gave to Hezekiah and extend her life. The bible tells us that with Jesus' stripes we were healed over 2 thousand years ago, so tonight I'm proclaiming her healing. I'm also asking that God will curse this cancer epidemic that's killing a lot of his people. In God's word he says that he wish above all that we be in GOOD HEALTH and PROSEPER even as OUR SOULS PROSPER. I'm asking God to give her a miracle, she told the doctors that she didn't care what they are saying, she's going to believe God. I'm asking that you be in agreement with her in Jesus name. Thank you! God Bless!

  • Stand against the storm surge and flooding of hurricane Florence

    In North Carolina USA we are facing what they call a devastating hurricane in the next 12 -24 hours. It is said to be a ?massive storm with major flooding. We are speaking to it to dissipate at sea with no major damage or loss of life.

    We have evacuated but I had to leave my car. Please agree with me for protection, in Jesus' Name.


  • ER Financial Breakthrough , Inner Healing & Home

    First of all, I need total inner healing from being belittled, bullied, and put down from family and others people as well as depression. Also I have been homeless for a month now, and I need a Home. This is the first time I am facing this. I am in the miry pit and high in debt. I need a financial breakthrough in the amount of $15K to get back on track quickly. I need favor from God for my VA benefits to go through from when I was a soldier in the US Army Reserves. I was told to apply and I am getting a run around so I can continue to work on my home-based business. In the meantime, I need a good paying job so I can become stable again. I am believing God for this prayer request to become answered by October 27th (my born day.
    Pray the Dixon-Massiah family become healed and delivered feom the past. This family is divided heavily with hate, etc. Many need salvation. Thanking God for answered prayers in the name of Jesus.

  • Prayers for someone dying

    Please pray for my 94 yo father entering Hospice today. I pray for an easy transition on the day he goes to be with the Lord.

  • Financial Break through

    I need a financial break through in order to clear all my debt

  • Ms

    No marriage
    Spirit of death
    Financial problem.
    No change no matter how much I pray.

  • My father does not believe in Yeshua

    I am saddened because, I recently found out that my dad, who is a good man, does not believe in Yeshua! I am on day 6 of praying and fasting to have generational curses lifted from myself and family. But this has really saddened me please pray for me and my family. Thank you and be blessed in Yeshua's name, amen

  • For restoration in my marriage

    Please pray that God would heal and restore my marriage. My husband wants to leave.
    Please pray thank you.

  • For financial breakthroughs

    Please pray that my finances will be healed I need to get out of debt and be able to help my family financially. Thank you

  • Prayer for children salvation

    Please pray for my children to be saved. Nicholas peter Traciann Dennis

  • Mrs.

    Salvation and deliverance for Troy DaCosta, Ashley Marshall, Vanessa, Sophie, Niall, Jessica and Lauren, Kellimar, Telia, Kizzie, Jamar, Jamal, Rene, Alvin, Eon, Nico, Nicolai, Nikita, Crystal, Sheena, Natasha, Natalia, Shona, Rasheba, Brittons Hill children, Terrel & Jo-ann, Jeoffrey

  • I need Jesus to save and change me.

    I need a miracle. I used to know the Lord and I feel cut off from comitting fornication and other sins. I'm extremely backslidden and I know that I need some deliverance. I need money to get to a deliverance minister, but I've been jobless for over 3 years. I don't want to die eternally, but my ability to believe has withered up and died.

    I truly need a miracle life saving encounter with Jesus (injected with real truth and not the false truth of satan or the antichrist spirit in the world), salvation for my soul, and an emergency financial blessing of about $800 to make a trip next month to get some help. I want to be right with God, but I fear that I've just messed it all up and all that's left for me is fiery judgment.

  • Eyes, Sinuses and nasal cavity, tooth problems

    Please pray for my Eyes. My tear ducts are blocked and my Eyes hurt. My Eyes especially hurt when I put anything on them e.g. moisturiser, cleanser or mascara. My sinuses and nasal cavity are unhealthy to and I have a bad tooth that needs healing too. God bless you for your prayers in this matter ♡

  • Mrs

    I greet you in the name om Lord and saviour.
    Please pray for my marriage, that it may be restored. I also seek prayers for my husband that he may be delivered from drug addiction and our relationship can be back to normal again without all the anger he has towards me. That he may may have peace in his mind and heart.

    I would really appreciate your prayers and counseling.

    Thank you,
    Busisiwe Sithole

  • mrs

    Drugs And alcohol problems to be out of my CHILDREN lies THEFT UNTRUSTWORTHY more especially SISISEKO
    Marriage of daughter to a godly man
    Mu bussinesses to take off
    my husband health

  • Inner peace

    I have been going through a rough time in my marriage of almost nine yrs and I need inner peace. I experience so much pain and on medication for high blood pressure. I don't know if I should stay or move on because it not working and my stepdaughter is disrespectful.. I am so stressed. Please pray that God will help me and retired mom to pay off our house so she could live comfortable if things doesn't work out because I will not be able to take care of the bills by myself . Thanks .

  • Ms

    My work placement is under demonic attack fo no reason my income is reduced to almost half,while conteplating to take legal steps I made costly mistake which affected the patient but the fasting gave me Hope please pray with me for deliverance

  • Pressure

    I need the hand of God over my life for healing over generation curses

  • Pay me back

    Please intercede with that my nephew would pay me back $625.95 that he rightfully owes me. I want peace and reconciliation in our family and this here is causing a problem. Please pray that God would trouble his heart to pay it back. Thanks

  • Prayer requesr

    Needing delivered from so many things in my life. I cant seem to get back on track no matter what I do. I am having issues in famkly relations, financial difficulties oppression and deoression. Health issues. Satan is attacking me on so many levels even ooression on the job. Please pray for me and my family.

  • Please pray

    Please pray for my son, he has language delay, pray that his language will explode this month and he will not be considered as having red flags for autism any more . Pray for my husband that the lord will lead him to where he should be, also for his promotion, pray for his business to be blessed. Pray for me I am believing for twins, fruit of the womb. Please pray that oppression will be broken off our lives.

  • My children

    Please pray for my children that they would come back to serving God and that he will keep them in stable jobs so that they will be able to take care of themselves and take that pressure off me. Also please pray for granddaughter that God will keep her safe in Jesus Name.

  • Inner peace

    I have been going through a rough time in my marriage of almost nine yrs and I need inner peace. I experience so much pain and on medication for high blood pressure. I don't know if I should stay or move on because it not working and my stepdaughter is disrespectful.. I am so stressed. Please pray that God will help me and retired mom to pay off our house so she could live comfortable if things doesn't work out because I will not be able to take care of the bills by myself . Thanks .

  • Hair loss

    My daughter marries on the 22nd and has lost hair on the top of her head. Please pray for restoration. Body mind soyl abd spirit. That she knows the Fathers love. And that we live and adore her.


    I need a fresh career challenge, I thank God for my current workstation. It's time though to move on.

  • Salvation

    We pray Hiba Elseed is becomes a woman of God, and is saved in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Hindering

    My Pastor is hindering me from preaching he is refusing to ordain me as an Evangelist so instead he ordained me Missionary I was called to be an Evangelist. Please pray that Jesus will show my Pastor who I am. I really want to do what Jesus has called me to do.

  • Divine healing

    Pls pray for me against irritable bowel syndrome and loose stools and regain my weight

  • Witchcraft

    My daughter stay away from her grandmother who is putting witchcraft on her and is encouraging her to cheat on her husband.Keep Matt out her life and he stay away from my daughter. Both of them influenced my daughter to be disrespectful to me.

  • Adultery

    My daughter stop committing adultery and stay away from those men in Jesus name thank you.

  • Believing God for a Miracle

    Please pray for a release in the spirit realm for me and my family financially! Please pray that God grant us all that is requested on our prayer lists to be a blessing in the kingdom to others!

  • Prayers

    Hi prayer warriors please do help in praying for my brother and his children. They being verbally abuse. and false accusations made against them. Grateful for prayers.

  • Prayers

    Hi prayer warriors please do help in praying for my brother and his children. They being verbally abuse. and false accusations made against them. Grateful for prayers.

  • My Job

    I had made a bad decision at my job. I told my supervisor before she found out by someone else. I'm under investigation and I might loss my job. Will you pray I find favor at my Job.

    PS. Thanks for sending me this information to help me with my walk with God

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