Pray For Others Page

And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  –  Job 42:10  (NKJV)

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. – Phili 2:3-4


  1. As you genuinely pray for others, God takes over your own battles.

  2. When you pray for anyone, kindly click on the blue Pray Button. It will register that you have prayed.

  3. If you do have a special word for the person you have prayed for, click on the Reply button and drop the Word (Must never be promotional)

Be blessed as you intercede for others.

  • Hi, could you please pray for my dear friends J & J, and keep them in your prayers for the new few days! They're currently in prison and awaiting their final verdict from the High Court on the 24th. I fear that they're very much nervous and afraid right now, even as they wait for this day. I am myself. We've been praying for over a year now, and it's been a tiring long fight... but still little hope in sight. But our hope is in God. He promised He would send help, but we've met barrier after barrier in this situation. The authorities have been unresponsive on the whole. We're totally facing a wall. My friends are largely innocent but they have been set up and everything's against them in this highly unfair situation involving power plays. There's little justice in their national criminal system.

    Pray for God's intervention and miracle with us, please, that my friends would be delivered from a terribly monstrous situation of despair and pain. May God send His Light and save...... granting my friends their freedom and another chance to start anew. Their three mates are in this with them and also need mercy. We need Him to move the heart of the judge that my friends and these young men might be spared. That's all we ask for. Thank you.
  • Healing, health and strength be restored to Ronald Threat and Rene Lewis. Also that wisdom, clarity and renewed unquenchable fire and passion be given to us to fulfill the call of GOD on our lives.
  • Single mom of 2 girls. Need prayer us! An ex (Larry O. Kemp, Jr.) with narcissistic attributes. I pray for his mom(Lorene Harbin). Im trying to get over that relationship, disappointment, hurt, rejection, betrayal. Business venture(Greater Mobile Transport, LLC) success. Credit issues being resolved & items being removed, I've provided all info needed for items to be removed to no avail. My sis(Carlethaie Donley-Cunningham) health( going thru chemo) her husband(David Cunningham, Sr.) healing and deliverance and their marriage! So, many issues there. I trust God in all things but I pray God help that lil unbelief from seeing the times we are in, seems like what's the point? Believing God a for husband and blissful marriage, good health, stability financially, a stable and steady prayer life. My sister(Crystal Donley) living a life of homosexuallity for well over 15yrs. I pray for and her partner(Toni Richards) healing and deliverance. Thanks for touching and agreeing with me in the spirit. May God bless! Please do not publish or make public the names I've requested prayer for. N.DONLEY
  • God’s will to prevail in family
    Children’s salvation
    Family deliverance, salvation and protection
    Success in work, studies and weight loss
  • I would like right now my girlfriend Kimberly Benavidez accept my hangouts invite so I can talk to her ask her if her illness is gone I'm worried about her I would like to be able to talk to her right now her accepting my hangouts invite make me happy then I can talk to her ask her if her illness is gone. This evil guy named Luke Crow he's a cyberbully and a psychopath I would like him to have a stroke today that ends his life he's very evil.
  • Please join me in praying for my husbands healing.
  • I want God to set my mother free from every shackles and every bandage . And God should deliver me from spiritual food from my dreams

  • Blessings!
    Please pray with me for God to show me the New townhouse He alone has built for me and He alone can provide for any fees and amount to purchase my first home, In Jesus name!
  • Please pray for the healing of Linda from stage 4 right breast cancer and that she will not die but live to proclaim the good works of our dear Lord! In Jesus name!

  • Blessings!
    Please pray with me for God to show me the New townhouse He alone has built for me and He alone can provide for any fees and amount to purchase my first home, In Jesus name!
  • Please pray for my daughter who is being taking advantage of by strange men sexually she is cheating on her husband with theses men and brining them around her young daughter who has a calling on both of their lives one man in particular is Maurel Corbett who is only using. Her she is so disrespectful to her husband and me I’m believing Jesus for her to be with her husband he is in prison and want to be with his wife her name is Laroya and she is also under the influence of witchcraft she’s also a follower and it’s three other young women who is influencing her to do be this way I thank you for your prayers
  • I am asking for prayers for my daughter she is hundreds of miles away from home and currently in search of an apartment I hoping she find the perfect one with good neighbors she is so afraid seeing she never rented before and it scary being on your own at such a young age
    So Help Me Pray For Her
  • I am requesting prayer for healing from spiritual trauma that I experienced as a teen. I would also like prayer for my daughter as we have experienced uncommon disagreements and family discord this year and this has never happened. I would like prayer for my 5 year old as she has night terrors. Just pray for my 4 daughters in general please.I would also like prayer for marriage delay. I have been married before and unequally yoked and both of my marriages ended due to physical abuse. I would also like prayer for me as I finish up my schooling and launch my business and complete my book with success.

    Thank you all for your prayers!
  • I am asking for prayer as my 92 year old mother who is partially blind seems to have evil thoughts towards others my nephew, friends who are there to help her. It is she is never satisfied and has everything and more than what she needs we cater to her but she is not happy or at peace. Her name is Ernestine pray for her. Please and my Sister Chaneta and my daughter Kim and Nephews June and Shane. Praise God Thank you.
  • I want to thank you for your prayers for my church we received approval to start the renovation of our new property. That is surely blessing from God who is faithful and will never allow the wicked to stop his work.
  • Please pray for my daughter who is being taking advantage of by strange men sexually she is cheating on her husband with theses men and brining them around her young daughter who has a calling on both of their lives one man in particular is Maurel Corbett who is only using. Her she is so disrespectful to her husband and me I’m believing Jesus for her to be with her husband he is in prison and want to be with his wife her name is Laroya and she is also under the influence of witchcraft she’s also a follower and it’s three other young women who is influencing her to do be this way I thank you for your prayers
  • I'm desiring to be married, desiring to purchase a house, career advancement,New car and healing for mother's brian.I also, need prayer for the purpose of God to revealed. Desiring devine friends and helpers to assist with purpose in my life.
  • Please pray for Garrett Stone. He is overwrought with depression, complacency, unworthiness, generational sins of molestation (he's a survivor), financial hardship, use of pornography, and alcoholism. He has a good heart but can't see the light with all the demons in his mind. Please help. I appreciate any help, thank you.
  • I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.. Please pray for my neighbour Linda Dlamini. She is very sick but the doctors can't find anything wrong with her..her husband is involved in the witchcraft, kindly pray for him as well. Thank you
  • Plz contact me 248 417 1101 or via email
  • Please pray as thee Lord. Leads God Bless you all
  • I am living in Germay,having family of 3 children,working in germany as a single person to meet the needs of 5 family members;past 6 years i am suffering by the debt of 20,000(Euro)Twenty thousands Euro,is a great amount; kindly pray for me let our God do the supernatural thing to cancell the debt & having a debt free christian life to live.(Gods word say "you will lent to nations but in my life it is not yet become true,; I am true to my curch in all my giving past 16 years.
  • Hello Man of God I have been battling spiritual war against devil worshiper that is monitoring my life and making it a living hell since 2015 a lot of paranormal activity have been happening getting written notes things move around been told that I won’t have peace with my family I am a believer of Christ everything that I use especially appliances or a cars it just get broken Please I am tired of living like this God mercy in 2019 I was supposed to get a promoted but instead I got fired for no reason
  • Greetings Prayer Team,
    I have wrongfully been terminated from my job about a year ago. I was so traumatized from my experience at the office that I am asking
    God to send me to a new career. Please pray that my prospective managers and coworkers will be Christian. I praise God for keeping me this far
    but now I really need to get back to work since my finances are starting to suffer. It took a year for my healing and I will honor the Lord with my
    new career. Thank you in advance for your prayers and I will be glad to send my testimony of what God has done. Blessings, Sandra
  • Please pray for me.
    I have consistant dream whereby im getting married wearing my wedding gown and then my gown is stripped of me and put on my cousin (my mothers sisters child)) to wear and she then gets married.
    Im crying terribly in that dream. Even when im awake my thoughts are troubled by that dream.
  • Praying justice from discrimination and loss of job.
  • Please pray salvation4my bksld daug danele she contin gt high drnk liquor like a fish play loud music try hard to get pregnant she hs no frnds left enablers she hs new boyfr he wrks ar corn store fam$$ he comes ov late &sleeps ov ths bec nitely ritual I wond is he try2move in I pray tht God transf hm far away2end ths fornication he promis my daug he wd tk her2church suns hv come&go they hvnt gt2church yet my daug do ths delib bec my chrst brot forbid her2do ths she hop escmy brot wl see hm lv her rm n morn or tht he see hm com in @note the try2gt my bro hart attk wht my daug do cld gt me evict or rent go up I knw tht God nt go2 allw thm2contin play house& fornicate ths is a jezebel spirit tht try2tk ov my apt by thm they hv no fear of God
  • Please pray for open my career doors to open; that I will have the preparedness to walk through them; that I will possess the ability to execute my role with Godly grace and Godly competence.
  • I am requesting prayer for my cousin Avis who is battling breast cancer and her husband Andy who is suffering from seizures
    Please pray for my sister Nadine and her husband Wayne . That God will restore trust and intimacy in their marriage
  • I am request pray for my daughter Aliyah who will be sitting her exams on Wednesday
  • Help me pray to get finances to buy church land and my own land for settlement in Nairobi Kenya.
  • God bless you. Kindly stand with me in the following areas:
    1. witchcraft attacks from tenants. I told her to pay rent or else leave the house. she reacted by going to shrines. the first night i dreamt of a grave in that house she is renting, and i said in the dream that since i had seen it, i will seal it. The second day, i was fighting a very big serpent in the dream and bite me on the chest , but said that you have not hurt me. The third day, this happened in the physical when a young bull met me and started heating me until some one came and chased it away. am still feeling pain in the ribs but when i went in the scan and xray the report showed that am ok.

    2. I was working with an energy sector company and unfairly terminated me. so i decided to sue the company. PRAY that i win the case. OR if it is possible , send me specific prayer point to pray.

  • Please pray for me to be delivered from monitoring spirits which come at night and start hitting surfaces near my bed and iam forced to wake up.Pray for me also to be delivered from the demons which attack me in the evening and I feel pain in my legs ,chest and headache.Also pray for me to be delivered from the spirit of rejection so that I can have favour and I get a job and financial breakthrough.
  • Hello, I have been having some dreams and I don't know what they mean. I have been seeing this tall black man in my dreams. other times its other black men and some days its this black lady...but most mostly I am seeing this tall black man in my dream and I don't know why I am seeing him always. and sometime i am fighting them in my dreams...I just got baptized in February and it has been a roller coaster for me. Please help me pray to stop having these dreams and I know in Jesus name I will win the battle.
  • I would like everything to be good right now my girlfriend Kimberly benavidez accept my hangouts invite so I can talk to her know how she's doing ask her if her illness is gone.
  • Pray for GARRETH for his salvation, supernatural encounter with Jesus and deliverance from generational curses of death and witchcraft Santeria, fortune telling, smoking weed, adultery and lying and deception and spiritual marriage with mother, controlling spirit of jezebel and the Ahab spirit, spirit of rejection and fear and vindictiveness. In Jesus’s name!
  • Pray for The marriage of Guillermo and Anna that they be delivered from anti-marriage and antichrist spirits, anti ministry spirits , against anti marriage spirits, Jezebel spirits, spirit of disobedience and rebellion, pain and hurt and rejection and pride. In Jesus name!
  • I've been experiencing financial oppression and dreams that seems as if there are monitoring spirits in my life. No relationship lasts, and my kids are not happy
  • Victory over evil dream
  • Greetings,
    I am Pastor Jalobel Kamasa, called by God to run a ministry. I wish to request for prayers for the Grace of God to succeed in ministry. I have not opened the ministry yet as I wait on God for everything to be put in place.

    Thanks and God bless
  • Please pray for me to be free from spiritual Jezebel and spiritual husband. Prayer for God to restore my relationship with my ex boyfriend his name is Emmanuel. I believe the devil is working against my relationship with him .he stop talking to me for about 2 months now .and told me that I was a destruction to his life. I believe that's the work of the devil because he doesn't want me to be married. But I pray that the God I serve will intervene in this matter.
  • Praise Jesus,I happen to have a brother who is living in witchcraft Bondage called kipsang Eric remember him in prayer, I will be grateful.
  • Good evening sir, please pray for me and my family. That God will heal me completely of all its side effects from the treatment of cancer and Fibriod. Against the spirit of death and familiar spirit in my family. Thank you
  • Please pray for deliverance from satanic ritual abuse, technology harrasment, and intrusion, and witchcraft abuse. Pray for cancer healing and marriage infidelity& restoration. Covering for us and childre
  • Marriage restoration, that God would soften my husband’s heart and bring him back to Him first then his family. Thank you.
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  • Please pray for me against any generational curse/bondage. Thank you
  • My Beloved Sister and Brothers. I kindly request your prayers!!! I am a lady who is 37 years old (gonna be 38 in this October), I am beautiful and educated one but I am alone... I live this loneliness in my friendships too. I have no close friends or no candidate to share this life. I think there is a spirutual husband problem but I can’t find solution with my prayers and have been raped by a stranger man in my dreams many times after my night time prayers. I am very carefull to live a pure life, I repend daily and protect my heart to any wickedness. Please remember me in your prayers!!! I do not wanna get alone because of demons. I am belong to Jesus not to them!!! It makes me very very upset!!!
    May the Lord bless you All !!!
  • Please pray that my sister Maxine, who is undergoing chemotherapy after having her pancreas and gallbladder removed due to cancer, will be healed.
  • Financial breakthrough And breakthrough for my real estate business
  • Dear Man of God

    On the 7 day of the deliverance and prayers felt something come to lodge in my throat. It won't go down and it won't come out. I have tried to vomit it out but it has refused to come out. Please I need God's direction from you as to what to do. Thank you.

  • My Beloved Sister and Brothers. I kindly request your prayers!!! I am a lady who is 37 years old (gonna be 38 in this October), I am beautiful and educated one but I am alone... I live this loneliness in my friendships too. I have no close friends or no candidate to share this life. I think there is a spirutual husband problem but I can’t find solution with my prayers and have been raped by a stranger man in my dreams many times after my night time prayers. I am very carefull to live a pure life, I repend daily and protect my heart to any wickedness. Please remember me in your prayers!!! I do not wanna get alone because of demons. I am belong to Jesus not to them!!! It makes me very very upset!!!
    May the Lord bless you All !!!
  • My adult daughter, Denise, hates her husband and me. She calls us vile names. She goes to church, prays, reads the Bible every day, and claims she is a Christian. This has been going on for years now. I believe there is a mental problem, but she won't go to a doctor. She has done away with friends and hasn't talked to me in over a year. We used to be close. She says she never wants to see me again. Please pray for her deliverance from anger and hate. Satan has done a number on her. Her husband is ready to leave her because of her abuse to him, vocally and physically. She needs help. Thank you.
  • Dear Minister,

    Thank you in advance for reading my prayer request and allowing yourself to be used by God. My prayer request is that God will deliver me from my employment situation to a better job in my field. Currently, I am working 6 - 7 days a week at a small firm and performing 2 roles because the manager laid off the administrative support in March 2020. I am also in school working on my Master's degree and it has been extremely difficult to concentrate because of tiredness and high stress. Unfortunately, the owner of this small company does not care and continues to press me in spite of the pandemic impact to the business.

    My prayer is to have the time to focus and write the books that God has put in my spirit to write and I do not want to leave this life with the mission unfulfilled.

    Lastly, I am seeking prayer for inner healing for diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy and weight loss.

    I am trusting God and in prayer for all of these prayer requests that I am submitting today.

    Thank you for your prayers and intercession for me as I know there is power where 2 or more are joined as God is in the midst.

    May God bless you abundantly for the works of your hands.

    Niki C.
  • Good Evening!
    My prayer request is about a pending transaction from a business partner who promised to help me in a business deal that, if completed, will turn my financial life completely. I have invested in the business to be able to finance my other businesses and be able to marry and take care of my family. This destiny helper is my Mentor in Trading business, he mentors a lot of people and has not given me enough time to be a good trader yet. I need you to pray with me that he can be able to mentor me fully and deliver the transaction from the business deal with which we agreed. In God I trust.
  • That God help me to get through or pass a situation in my life that is holding me back from a lot of things
  • Please pray for my son Ben for deliverance from alcohol, his salvation and the spirit of peace.
  • Early this year,my phone was stolen and then the academic session just kick-started with assignments and notes but I didn't have a smartphone and so I had about the pay on credit thing so I did it. From April to June, I have been able to pay but right from July till now the scenario changed for me.
    Man of God, I need your help. The money needed to pay this debt is #30000 but to settle all my debts in Total, I will be needing #60000 to handle that, I will be grateful if the church can help me out, because no one is rich to help out. I am just in my fourth year in the university so sir I don't want to be a police case, come to my resume today sir. You can contact me for more information, 07060592451.

    And can help me out:
    Gt bank
    Adu Aderonke Adedoyin

    Pastor sir help me out. Things has been down financially for my mum because before she's been the one helping me in fact when we discussed this morning, she said she is fed up, sir please help me out. God bless you.
  • Good morning intercessors. Please pray for me in the following aspects
    Lack of clarity and purpose, I feel lost because I’m working hard daily and still not getting even the minute achieved. Instead I’m drowning deeper and deeper into debt.
    Unable to help my children further their education because each time I am able to access the money to make a start something happens that hinders this, throwing us back , leaving me to repay loans ,unable to buy food and even being out of money to travel to work.
    I have recently been promoted on my job but face a lot of animosity and racism on a daily basis causing me to lose my confidence and zeal for my career.
    Please help me and my family to pray for deliverance.
    Thanks and God bless you.
  • Dear Pastor,

    Good morning. Please help us to pray for deliverance from familiar occurrences which seems to have been following us for generations.
    Lack of money to educate us children beyond secondary school
    Fathers abandoning their children leaving them to suffer in single parents home’s
    I have a strong desire to further my academic studies and have a career but due to financial issues I am unable to go to college. Please pray for us as a family for open doors and a financial miracle.
    We frequently experience bouts of depression to the extent that my sister and I have considered taking our own lives on occasions.
    Thanks and God bless you all.
  • Good morning. Please pray for me as I endeavour to hear from God concerning the following issues.
    - my court date is set for 22nd September 2020, I have been involved in a car accident along with my brother late May, we have miraculously survived unharmed, praise be to God. I have repaid my friend jamillah, the value of her vehicle in cash since I was the driver at the time of the accident, however, she has now made it her mission to torment me along with her instigator reshauna. Please pray for my matter, I am depressed and even considered suicide a few days ago.
    - our father abandoned us when we were younger, though we are very intelligent children, every time our mom manage to put aside some money to make payments for our college studies, something comes up and wipes it all away, hindering us from accessing higher education. Please pray for our deliverance from this demonic plague
    - I work a part time job to assist with bills but has recently been sacked without being given a reason, I am a hard worker who’s usually being taken advantage of, please pray for a new door to open and God to align things for us according to his will.
    - I desire to have a closer relationship with God, please help me pray for guidance and direction.
    Thanks, God bless.
  • Please pray for my sister Coleen who’s afflicted by cancer. My sister Shelley who has recently had a heart attack and myself,as I am known as the sickly one in the family. I am childless, divorced and coping with lots of stress situations. Please pray for the general health and well-being of our family. Thank you.
  • Please pray for my current mission to build a close relationship with God and my family. My three children Sara, Ambra and Brandon. My grandchildren, Chideya, Shamor, Cayman, MacKenzie, Michelle and Brandon jr. I would like to ask God for his continued blessings on us, for opening doors to prosperity,spiritual advancement and upliftment, as well as success in every dimension of our existence.


  • Goodday prayer teams please do help in prayer for a suitable house provision we always have a water issue and this causes unhappiness. Will be thankful for prayers
  • Goodday prayer teams please do help in prayer for a suitable house provision we always have a water issue and this causes unhappiness. Will be thankful for prayers
  • I want to start by saying thank you so much for this breakthrough prayer request page. I don't know where to begin with my prayer requests but I will be transparent as much as possible. I want to let you know that I need help with inner healing, deliverance from satanic attacks and generational curses. I need so desperately Healing in my mind, body, spirit, soul, finances, and relationships. Since the beginning of this year I have been in spiritual warfare and I want to be free from the strongholds and bondage of my past. I want to know Jesus more and his love for me and how to love and be free from unforgiveness, fear, low-self esteem, anxiety and depression. I wanted to let you know that my mother bought me and my siblings up in a Cult called the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Organization. Something like a Scientology Religious Organization. It wasn't until I was in my mid twenties that I was able to break away from this and begin my journey on seeking the Lord Jesus Christ on my own. Since then my mother has been angry with me for leaving the institution and going to church to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For a long time I was bitter and angry and resented my mother for bringing me and my sisters and brothers up in something that would destroy our purpose and destiny for God. I have not only been wounded by her but also my father and by someone that I got married to in the Church that professed to know Jesus and yet abused and took advantage of me during our 14 years of marriage. Pastor and prayer warriors, I know that I must forgive these people who have hurt and wronged me and I know I must forgive myself as well. At the beginning of this year I have heard the Holy spirit speak to me concerning forgiveness to those who have wronged me so that I can be healed and be loosed of the past traumas and mental and physical ailments and illnesses that have me bound. It is the only way that I am going to be set free from mental and physical illnesses and strong holds. That is why I need your help so desperately in prayer to get a breakthrough in my life. I need the Lord to give me direction on how to forgive and also godly wisdom in relationships, how to set boundaries and spiritual discernment. I know that I have been entangled in some relationships that I thought were godly friendships only to find that I was being taken advantage of and left me financially in debt. I don't want to continue to be deceived and ensnared by the enemy's traps any longer. I know there is hope and deliverance for me and my whole family. I know that it was only God that lead me to your books and I have ordered Deliverance by Fire. I know that I am a little late in starting the 21 day fasting in September but I will go ahead and get started. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God and the people all around the world. God bless you and your ministry.
  • Praise the lord,

    Myself Punam Wadikar from India, i have read your book Living Debt Free, its very inspirational for me and its actually showing me the way of debt free life through bible secrets and prayers. I am still requesting you to pray for me and my family to come out of this debtfull life and live as per God's wish.

    Thank you
    God bless you
  • I beg for prayers. I have come to realise my main oppression comes from the men in my life. My husband and two sons. My sons have refused to grow up. They are 31 and 26. I am feeding them all. The 31yrs one is married and I am also feeding his family. They however do not appreciate any of my efforts. My husband also does not seem to appreciate. They all seem to feel that I should do more and more to serve them. In yesterdays prayers I got a clearer understanding of the mentioned issues.
  • Prayer request for a future partner. I'm in my 40s and still trusting God for my Boaz.

  • Please pray for my safety and my family's, i've been getting death threats.
  • Please pray for my business sales to turn around in Jesus Christ name.

    I have debts up to my neck i have goods but need the sales.

    My company name is Bike Gallery Parts And Accessories Ltd.
    Allison Natalee Baugh
  • Kindly pray for me to achieve my dream of getting employment. I have been searching for a job for 6 years now since the time I graduated from Cavendish university zambia but my way has been blocked. Please help me to clear the way to my success. God bless.
  • Kindly pray for me to achieve my dream of getting employment. I have been searching for a job for 6 years now since the time I graduated from Cavendish university zambia but my way has been blocked. Please help me to clear the way to my success. God bless.
  • First i would like to say thank you Pastor Daniel for your awesome support & prayers for your brothers & sisters,In Christ JESUS. You are such as honorable man of God your Wife & Family should be very happy & , thankful to Father God for the man of God that you have become by servicing your people in pray and training them up in pray & battle, So i thank you Pastor Daniel & your Family peace & Blessings to you All It just a blessing to see men step up to their calling. peace Shalom! Sheila Thomas.Again Thank You for Your Prayers Pastor Daniel I' am Thankful & Graceful.
  • First, I would like to say thank you for offering breakthrough prayers. I've read two of your books so far and it's definitely helped me but feel that I need this breakthrough prayer. I've had spiritual experiences ever since I was about six years old and up until now at age 37. I've had so many dreams, some mulitple times with alternate endings and each time, I didn't listen to what the Lord told me to do and bad things happened but the second dream, I listened with great breakthroughs. The breakthroughs were for others that the Lord ordained me to help. I would like to release abundance, clarification of my spiritual gifts, blessing my businesses to name a few. I feel like my blessings will help those around me.

    Thank you for reading this message.

    God Bless,

    Nneka S.
  • I really need to work a day shift so I can do more for God in the evening, Church services is in the evening school is in the evening. I need favor so my shift can be changed asap. I get home at 1230 or evening 100 in the morning I have to take a cab that money can be used in the kingdom. Thank for your prayers.
  • Please lift up my place of employment. Pray for God to give me peace, favor, and wisdom at my job.
  • The more I try to get closer to God the more trials come my way. I pray to feel my Gods presence but I can’t. Everything I have been through makes me feel so weak but in my heart I just want to know that God is with me. I need my health back.
  • 01) I want to request urgent prayers for our pet dog Negra, the hind legs are weak, she stopped eating today, will take her to the vet tomorrow, but she recently had a kidney condition please pray for complete healing, thank you

    02) I want to request prayers for a financial breakthrough for me and my business
  • Need deliverance from addiction, nicotine addiction, smoking
  • Hello, I need healing from chronic pain in the back from herniated discs; hypertension; diabetes; COPD; addiction.

    Thank you
  • Hello.
    Please pray for my income to increase so I can pay off debt.
    Also, my husband and I are paying too much for rent for a 1 bedroom apartment.
    Want to get something more practical in price. Maybe even a house, co-op or condominium.
  • Good morning, I desire to be heal in my soul, mind and body. I desire to be free of pain and mental confusion. I also desire for my boys to be free totally as well. I desire to be married to my Godly husband and for my entire family to be debt free in Jesus Name. I desire to love again and for the spirit of forgiveness to come upon me in Jesus name. Amen
  • Kindly I am making a request pray against household witchcraft losing a daughter 17 years old due to household witchcraft has made me as the mother miserable. I tell you my happiness has been lost
  • Please Pray for me am in debts, I need financial breakthrough, also pray for my marriage.
  • Please pray for me. I have a wound on my belly button that is torn and constantly bleeds. It's in a spot where my appendix was removed years ago. It won't seem to heal and I'm starting to get worried .
  • After I started reading your book on witchcraft, I think someone is coming against me the witchcraft. Pray with me that they burn with fire the one that is doing. In Jesus Name
  • I really need a touch from the lord. I want to fear Him, love Him and obey Him. i need deliverance and inner healing. I am definitely called to full-time ministry, however i believe that my character is more important than my calling and that who i am in Him is more important than what i do. He is preparing me. i don't want to pray what i want or perceive that i need. The holy spirit knows so much better than me my struggles my pain my issues, He know the roots, and what he wants to do in my life. Please just pray as the Lord leads you i appreciate it. Thank you God bless.
  • I would like prayers for my relationship to be better with my Husband
  • I had my a baby boy at age 15, my mother just took over and didn't give me a chance to be a mom and in the ended with her raising him. He has battelled with drugs and alcohol for the past 20-years. He is now 40 hearts have healed we have a mother /son relationship. He had a baby 9-weeks ago and the past month went back to using drugs. Please pray for him to be set-free and be the father God desires him to be. The generational curse of grandparents raising their children's children, drug and alcohol addiction has to be broken in his life so that it doesn't pass on to his daughter.
  • Hi Daniel. My name is koffi and i have been going through some though time in my life and I think I need deliverance spiritually. One I think I need deliverance on daily reading of my bible and the meditation on the scriptures. This is one area the enemy has really limited my ability to have personal time with the Lord. Can’t read my bible effectively and when I do sometime I easy forget and also don’t have deeper understanding of what I read. Secondly I need deliverance in my health. Am diabète and hypertensive. Thirdly I need deliverance in my finance. For the past 11 years I have been able to save and right am going though time paying my car loans even morning to refill diabetic drug and high blood pressure. And lastly I want to become a servant of God; to worship and proclaim his goodness to the nations. I want to dedicate my life to Christ so I think you should pray for me.
  • Please pray for salvation for my husband Stephen Auguste. Also that my entire family serve the Lord and God will bless us with a home.Thank you.
  • Please join me in prayer as I submit a salary increase request to my company's President. I have not received an increase in 5 years. I am a Home Healthcare Manager with over 10 years experience and great employee evaluations. I am seeking the Lord on purchasing a home for my family as well and need some credit issues resolved. I believe I have favor with God, now I need favor with man. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for my blood line bitterines, anger, unforgiveiness, sickness, break that curse from the family line and set every family members free.
    For Marlon DaCosta to be free from drugs and cigarettes he loves the Lord but his mind is confuse to get off the medication he his getting.
  • Hi pastor,

    I want to fast for a career and financial breakthrough but most importantly to ignite my relation with God, spiritual discipline and hear clearer from HIM
  • I am born again and I serve as praise and worship leader, for the past four months i have been struggling with sexual sin and I want to leave this and turn to God.
  • I thank you Father God for opening the windows of heaven over my life. I thank and praise you for honoring my seeds sown. I am a faithful tither and I give offerings also faithfully. You said you would rebuke the devourer for my sake and that you open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings for me. I thank you and receive it by faith in Jesus name. Please stand in agreement with me. My scriptures are below.
    I must return home immediate.I am 1,686 miles from home. I must have at the least $8,000.00 to cover the movers, my deposit and first months rent, turning on of the utilities, living room and bedroom furniture, toiletries, and groceries. Philippians 4:19, Psalms 23:1
  • Business & Ministry Financial Breakthrough. In the next 21 days we thank God for no more delay or denial. Debt cancellation and Increase in Income and investments. Breakthrough and Favor is upon us. By the end of 2020 we will be home owners and shall SEE God's hand move in our favor and we shall be debt free to owe no man anything but love. The wait is over. This is our Due Season and Set Time. And it is so. Manifesting Now!
  • Pray for myself and my family. That we are saved, delivered, set free and enjoying a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Total healing in our relationships, health, finances, ministry/business. Thank you Lord for miracles, signs and wonders for each of my family members. That they(we) turn back to the Lord and we all Trust him with our lives and our future to fulfill purpose and our destiny. Let Love, Grace and Faith abound in us all. Purify our hearts and our lives. Fill us with the Love of God. Teach us how to honor God, those in authority and each other. Let us thirst and hunger for you Lord as we seek ye first in all we endeavor to do or accomplish. YOUR will be done in the lives of the Lewis/Louard Family. And it is so. Manifest.
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