Pray For Others Page

And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  –  Job 42:10  (NKJV)

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. – Phili 2:3-4


  1. As you genuinely pray for others, God takes over your own battles.

  2. When you pray for anyone, kindly click on the blue Pray Button. It will register that you have prayed.

  3. If you do have a special word for the person you have prayed for, click on the Reply button and drop the Word (Must never be promotional)

Be blessed as you intercede for others.

  • Prayer

    Please pray for my son Joshua. The enemy is torching with his mind. Planting dark thoughts. Please lift him up and cover him in prayer. I know that prayer works. And that God is bigger.

  • Dead end job

    I have been praying daily and singing toward our God about my work. Feeling despaired and unhappiness about my work that I wanted to quit. My finanical expectation is not good time for me to quit. Once I get a finanical freedom, I can able leave from my job and get my good retirement. Hope Jesus, our loving father can help me with my hardships in years of career. I need a good miracle and blessings. Thank you for praying I appreciate that God bless you.

  • Pray to know God more

    Please pray for me, when I try to read the bible I get easily distracted, I sleep when praying, I no longer feel motivated to go to church anymore. I have bitterness and anger in me and this is also my growth in other areas of my life.
    Thank you

  • Mrs

    Please pray for me freedom from my messed up emotions I need a new heart to believe and know God and to be filled with God's h
    holy Spirit I Was once and so want to be like that again Thank You

  • Pray for me against spirit of stagnation and marital delay

    My name is Daisy and I request you to please pray for me and my cousin Stella who have failed to get married, a few months back I prayed for God to reveal to me what was holding me back from getting married and I had this strange dream that I had gotten married when I was 17 years and I was really scared of the man in the dream, I'm almost thirty but with no marriage prospects same goes for my cousin whose already 30 + . Please pray for me that the Lord Almighty Russ us if this spiritual husband causing marital delay. Be blessed as you pray for me

  • Deliverance for my son from drugs

    I have an 15yr old who is addicted to marijuana,lying and I found out he has started to steal money also. His name is Jedan Currie he is my only son. I know GOD can change him, I just have to keep the faith. I also have a brother also addicted to marijuana his name is Christopher Currie. Another brother who is just mentally sick (doctors said) Carlos Currie, it has being years since my 2 brothers has being like this. My mother Nazrine Hosein does not want to go to church. I dont know what to do.

    Sister trying to keep the faith

  • Healing of Cancer

    Please pray God will heal my friend brother Tang Kam Pui of final stage cancer. He is having treatment. Pray God will kill every cancer cell and he will testify of the Lord's goodness and glorify God.

  • Demonic Oppression

    Please pray for me Mr. Okpara. I performed a spell a few years ago, a “love spell”. As a result a horrible demon has attached itself to me. It tortures me at night, Mr.Okpara. In my dreams I am torn limb from limb, over and over again. It injects poisonous thoughts into my mind during the day. I am repentant, I do not want to live a life of evil. Every day I fight, but the fight has dragged on for so long that I am close to giving in. Please help me. And help the poor girl that I attacked spiritually with my ignorant, callous use of the occult. Her name is Kinsey Clyne.

  • My man

    I'm seeing a man I've fallen in love with. God has shown me to not give up on him. I'm praying we will get married soon. His first name is Steve. The Lord has me being thankful for every text and calls, every hug, every time s pent with me. Thank you for your prayers.

  • JOB

    Please pray that God will lead me to a job with other believers and making more money that my former job. Also please pray that God will speak to my daughter's father heart so that he will stop hiding and will just pay his child support. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you.

  • For My Eyes In The Right Eye Special Lee

    Would You Pray In Both Of My Eyes Special Lee In The Right Eye That Is Always Red Lot Of Times Is Just Pink & Very Blood Shot Always Sore Always Itchy Two Feel Less Sore & Itchy & For My Eyes That Are Always Water In Two Be Less Water In & Two Be Able Two Give Me Some Wrap It Comfort On Weekends Well As Gear In The Week & For God Two Help Me With My Breath In Problems Two Help Me Be Able Two Breath 100 % More Free Lee With Out Always Feeling So High Lee Stuff Up & Congestion Two Help Me Breath 100 % More Free Lee With Out Always Feeling So High Lee Stuff Up For God Two Help Give Me That Wrap It Smooth & Lite Die A Jest Feeling Stomach With That 100 % Wrap It Smooth & Lite Die A Jest Feeling Bladder When You Do Not Need Two Be Poo In Two Not Always Need Two Be Poo In & When Not Need Into Be Poo In For God Two Help Keep It Block On Weekends Beginning Friday's Saturday's Sunday's Monday's In June 2020 & When Not Need Into Be Poo In Two Not Need Two Always Be Feeling So Blood It With A Hole Lot Of Stomach Gas & Two Not Need Two Sleep & Two Feel Less Tired On Friday's Saturday's Sunday Monday's In June 2020 & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers.

  • My Heavenly Father

    Growing up without a father, I have been in many Situations as a young girl (many years ago) where I put myself into that wasn’t the best place for me. Never knowing the Love and protection of a father I found it very hard to approach God our Father. I know in my head that He loves me, just really want to know it deep in my heart!

  • Marriage

    My name is Ifeoma Vivian Desmond, am a btiful lady, well educated, when I was seventeen, a tall guy wedded me in a very big ocean in my dream in the middle of a place where big black snakes coiled around me, , the wedding very rich wedding, I noticed in that dream, later I saw a boy and girl as my children in the water, the place was white, very clean and every where was glittering like glass, av been praying about it, it's bothering me day am 40, yet not married and I don't have any meaningful relationship, one night when I was sixteen in my boarding school, I just noticed s presence on me and I started touching my private and started screaming in ecstasy
    and from that day, I started madturbating , am struggling yo stop masturbating. Am a prayer warrior in my church but this is my problem, I don't want my time to go I don't want the Marine kingdom to waste my life . I want to get married by November to the man God Jehovah God has prepared for me, my much younger sisters and cousins are married, it's s shame, every time, I cry in my room to the extent that a spirit once told to drink sniper but I refused... Please help me

  • urgent prayer

    please pray for my family tree and my husband bernies family tree

  • Healing for phyical ailments

    I covet your prayers for healing of Diabetes, Arthritis, sinus problems, cramping of muscles, degenrative knees and hip. Also have been deaf since a toddler, am 73.
    Thank you and God bless you..

  • Prayer and Deliverance for my SONS & Me as well

    Please pray for my youngest son DeNorris for salvation, deliverance from demonic oppression, trauma, and restoration of all that the enemy has stolen.
    His twin brother DeMorris for true, salvation, spirit of infirmity, and emotional healing
    My oldest son Bobby for True Salvation, from the spirit of error, and deliverance from unholy soul ties, self-forgiveness, and unforgiveness, trauma, and the bastard spirit.
    I pray that God would visit each of them
    For myself, I ask for deliverance from the spirit of lying, procrastination, trauma, emotional pain, trauma, self-sabotaging behavior, the spirit poverty, and any and everything that the Holy Spirit may lead you to pray for each of us. The enemy attempts to choke or suffocate me whenever I enter into spiritual warfare and causes me to shrink back because of fear.

    May God Bless You and Yours and Continuously Bless the Work of Your Hands.
    Forever Grateful,

  • Daughter

    My daughter is allowing men to use her she is married and very disrespectful to me she has friends that are encouraging her to live this sinful life she has a daughter who is watching her mother live like this. Thank you for praying

  • miralce healing and blessings

    Please pray that I get an economic miracle on June 20. Pray for me to get free of dizzy and tensions in my head and to stay in good health in Jesus name.Pray that me and my family is protected according to Psalm 91.Jesus blood over us all.God save us all.God work in mysteries ways. Nothing is impossible for him to do. Especially I need to get free of debt in Jesus name. Hopefully Jesus will answer very soon. Pray that he will bless my economy with miracles very soon .Pray for my family and friends. Pray in Jesus name and he will hear us from heaven. Pray that he will send his blessing to me these days to come. We pray that he will answer our needs in life. Everything is under his control. He takes care of his children. Thanks to everyone that pray for me. I am ever grateful for that. I will pray that God bless your life in many ways. He will open a door for me and I need to hear from him very soon. He listens to our heart. Thanks and God bless you so much. Pray for our Evangelization work as we reach many people with the gospel and spread the good news of what happen in Israel.

  • Miraculous freedom from financial debts.

    Jesus Christ cane to set man free from sun's(poverty, debts, famine, wretchedness, difficulty, depression etc).He(God) take pleasure in prosperity of His children. I'm a child of God. I believe in a sudden miracle, like in the case of a widow woman of Shunem in 2kgs 4:1-6. By my faith in His words and agreement with BLWO prayer line. Let God overturn my case and free me from debts and poverty. I believe, and I know that it's done. Thank you for praying for me.

  • Salvation for my Son Steven daughter, Amy

    I request prayers for my family's salvation
    I have bern praying earnestly for my Son and daughter and separated, husbanx
    Names: Steven 40 Jaine 40 Owen 9, has Asperger's Syndrome, Thomas 74
    John 6:44 them KJV
    Geraldine Bill Joyce, ( husband Richard, died April 2019) Karen, James, Ben, Jennifer Christian Aiden Alyssa Doris Al
    Gloria Ken Donald Kelly Peter Sonia Victoria Nicole. Beth, Steve, Michael, Stefanie, Tommy, Ashton , Rita, Don,
    Dawn, Keith, McKenzie, Landon, Laura Kevin, Meagan. Richard. Richard E. Son, Richard, Shirley, Ebony, Richard E,. Father
    Of Richard and Robin, Ron and her ex Husband Alan daughters, Hannah, and Julia.
    Cousins: Fatima, in law recent death of my cousin her husband Paul. Lucille, Barbara, Arthur, Ricky, Kathy, Gloria, Diane David and 2 sons and families David and Ralph S. Lydia Alexander Fred. Kathy K.
    Carol S. and children Steven Petty
    Arlene S. and sister
    and all their families. God is able
    Acts 16:31 KJV John 6:44 KJV
    Isaiah 1:18 KJV 2 Peter 3:9 Kjv. Eph.. 3:20 Kjv
    Praises and Thanksgiving to God.
    Thank You, God Bless You

  • Two Be Able Two Breath 100 % More Free Lee

    Would You Pray Into My Afternoon Eve In Also In My Morning After Math Two Be Able Two Breath 100 % More Free Lee With Out Always Feeling So Stuff Up Two Help Me Feel Less Water Down In Side Of My Lungs Two Help Me Always Breath 100 % More Free Lee With Out Always Feeling So High Lee Congestion & Stuff Up & Two Be Able Two Not Need Two Poo A Hole Lot When You Just Do Not Need Two Be Poo In & When You Need & Wish Two Poo Two Be Able Two Poo Up Two As Much As You Need & When You Are Finish Going Poo Two Not Need Two Be Poo In & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers.

  • Healing for my nephew’s son

    Can you please pray for my great-nephew who is having an unexplainable illness. He hit his knee about 4 weeks ago and after that is now complaining for pain in various parts of the body and right now cannot walk. He is about to be admitted to the hospital in Boston. Doctors running several blood tests. He is 8years old today so is going through all of this on his birthday. His name is Kidan.



  • Miss

    Join me in prayer against spirit of bitterness and loneliness. I seem not to move forward interms of marital breakthrough. I pray to God that he delivers me from this marital delayment.

  • deliverance for my mom

    my mom has struggled for her whole life with demons. It wasn't until the last few years I realized it wasnt mental illness, but the Lord told me it was Demons. Please pray for the Lords will to be done with her as far as deliverance. We tried a few times, but she needs more as I believe she has legions and every time she thinks she's been completely healed, but clearly hasn't as new things manifest. Its been a struggle for her, my stepdad and family. Please pray for her to have a sound mind and the will to be delivered completely. Also pray that the Lord puts the right people in her life to lead her down His path. She has been in and out of the hospitals for years due to breakdowns, and they are at a loss at how to help her. Nothing works and we know this is spiritual and not physical. As for me, please pray for more wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the discernment of Spirits for her. And stronger faith to be boldly helping her or anyone in my path. I would love to know where my moms issues are rooted from. I know there are generational curses and she has also opened many doors for demonic entry into her life. Please pray the Lord shows me where the root of all of this could be from so I can know how to pray about it specifically. I would love to take this to the Lord in the courts of heaven on her behalf, but i don't even know where to start, besides requesting more prayers. Thank you so much!

  • Urgent Prayer Request

    Dear Prayer Warriors,

    A sever satanic attack on the bride (N). She acts strange in her behavior showing evil influence.
    Our son (Annan) is so heart broken. Its the

    Spells and black magic is so common, rather a way of life in 97% mo*slem Pak*istan.
    Please pray that the bride is healed by the power of Jesus and our son remains powerful against these spell.

    Kindly let us know you are praying.
    This will be an encouragement. Anoint us (three), with the Blood of Jesus.

    Altaf (& Eileen) Naseem
    Serving in a restricted field.

  • Prayer Request for Healing

    Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,

    Goodevening!How are you and your ministry?How is the break Sir?

    I write to request for your prayers for my eldest sister Mwuese Nyiakura, who is in critical health condition and nearing the point of death.I ask that you pray for her urgent healing to save her from imminent premature death.Her Picture is attached as a point of contact.

    I believe that the same God who has wrought mighty miracles of healing in the lives of others in the near and distant past, can and will work this miracle in the life of my sister.

    God bless you Sir, as we look forward to share testimonies of God's faithfulness.

    Yours in Christ,

    Tavershima Peter Nyiakura

  • needs

    Greetings to in the precious name of our lord Jesus Christ. I humbly request you to pray for me as in this present situation I am much worried for the loans repayment part of sum amount is taken by private money lenders on a very high rate of interest I have to refund the money but in this present situation I could not able to make arrangements to arrange money I am very much in tension that how should I return the amount please pray that lord should help me miraculously to come out of this critical situation and hardship ,please pray that lord should show me way to come out from this critical and heavy financial burden which I am carrying every month , I have lot of fear and I am too much worried how to refund this money in this present situation I don’t have any sources to get money but I can ask for prayers
    please pray specially for my job that I should not be transferred from my present job please pray that the government should change its policy for strength of students in school, and I should stay on same place where I am working presently till the date of my retirement. Please pray for my obesity and skin problem I should loss my weight .please pray for increment in my sons salary and, please pray for abundance blessings of wisdom, prosperity , protection and spirituality in my family very specially peace in my family facing lots of problems within my family having no peace lots of devil spirit attacks on my family I need my whole family to be together there should be lots of love among my family members it should not broke all misunderstanding should be vanish out in Jesus name please pray that all curses against my family should be removed. please pray for my son and his wife going through critical situation please pray to remove all misunderstanding between them they should live happiest life due to misunderstanding there are problems creating between my son‘s and other women working in office please pray that everything should be normal on his job place .my daughter in law has left my house please pray that she should come soon and every things should be normal . please pray that my son should get of tobacco addiction please pray I am in need of your prayer support.

  • Please pray with me for healing over my body

    I have frequent band disturbing headaches, drumming of my ears, my eyesight is bad, very frequent stomach pains and lots more pains in my body. One day, I felt in my spirit that what is attacking me is a spirit of infirmity. My confession is that I shall not died but live to declare the works of God. I repent of my sins and call upon Jesus Christ for divine healing. Dear brethren, please pray with me for total healing and also restoration of what the enemy has taken from me.

  • prayer for friends-long term

    Prayer that I would be healed in my thoughts and have peace of mind and that i would have healing in my mind body soul and spirit. Pray that i would healed in my sleep patterns and energy levels so i can function well daily. Heal memories and help with reading and remembering. pray that i could have the energy to exercise and bike ride and lose weight. pray that i would be able to sell my jewelry online and have some finances come in at this time and that in the future i will have a good well paying job that i can do for long term. Pray that I could connect to friends in general as well as connect and restore relationship fully with brooke don israel and melinda and others. (bring salvation to israel/melinda)Pray for open and frrequent communication/fellowship. Bless melinda's new child business Blue monkey family group. Pray for my sister lisa to have the help she needs as this time, protect her as a nurse, help her with my niece and nephew, help her forgive mom and dad and kevin and release all unforgiveness and grudges.Help her with anixety and depression. Help me have some money so i can get my phone fixed or have it start working correctly. Pray for salvation for jason and jessie and healing for jessie in her body/voice. Pray for salvation and healing for daylina, andrew avery, josiah brian laurel shannon crystal frank and brandy and kumar. Pray for salvation and blessing and renewing of communication and relationship with ryan and amber. Pray for debbie for healing of body/mind and spirit and help her sell her house. Please pray for Jennifer and Crystal Pray that they would not have anxiety and that they would get the emotional, spiritual, and mental/psychological care they need. Pray that they would have favor with the judges and lawyers and that their hearing would go well. Pray that their relationship with their folks would be healed and their family would be healed. Give their parents wisdom and bring a end to the strife and fighting. Help Jenn get her phone and everything she needs. help them get the housing they need. Pray for six months.

  • Prayer against infirmity of the eyes ( Glycoma )

    Thank you warriors of heaven ,
    I have been suffering from this eye disease ( Glycoma) for about 10 years . I have surgery on both eyes but doesn’t seem to cure.
    I live in the United Kingdom.
    Please join me in prayer .

  • Prayers for marriage, family, church

    Good evening,
    I have read your books and have been blessed.
    I am asking you join me in prayer to for the following:
    -pray against the spirit of anger, suicide and depression for my mom, brother, sons, venita, nikki
    -i pray my boys are protected, saved and healed in every Area they stand in need of
    -pray for healing in my husband in his body and mind. To be healed of anger, bad decisions making, rash decision making, spirit if offense, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
    -for my mother to maintain her apartment and pay her rent on time and monthly
    -for my brother to be healed of cancer, neurological damage and kidney failure
    -for my best friends husband to be cured of resentment, infidelity, anger, and bad decision making
    -for my pastor to be freed from his obsession with race, anger and politics
    I pray these things in Jesus name and that their healed from every demonic and generational curse and stronghold in Jesus name!

  • business

    please pray for the woman to solve the problems with her guest house business. its shutdown becasue of pandemic crisis. Pray for her success and financial blessing. Thanks

  • reciprocity approval

    Hello. Thank you for offering to pray for others. Pls. Include me in your prayers, im a licensed nurse in florida but i leave here in California i just submitted my letter to Board of Nursing for reconsideration to allow me to practice here in CA to help the shortage. Thank you.

  • Prayer Request against a narcissistic abusive ex-husband

    Hello, please keep me in your prayers. I have been married for almost 18 years. I filed my divorce last year in June 18, 2019 after many many years of living with a very abusive narcissistic ex-husband. My 16 year old son is now abusing me just like his dad because he had witnessed the way his father and oldest brother verbally and emotionally abused me. I started going through personal therapy in an attempt to understand why I am going through unexplainable forces of injustice from church members, family (i.e. mother, father, 2 brothers Joe and Edmund), my own ex-husband, bankers, ex-girlfriend, former business partners, former ministry. Please help. Thanks!

  • My business stopped growing

    I started my business in 2012 . It grew very quickly until 2015 . Since then it looks as if the growth stopped. Since 2015 the business has been making the same amount of money each year . I tithes , I give offerings ,I sow seeds , I take advantage of every opportunity to advance God’s kingdom yet things seem to be the same . I have prayed and prayed for a breakthrough.

  • Dreams

    You shared some important information about dreams and suggestions on how to use one's dream. However, I think it is equally important to show people who cannot remember their dreams, how to pray to remember their dreams. There maybe a spiritual block which the devil maybe using to keep a person from remembering their dreams.
    Thank you!



  • MRS


  • healing of my soul

    i have been a hard worker saving for my future but all the moneys i have been saving have been stolen by the evil.Asking for a prayer against the spirit of loosening every time.

  • witchcraft to stop me from prospering

    pray for my family to be delivered from an evil spirit that takes away our finances using financial mishaps and witchcraft just to keep us from prospering deliverance from the spirit of fear death and anger rage depression

  • Covid 19 sickness

    Please pray for my husband sunjay he has covid 19 and is in ventilator. Pray that he can breath without the ventilator thank you

  • Witchcraft attack

    Hi pastor Daniel need your guidance I love your program been attacked in my sleep for awhile now also after the program last nite read your book about witchcraft and the prayers but as I feel asleep something attacked me hold me down this morning so I cried out for help but been tormented in my mind for awhile now I also feel like someone is always watching me and waiting to attack it’s gotten so bad that I don’t want to fall asleep I don’t know if it’s the soul tie of my ex I been with for 10 years or my son that is trying to take me out with witchcraft need guidance thanks

  • Prayer requests

    Pray for myself alicia and my mom joyce we live in and apartment downstairs and the tenant that lives above us in apartment 7 is loud on purpose he stomp drop things him and girlfriend fight all the time we have to call.police. when we tell him hes to loud he cuss us out threat us that he will move soon are change and quiet down his name is kev I think hes on drugs to him and girlfriend. That alicia and joyce get approve for house loan so they can move to bigger place in nicer area. That God will keep alicia and joyce from hurt harm and danger God will protect them. Alicia and joyce work at hospitals God will protect them from covidq9,and coronavirus protect carla to. Joyce and alicia are under investigation court case for they're job that case will be thrown out that joyce and alicia will win they're cases that they're under they wont get fired terminated are suspended pay for myself loved ones family and friends in all areas of they're lives. Pray for shelia whose on chemo radiation for throat cancer healing, pray for norm who on chemo and radiation for stomach cancer pray for brenda who in chemo ovarian cancer healing pray for magram who on chemo for brain cancer. Pray for sue congestive heart failure in hospital her and her husband. Pray alicia will be delivered from bad habits God know what they are

  • Complete Healing

    I have multiple medical issues ei: heart disease, kidney disease, back and spinal problems. I am scheduled for heart surgery in three weeks. Please pray for my complete healing. Thanks

  • Grandmother

    Please pray for my grandson Dakotah's stomach, he has been having problems digesting food and sever stomach aches and is constantly in the bathroom.
    I have prayed for him and anointed his stomach. I would appreciate your prayers, thank you and God bless you.

  • Grandmother

    Please pray for my grandson Dakotah's stomach, he has been having problems digesting food and sever stomach aches and is constantly in the bathroom.
    I have prayed for him and anointed his stomach. I would appreciate your prayers, thank you and God bless you.

  • Speedy Healing and Recovery for Sumit

    I sincerely and humbly request to please pray for my very special friend, Sumit. May God heal his slipped disc and all the complications attached to it. Hopefully, Sumit will not need any operation. To heal him spiritually, emotionally, and other physical ailments that he is trying to surpass. May God strengthen him and help him to get back on track. May God also bless his father and brother so that they can also keep up on Sumit's needs as he tries to wait for God's healing. Amen. Thank you very much and God bless you all.

  • The loss of an old female gender of Cindy Bullens

    I would like to tell you that I'm sorry that the whole wide world of today is very sad because of the most important female gender of Miss Cindy Bullens that deceased from the nasty surgery and horrible transition when it was declared dead and I am, too. That is why we are mourning for her as a female gender that used to be special, created by Almighty God, so my prayer request is to help someone set up a new women's organization for a cause of women and dysphoria, which will be dedicated in memory of her (1955 - 2011), called, "Cindy Bullens for a Cause of Women", which will be held at:
    1025 Westfield St.
    West Springfield, MA 01089, USA

    Also, my prayer request is to help and encourage the bored and the lowly educated to write and publish new female books about Cindy Bullens, women and gender dysphoria for a cause of women, which they will eventually be enttitled:

    Cindy Bullens: The sloppy, tomboyish lady who didn't like to color herself pretty
    Why Cindy Bullens considered herself as a drag king because of her female body confusion
    Cindy Bullens: The girl and why she hid her female gender by becoming a male look-alike
    Cindy Bullens or Cidny Bullens?
    Cindy Bullens, Women, Gender Dysphoria, Why She Couldn't Battle The Disorder, Why She Couldn't Survive It and Why She Refused to Be Feminine
    Goodbye, Cidny Bullens. Hello, Cindy Bullens
    Why Cindy Bullens never revealed herself as a natural woman
    Why the female gender of Cindy Bullens was killed by the terrible surgery and upsetting transition when switched to a a male gender of Cidny Bullens
    Cindy Bullens: Boy Power on the Outside, Girl Power on the Inside
    Cindy Bullens: The lady who was trapped in a male shell and why her face and body lacked femininity while her female voice proved a lot of womanhood

    and will be available at:
    Cindy Bullens for a cause of Women
    1025 Westfield St.
    West Springfield, MA 01089, USA

  • Unsuccessful forever

    Hello dear brothers and sisters,

    will you kindly please pray for me as I always have what anybody might call "bad luck" - but it is going like this as long as I can think and the last ten years it has gotten even worse to the core:
    It seems like I never can become successful in anything I do, not only business wise, but gpiritually, emotionally, all areas of life are influenced, but foremost finances.
    I tried different business models over the last 20 years, also having spiritual vision, but as soon as a door opens and I do steps in that direction, things start to get really difficult and I am facing obstacles in the very smallest details. After a while I have to shut it down, because it simply doesn´t work or it just vaporizes on its own.
    I believe that God wants me to prosper and get out of debt and I try my best to work and do what I can, but EVERYTHING I put my hands on, falls apart. So much so, that people who work for me suddenly start to be unsuccessful and blow it. After I quit working with them, they start doing well again...!
    Or specialists and freelancers who put my strategies into practice start to see troubles on all sides, going "I don´t know what is going on here. This used to work so well before. Now it isn´t working anymore at all!"OR business models would work for others REALLY well, so much that they are millionaires today, and when I do THE VERY SAME thing, it just would not work out and after a few years I give up.

    When it all began I was thinking that this was tribulation and I just would need to press through harder, also in prayer. But it felt like I would pray against an invisible wall, this feels very bad and choking and finally I would give up praying. Even sometimes when I would pray, as a result things would go down faster and harder. When I ask the Lord to give me wisdom and speak to me about things, I never hear anything and get no guidance.

    I have had a lot of prayer and deliverance going for me over the previous 15 years, but it seems it doesn´t light up at all, it even gets worse.
    Today I am bankrupt and in debt, my marriage is broke, my health and energy levels are down, I cannot perform properly and my faith level is at 0.

    I have quit having vision and faith for my future, hope is totally, totally lost and I start getting bitter at God. The promises of the Bible seem like mockery and I develop a vey unhealthy image of God, where He is numb and quitly, passively sitting there, waiting for me to fail again. doing nothing, speaking nothing.
    It is horrible.

    Additional note, this seems to be a pattern in the maternal family side. My uncles and aunts and also my Grandparents would work hard, but fail gaining anything and business ideas would just not work out and end up being like castles of sand.

    Can you please pray and help to lift this curse? Thank you and may God Jesus bless you!

  • Deliverance and Healing

    Hi Brothers and sisters in Christ,
    Please pray for me and my return to health. Ive been in deliverance and had great success -the Holy Spirit has shown me areas I need to repent of and areas I need to forgive others. I was diagnosed with MS years ago and now have great difficulty walking and with my balance. Pray the Lord will complete this work he has started in me. Thank you so much and Praise His Name.

  • Protection and Preservation

    Hello, please pray for my family and I to be protected from any generational curses .Also for the lord to bless me with the fruit of the womb.

  • Career

    My career is stagenated. I have been looking for a job in my area of specialization but nothing has come through even out of my area of interest. I know God has power to make away where seems to be no way. Pray with me please.

  • Complete Restoration

    Saints, please pray for my husband to be delivered from depression and to live in the joy of the Lord! Pray for him to confess his new identity in Christ until he believes it and walks in it!
    Praise the Lord, we are recently restored after God brought him home from a 9 year affair and separation.
    Pray for complete restoration in our marriage.

  • Mr

    Asking for prayers for the approval of my application for renewal of my contract appointment, enlargement of my financial coast to pay all my debt and be financially stable and praying to be appointed to position of authority.

  • Prayers for financially security

    Please pray for urgent financial assistance. Thank you

  • Prayer Requests

    1) God will give me and our sons good business ideas and provide investors.
    2) God will provide investors of (A) (B) (C) (D) Overseas Education (E)
    3) God will help our elder son will pass the probation and will promote to an inspector in the future.
    4) God will heal all my sicknesses.
    5) God will provide a job at Cyberport or elsewhere for our younger son as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  • urgent prayer

    please pray that Peter my son would be delivered from unhealthy eating habits

  • Career Breakthrough

    Praying for divine promotion and increase as I have been overlooked for many years at the bank I work in. Also praying for the Lord to establish my children in their careers and marriages. May the Lord remember my wife and mother of my children, Busisiwe

  • Deliverance

    I need deliverance from anti marital spirits. I need a husband who loves me who is hard working and loves my kids. Devine health long life for my mom to see me in a happy relationship.

  • My son Keri needs prayers

    Please pray for my son Keri for Deliverance his life is a mess and he need to trust in God he says he cannot take it no more and wants to give up please pray for him he Al's lost his job

  • Career Breakthrough

    Please pray for the Hand of God to direct my path in my career and break every yoke and spell that may be cast against my progress and advancement. Also trusting God for a new job at this time. Marriage is another area I would like the Lord's Hand to lead and help me find a God fearing spouse

  • Prayer Request

    Greetings! Two men Mr Nwabunwanne Chibueze John and Mr Odogwu Joshua Ifeanyi are owing me big money and had refused to refund back my money. I deposited money for Visa, they failed me and are unwilling to refund back my money. It's been long this thing happened and no dime has come from them. Mr Nwabunwanne has relocated to Germany with his family and don't reply my message. I am in pains and tears praying for vengeance. God should visit them with His wrath

  • Pray for me

    Lord deliver me from monitoring spirits and astral projection. In the name and blood of Jesus. Amen

  • I am told I’m a witch

    Good morning to you, God bless you. I need your prayers concerning my present situation. I have been fervently praying for settlement in marriage for over 6 years now but couldn’t get any stable relationship. I finally got a relationship that seems like it 3 months ago and the person told me I’m a witch. He is been attacked in dreams and during day time. I’m not aware of this, I’m lover of God, I believe in God so much that I desire a Godly relationship and husband. This relationship seems to be the kind of relationship I have been longing for, a Godly one but for the first time in my life, I’m told I have seriously initiated into witchcrafts. Please pray with me.

  • Deliverance and salvation

    Plz pray4my bksld daug danele who is on drugs she forgets high drnks liquor plays loud music daily ritual shes nt wrkg she wl not listn2me sometime bring men in her rm plz pray tht I'm not evict from my apt bec of her tht me&my broth dont lose our jobs were wrk from home bec of virus I pray tht God thrw every stumb block in her homls boyfr termaine path tht he nv gt bk2my apt she slip hm in,her rm 4/5/20 the plot he2gt hm bk in apt I ws tld ths is a jezebel spirit tht try2tk ov my apt by my daug&boyfr they hv no fear of God nor of corona virus I'm trust God hs intervene

  • Destination

    I need to move and I don’t know where God wants me to go.
    My son is a prodigal and needs restoration to the Father. He needs to move too.

  • Married to a Muslim

    I am a born again Christian married to a Muslim. I am having difficulties in our marriage of almost 10 years. I have no idea what to do and the only option I can see is to get a divorce. I need answers this situation of struggle disappoint and verbal attacks has got to cease. I feel I have no strength to fight this battle anymore and I need God’s grace and provision for me in this hour. IJMN!



  • Unsuccessful forever

    Hello dear people,

    My name is Björn I am from Germany and I am struggling with being unsuccessful for really all my life, especially in the area of finances, but also personally.
    I used to have a lot of ideas how to build businesses and earn money. But as soon as I start of things start to get down and after a while everything falls apart.
    It goes to the extend that the people I work with or who work for me to help (freelancers and so on) start wondering and say "This is strange, it has never happened before". Or people who would work for me and used to have a good reputation and experience in their field, as soon as they start working for me they woul blow the whole thing. And when I quit working with them, they afterwards begin to be successful again.
    Until a few years ago I would have thought it is just bad luck going for me OR the christian classic "this is not from God" - but I end up believing, that NOTHING in my life seems to be God originated then. And I have stopped believing in bad luck, this is something else and it is not from God and it is no joke and no fun anymore.
    I feel like giving up and also giving up dreaming for God and having vision, because also spiritually nothing seems to go forward.
    This used to be an issue with my aunts and uncles and Grandparents.

    I have prayed a lot and have had people prayed for me over and over, but nothing seems to change.
    I am frustrated to the core and bitter and upset at God - PLEASE WILL YOU PRAY FOR ME and let me know, if you have something to share.

    God bless you heaps and heaps
    In the Love of Christ

  • Unexplainable chest pain

    Greetings in the name of the Lord,
    I have been to the emergency twice for unexplainable chest pain and each time after running many blood tests and xrays etc they said they see nothing & that I'm a perfectly healthy woman and all the while my blood pressure is at 181/107 and they sent me home each time. My husband and I think it's witchcraft or some evil entity! Since the doctors can't find or see anything there because you can't see the unseen spiritual attack is what I got in prayer, today This is the 3rd time this has occurred in a matter of weeks and I need a massive miracle BREAKTHROUGH at the root cause of this DIVINE healing, now! This is past UNBEARABLE and I am crying out! Please lift me up and break this thing trying to break and destroy me, in the MIGHTY and Holy name of JESUS Christ!

  • Hydrocile

    Recently this year I started feeling aches which sometimes go down to the ankle and knee joints. All the works if the enemy must be destroyed in my life.

  • Need a job or income

    Hi, I have been struggling since last year getting an income or a job.


  • Relationship restoration

    Hi, please pray for my broken relationship , it's been 3 months since he left, I'm thinking of texting him back but at the same time I'm scared of the outcome. Please pray that he will forgive and accept me back.

  • Sickness in Lee family

    Please pray for my good friend Meghan Lee who is now h.i.v positive. Her husband infected her, it is not her fault. She needs all the help.

  • Prayers

    Hello my friends I am moved by the literature I have just read which led me to this part to ask for prayers.well I have a great deal of prayer requests.which includes, deliverance from genarational curses, which I believe has hindered my life's progress. Not being successful in anything business wise that I have tried in my 47years of life. Having six children and not being able to provide properly for them. I am in dept way up to my neck and can't seem to find a way out of them. I need prayers to help me to trust in God and believe in him more.i need prayers for my children to draw nearer to God and for God to be the center of their lives. I need to draw nearer to God above all things in this life to make it to his kingdom.

  • Deliverance

    I have been in combat with the spirits of jealousy and perversion. They have called in many and I need prayer as I continue to fight! I have just finished the book powerful night prayers and there is a stubborn spirit that refuses to leave my side. I am able to hear them clearly and they have hurt me physically for years. They have tried to take my life many times. My family has been under attack by these demons for generations and there has been many deaths. I buried my only child in 2005. I need prayer to help me conquer this attack They wait for my sleep to rape me and they cause so much physical pain and mental torment by day and night. It's been years. I pray for the miracle we need.. Please pray for me and my Husband and Family. Thank you.

  • Buying a house

    Prayer for the favor of God for my loan to purchase a house

  • Prayer

    Pray for justice and retribution that where my estranged husband Davis and developer Michale and Mark and corrupt lawyers took all the equity in my home and left me with nothing. They think they are smart for taking advantage of me and left me no money for lawyers.

    Pray they returns the $800 k of y inheritance and be bought to justice of fraud and misleading and deceptive conduct and talking my home from my 3 boys and myself.

  • 7 African Powers Evil Altars

    Please pray for My son Austin and me, we are under great spiritual attack from these ancestral 7 African powers. I have had repeated dreams that their trying to kill me and my son. He has Cystic Fibrosis and his lung capacity is 25% in my last dream this Holy weekend Almighty God showed me their trying to stop me from going up the ladder and speaking Gods word to the world and trying to get my son back on drugs he has been clean for a year after he almost died last summer. These 7 African powers have been trying to destroy me and my son. Thank You and God Bless

  • 7 African Powers Evil Altars

    Please pray for My son Austin and me, we are under great spiritual attack from these ancestral 7 African powers. I have had repeated dreams that their trying to kill me and my son. He has Cystic Fibrosis and his lung capacity is 25% in my last dream this Holy weekend Almighty God showed me their trying to stop me from going up the ladder and speaking Gods word to the world and trying to get my son back on drugs he has been clean for a year after he almost died last summer. These 7 African powers have been trying to destroy me and my son. Thank You and God Bless

  • protection - do not post on the web please

    Please pray that there will be no property invasion, no home invasion, and no room invasion where I am sleeping. Pray that there will be no harm against me. Pray for legions of angels to surround this property, my room, and house to protect me. Pray for a deep Blood of Jesus covering over this property, house and my room, to shut the doors to the occult tonight.
    Please pray that my son is healed from his breakdown, into salvation and a sound mind. Deep peace and he is stable, which would greatly change my life.
    Thank you very much
    Marie Grace

  • urgent prayer

    please pray that danielle and peter will be delivered from captivity

  • family has Covid19

    Hello. Could you please pray for my son, Richard, his little boy, Lincoln and his pregnant wife, Kym. Richard has symptoms of Covid 19. Aned of course he has been in continuing contact with his family. Thank you

  • Promotion and deliverance

    1. Pray that I am promoted to a project Accountant in the main stream of the Organization I am working for. Currently i am on a temporary one year contract
    2. Pray that my husband gets delivered from the spirit of alcoholism and gives his life to Jesus. Pray that God gives him another business that does not involve sale of alcohol.
    May God bless you as you support me in prayer.

  • Please pray for vindication in legal case against me

    Dear family in Christ, on this Easter weekend please intercède for me to God the Father because I have been falsely accused of harassing a man I worked with who is the one who sexually harassed me and children he taught sports too. As I tried to tell on him to his wife, the president of the sport club we worked at he told his wife I was lying because I was in love with him and he rejected me. She believed that gross lie and together they file a moral harassment lawsuit against me. I had never had any problem with the police or law before. I am black woman and my accuser and his wife are white. We are in France and here the police did not believe me when i told them what my accuser has done to me and was doing to young girls when alone with them in sport club. He has pedophile tendencies and sayings. The police dismissed all my lawsuits I filed first against them but there lawsuit against me went through to prosecution. I spent thousands of euros to a lawyer who stole the money and did not go to the court date to defend me. I was condemned because neither I nor my lawyer was present. I tried to file for appeal but the court sent the judgement to a wrong address and old me it was too late to file for appeal. I was condemned to 6 month jail time and thousands of euros to pay my accusers. Please pray God overturn this ruling and that the truth be exposed. My accusers know people in the police and they helped them. The police filed wrong and false papers against me because I told their boss that they were discriminating against me. I have the police of that city against me, the prosecutor who believes his police and my false accusers. Plus somehow the lawyer I had hired turned against me. I think he received a phone call for him to turn against me because they did not want the pedophilia of my accuser to be exposed in that city. Please pray God helps me with my finances and get me good lawyers to get me out of this situation. Please pray all perpetrators against me in police and court be exposed. Thank you.

  • Resurrection prayer

    Heavenly Father Please have mercy and breathe life back into the dead bones of my now broken relationship. It was a short and intense and broken by a false friend wishing poison on us causing the break up. Please don't let the devil and his co-horts win by destroying what was once beautiful. I pray we will talk again as our last words one month ago were bitter and angry ones. My former love is vulnerable to this virus with his compromised immune system. Please resurrect our relationship so I may help.

    I prayer for all during this pandemic.
    In Jesus almighty name.


    Please help me to pray for deliverance of me and my family.
    Also pray for me for financial breakthrough and miracles.

  • Miss

    Good day I'm asking for prayers for my mom she was diagnosed with throat cancer 2 weeks ago she lost a lot of weight can't eat please stand with me in prayer for Gods healing power to touch my mom thank you

  • Prayer

    Please pray for Charles Niti Neelima to have 4 lakh per month please pray that Charles Niti Neelima Aaron would be respected and honoured. Please pray that Charles Niti. Aaron Neelima would have peace and able to finish all the work.

  • Protection

    I ask for God's protection for myself and my family during this coronavirus pandemic and also for the Lord's promotion and favour over my life.

  • Family and ex-husband

    All prayer warriors
    I pray by blood of Jesus Christ for healing my relationship with my ex-husband tim whom with living together marriage over 25 yrs the enemies whom used his mind to cheat and keep secrets and I know god is good god and see all things that hide pray for him to come close to god and pray for my family’s Five adults kids and 11 grandchildren’s and adopt foster children’s

  • Debts

    Please pray for me for me not to loose the house because the water n electricity plus house bills are in arrears I can't affort to pay it due to my high debts n little salary and if I manage to settle the debts on the house I will be able to get the house feed to buy it...Amen

  • Prayer fro freedom from satanic oppression and witchcraft

    I have been attacked by flies and insects frequently. Sometimes they move around my head and body invisibly and other times used them physically. As a result I get marks on my body sometimes. I also suffer from depression accasionally as a result.

    I need prayers to overcome this torment and to fulfill my God's given purpose.

  • Sister in Christ Jesus

    4500.00 needs by April 24,2020 5:00 PM for a house repair in Jesus name amen. Thank you Father God Almighty.

  • Prayer

    I just lost my husband in March and I am going through many tribulations from financial to relational, emotional, chronic health issues.. I'm reading the book "Take It By Force" I did the fast and I am reading and confessing the prayers.I think I need released from oppressive spirits.

  • miracle blessings and favor of God for victory

    Please pray that I get an economic miracle in 7 days. Pray for me to get free of dizzy head and be healed in Jesus name. God work in mysteries ways. Nothing is impossible for him to do. Especially I need to get free of debt in Jesus name. Hopefully Jesus will answer very soon. Pray that he will bless my economy with miracles very soon .Pray for my family and friends. Pray in Jesus name and he will hear us from heaven. Pray that he will send his blessing to me these days to come. We pray that he will answer our needs in life. Everything is under his control. He takes care of his children. Thanks to everyone that pray for me. I am ever grateful for that. I will pray that God bless your life in many ways. He will open a door for me and I need to hear from him very soon. He listens to our heart. Thanks and God bless you so much. Pray for our Evangelization work as we reach many people with the gospel and spread the good news of what happen in Israel.



  • Healing from Serious Lower Back pain

    Please pray for me that God heals me of this serious lower back pain.

  • Please Pray for Me

    1. Please pray for me that God grants me divine favour to be selected for full scholarship to study my desired course at my desired university. I already got six admission offers for this course from different universities but I can not personally fund the study programme. I am trusting God for full scholarship. My parents are late, I am single and my younger ones look up to me. I have no one to help me but God and whosoever He sends.

    2. I pray that God should put an end to the longtime and persistent demonic oppression and evil attacks in my life and that he restores my peace.

    3. I ask that God destroys everything that has been done to stop me from getting married and from having my own children.

    4. That God should connect me with my divine life partner, the one who serves God wholeheartedly.

    5. That God should please relocate from bad location to my place of destiny fulfilment.

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