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And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  –  Job 42:10  (NKJV)

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. – Phili 2:3-4


  1. As you genuinely pray for others, God takes over your own battles.

  2. When you pray for anyone, kindly click on the blue Pray Button. It will register that you have prayed.

  3. If you do have a special word for the person you have prayed for, click on the Reply button and drop the Word (Must never be promotional)

Be blessed as you intercede for others.

  • Business and Career Breakthrough
    For green card to release
    Job for my daughter at Citibank in Tampa fl with the right salary
    Job for myself the right job
    My own place to live
    Financial breakthrough
  • Sickness and Diseases

    I need prayers for a friend's dad just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Also, the opportunity to pray and soak all health issues into THE BLOOD OF JESUS. Amen
  • Peace in the country
    Pray for the Country of Haiti
    Haiti will have a day full of blessing in decoration in Christ Jesus.
    America for peace
    Pray for the world to be govern by the blood of Jesus Christ
  • For Deliverance and Discernment
    Please pray that I would be delivered from pornography, masterbation, distraction and a carnal mind, and that I would have wisdom and discernment. God bless you.
  • Marriage
    Praying for my hubby's deliverance from the spirit of adultery, relational generational curses.
    My entire family to draw closer to The Lord. Amen
    1. Ashley

      N A I tried responding to your post to another about the verse you posted about Lazarus. I had never seen someone use that in the context of marriage before, except that I got a rhema word after meditating on that verse for 30 or more minutes. I couldn\'t get why I couldn\'t leave those words, \"this sickness is not to end in death. \" Then they became \"this marriage is not to end in death.\" I\'ve never seen words of scripture come alive like that and when I saw you relate that to another person having marital problems, I was floored. I\'d love to connect with you. Do you ever get on It\'s a marriage ministry for standing for marriages, and there is a share wall. Maybe we can connect there.

    2. N A

      Ashley, you\'re very right not having seen or heard anyone use it in the context of marriage. It was the Holy Spirit Who spoke it directly into my spirit being (Revelation)!!! There are countless others (Revelatory) I have received!!! Sharing this to the utmost glory of God. Amen. Stay blessed daily. SHALOM. My first time of hearing of that ministry!!!!!!

    3. N A

      Hi Ashley, Thanks and I just joined rejoiceministries couple of days ago!!! Stay blessed

  • Restoration
    Closer relationship with God, family unity, house or apartment, car, to fulfill my calling in the ministry.
  • Financial Breakthrough and Spiritual growth for the Husband
    I request prayer for financial breakthrough.
    prayer the salvation of my husband and spiritual growth.
    I pray for the opening of his law firm.
    prayer for our marriage which is under attack at this moment
  • Total restoration
    know Him in His FULLNESS, TO SERVE HIM IN POWER AND TO know Him better in the power of His resurrection. To Receive total restoration and all around victory in every area and arena of my life and for this year to be filled with days of flourishing, Abounding and Glory. To endeavor, encounter, experience the Fullness, abundance, overflow and increase of His Anointing of The Lord, The Blessing of The Lord and The Favor of The Lord by allowing the Holy Spirit to teach and show me how to operate and flow with Him giving Him full control of my life and body through surrender and submission to His will, His way, and His plan and purpose for my life.
  • For Total Healing and Success in Career
    Pray for me for the following
    - spiritual upliftment in the new year
    - healing and restored health
    - breakthrough in my career and business
    - marriage - God should locate a godly spouse for me
    - excellence and success for my son and myself
  • All round restoration

    my prayer requests are growing deeper in knowledge of God, getting a better job that does not distract my ministry with God, getting married the right way and supporting God' s ministry in whatever way that I can.
    thank you.
  • To pass exams and salvation

    Pl pray for my daughter for her 2nd year exams for mbbs. Nd my sons seat in medecine..nd my husband salvation
  • Business Breakthrough and Marital Blessing for the Daughter
      1. For my son Garrett who is on a business trip in Las Vegas. Safety all around him and also that his business would be favored with a distributorship and he can come home satisfied and not have to go next year to Las Vegas because our business would be highly favored!
    2. My daughter to have the desires of her heart in a Godly husband and can get married in 2018!!!!
    3. Permit for our building project at the ministry!
  • More zeal to love God and protection
    Almighty God, give me wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of God, make your way plain before me. Almighty God have mercy on me and make a way for me where it seems to be no way in the mighty name of JESUS Christ.
    May the Almighty God PROTECT us and our Family in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.
    1. N A

      Dear Janet, daily remember to seek first the Kingdom of God & its righteousness. And all other things shall added unto thee and your entire family (Matthew 6:33). Keep the faith by reading the Word of God (Romans 10:17). AMEN

    2. N A

      Dear Janet, daily remember to seek first the Kingdom of God & its righteousness. And all other things shall added unto thee and your entire family (Matthew 6:33). Keep the faith by reading the Word of God (Romans 10:17). AMEN

  • Prayer For Restoration
    May the Lord remember me and my siblings and restore all that rightfully belongs to us. May his hand rest mightily on us
  • Total restoration
    posted on the wall yesterday that I've been praying for my marriage restoration and communication with my husband, Chris, for five years now. We haven't spoken in a few years, but God gave me several words before we separated and after that he is going to restore our marriage. Also, we were both atheists when we got married, but God got a hold of me when our marriage problems intensified, and I know he can get a hold of Chris. I believe God has removed the other woman and there will be no more. It is time for restoration and communication. Thank you for praying in agreement with me, and I'm submitting this because today's asked us to submit for day 20 of the fast. Thank you for continued prayer for me and Chris. What looks hopeless and dead to the world is possible with God.

    I'm also praying for a new job because I was injured by violence by an employee at my previous job then they threatened my job and didn't seem to believe me, so I quit. The other employee still has not been punished.
  • Uncommon Breakthrough
    Trusting God for harvest and uncommon opened doors that leads to the will of God in my life and that of my spouse - who is heading down similar pathway. Giving God Praise for answered prayers .
  • Protection
    Would like prayer for my son Shane ,Audrey,Caleb and Ella.
    Shane and Audrey marriage strife (Jezebel spirit at work). Caleb trouble at school. 12 yrs old ( Victim spirit ) Ella 6 yrs old. Protection.
    Be Blessed
    Num 6 vs 24 to 26
  • For Spiritual Gift and Financial Breakthrough
    I pray for to activate my spiritual gifts and also for our Finances to improve to enable us to be debt free and our children to excell and our destinies to be fulfilled.
  • More zeal to love God
    Long story pray for my marriage restoration and my marriage brock up be cause of my past but the Lord is healing it living a part spend as much time to geather a lot my wife helps me a lot she dosent know the lord all I want to do is to reach the lost to work for God's Kingdom
  • For Salvation and total Healing
    Pray for Lucinda salvation n I would love to stop taking blood pressure medicine also according to the word my covering restored. 1 Cor. 11-15.
  • All round restoration

    1. Permanent profitable employment before the end of March
    2. Spiritual Growth
    3. Marriage for myself and my brothers ( Edwin and Edward)
    4. Financial Breakthrough for the entire family
    5. Debt payment
    6. Kuku needs a shoe for her foot affected by polio and funds to buy it
    7. Salvation for my brother and mum
    8. my brother to delivered from drinking alcohol and get profitable employment
    9. Profitable employment for aunty mary
    10. Profitable employment for my mum and payment of debts.
    1. Grateful

      I believe Jim Richards teachings on removing invisible boundaries would be helpful. It is also o n YouTube

  • For Healing and Job
    For healing for Patrick Smith, TJ and for job opportunity for TJ
  • Praying for a child and a job
    Good day,

    I really love your ministry, and I have been blessed by the daily devotionals, continue to do the will of the Lord as He blesses you to be a blessing to others. Please pray for me and my husband we have been married going on ten years and we have been trying to get pregnant over four years now without any success. It is the earnest desire of hearts to become parents and we have also been been praying to God for our miracle. Please bear us up in prayer, it gets so frustrating at times when I see so many others getting pregnant over and over again, and still nothing for me. Also, please pray for me regarding obtaining a job, we recently relocated back to our country Jamaica, after being overseas for the past 8 1/2 years. My husband got a job but I am still searching. I love the Lord so much, He has been faithful to me over and over again, however, I am yearning to have a closer walk with Him, please pray for me.
  • Deliverance for my Brother
    My prayer request is for my brother to come out of the bondage and darkness he is in... for him to get set free and begin walking in the destiny God has for him. For him to feel the love and forgiveness of our Father and to come to know Holy Spirit in a deep and personal way
  • For health, Business and job opportunity
    I need prayers for my health
    Pray for God to establish me in business
    Success in exams for my children
    I pray for job for my husband
    This year I pray to be more closer to God
    Establishment in ministry
    I have been praying for a while for God to use me both in my local assembly and abroad
  • For Financial Restoration and Total Healing
    Financial restoration and a husband chosen by God for me. To have our own home with my kids, car so I can be able to go to church again and be mobile. Healing for Naledi my four year old from down syndrome. I believe in a miracle working God and that there's nothing impossible with Him. Complete wholeness, peace and restoration from past heartache and pain. I have received a great prophecy upon my life before last year ended and I'm trusting God for all of it to come to pass this year as per the prophecy in Jesus name
  • For healing,marriage and job
    Job , physical healing and getting married
  • Marital breakthrough
    For God's grace and mercy in marriage to my husband Nthabisheng Segoale.
    We are under serious attack. From nowhere my husband is no longer talking to me for a month now. He is calling me names in front of the kids. I have been on prayers and fasting. Regards Kedibone Leshaba-Segoale
  • Witchcraft deliverance
    Please pray for my son to get delivered from witchcraft and satanism
  • Prayer
    Please prayer for my family deliverance and salvation , my financial breakthrough, healing for severe heat on the sole of my feet credit card debt cancellation
  • Total healing
    Healing of heart condition
    Family salvation
  • Total restoration
    I want to change my job I need Lord guidance and power to make right decisions. I want prayer for my family members George, Cynthia, Emmanuel, Jeremiah, Zack, Margret, Hooman and l. I need Lord’s protection and wisdom.
    God bless
  • Total healing
    Family health, financial prosperity, protection
  • For Total Healing
    Praying for salvation/healing (dads having surgery today) of my family and friends. Praying for my husband to come to know God more.
    Praying for completely healing from high BP and fear of its effects.
    Praying against fear of sickness in general.
    Praying for favor on my job applications and my sisters visa.
    And praying that Gods purpose and calling for my life be reveled so i serve Him better.
  • Healing
    Please pray for Gloria Bridges who was told she has cancer and hasn't been able to keep food down. Also Tariq who has behavior issues and need help with his school work.
  • Please pray
    Please pray for deliverance from my bad situation at work. Please pray for God to answer my prayers this year. Please pray for protection for my son and me. Please pray that I get breakthrough for all my request I have been waiting on the Lord for several years for and wisdom to know what to do next pray praise thank you
  • Financial breakthrough
    Good Day
    Please stand with me in prayer for a financial breakthrough. I experience almost breakthrough just I thought my breakthrough has come something weird happens. May God richly bless you as you stand with me and agreeing with me for total restoration in my finances.
  • Stephanie
    My daughter and 5 sons need protection from abusive husband. The need a safe place to live and financial help. I (Becky) need patience with grandsons, as the are living with me and strength to earn money. Thank you
  • Healing of the eyes
    Please pray for healing of my 19 yr old girl who at 16 developed severe pricking pains at the back of eyes and two weeks later had double vision and squint up to now. All hospital tests are negative . We Keep on seeing Neurologists and Opthalmogist’s with no definite diagnosis
    As a result her studies has been disrupted.
  • Focus
    I struggle praying in church. My mind go blank for public prayer. My mind wanders when I pray or study at home. I cannot remember anything I read.
  • Ms
    Please pray that the lord heal me from neck pain due to being diagnosed with spondylitis.Also for personnel petition I have before the lord..
  • Praying against evil dreams
    Please people of help me prayer i have evil dreams and everytime i have this evil dreams we cant get any work sales.its going on for months now.please urgent prayers needed.will be grateful for prayers
  • Financial healing
    I am in a financial mess. I failed to plan my finances properly and now am finding it hard to make school fees payments for my children
  • Healing of the mind
    Increased spiritual relationship with God. Financial freedom. Healing. Unity among family members. Success academically and all around. Healing of mind and memory.
  • 2 year battle with breast cancer
    I know my Father heals … I trust in His unfailing love … please pray my positive approach to this trial I am going through will show my daughter and unbelieving friends that we have a Father that cares for us and will carry me through to complete healing … Amen
  • The Reid Family
    From procrastination, from fear from financial debt. From generational curses.
  • Divine healing
    Increased spiritual relationship with God. Financial freedom. Healing. Unity among family members. Success academically and all around. Healing of mind and memory.
  • Divine healing
    Divine healing for my father and mother in law
  • Divine restoration and promotion
    Please pray with me for God to lift me up spiritually, and to leave me into a new job. Also, pray that my house be restored to me this year in Jesus name.
  • Healing of the body
    Agree with me in this SEASON OF SUDDENLY (and NEW BEGINNING), for complete healing in my mind, body and soul. Salvation, healing and deliverance for my sons. Doors of opportunity (and favor) in my career, gifting and ministry. Complete financial breakthrough, Spiritual abundance, favor, divine surprises, and bonanza blessings in my life! I desire OVERFLOW that I may bless others. I have an upcoming interview with Delta Airlines, and I decree that the position is MINE!!! No more homelessness and going from place to place, but own home! In Jesus mighty name...God heal, deliver and bless you people. Amen!!!!
    1. Jacqueline

      Continue to speak life over yourself and your family. Say what God says and agree with His will and plan for you. Declare favor over yourself for your interview. When say what God says the angels have to go and bring it to pass. Cast all of your cares upon Him for He is concerned about you.

    2. Amarie Palmer-Macc

      Thank you! I’m beginning to see and experience the MANIFESTATION of God’s glory (favor, joy, peace and glory) upon my life like never before. I am decreeing the word and walking in faith! #Grateful #Amen ??

  • Healing of skin rash
    Healing of skin rash that has not fully healed in 12 years.
  • Business breakthrough
    1. New & productive opportunities for my business. We are in Business Process outsourcing and needs hourly paid contracts paying Us$14 per hour
    2. Total restoration of my/my husbands health & our finances
    3. For my son to get top score in his CSEC Exams in May/June 2018
    1. Thabile

      Andrea, there is a Facebook page where people share BPO contracts.

  • Marial Breakthrough
    Please pray for me there a spirit that blocking me from every thing a can't get no job a can't marry no one to marry me a can't have a relationship nothing good must happen to me a cant even pay my rent am even can't see the manifestation in my life a can't even pray sometime a don't know what to do a can't even study the word even if a read a don't understand it sometime a just fed up a don't know what to do even now a can't even find the money to pay my rent help me lord
  • Deliverance for my son from marijuana
    Pray for deliverance for my son from marijuana addiction. Pray that he will return to the Lord and complete his college in Canada. His name is Ajene
  • Breakthrough With Church Property and New Home
    I believing God for breakthrough with our Church Property, God continued favour on my family and blessings for a New Home. Also, for a mighty move of God within my nation, and indeed the Caribbean that would realise revival and a turnaround in the violence and deaths that are plaguing our islands.
  • Healing and Direction in Ministry
    Praise the Lord, please pray with me for the following requests: (1) have glaucoma and having laser procedures on both eyes, that the Lord will touch my eyes and heal them so I will not have to be using eye drops for the rest of my life. (2) pray for God's direction as I enter into ministry, that he will use me to touch people. (3) to bless the union of my daughter and fiance who are getting married soon. (4) to help in getting a buyer for my uncompleted house in Africa in year.
    (5) to heal my body from hypertension and all its effects, arthrithis, and stomach problems. (6) to have financial breakthrough so I can help my famillies, charities, ministries and others in need. May the Lord bless your ministry as it blesses others. God richly bless you.
  • Healing for my Brother
    Please, I am requesting prayer for my younger brother who has been falling sick and the doctors in Lome, Togo are baffled, confused about his last scan test of his head. He needs your intervention. He sent me a text message that, there are 3 sharp lines in his head and they cannot interpret it. He is going for another scan for confirmation. We serve the creator who created this body. I want you to stand with me in prayer that the Lord will do a miracle for him and heal him. I know this is an attack because he is a pastor and because of his illness, he cannot function well, they want to stop his ministry. Thanks and God bless you.
  • To Do the Will of God
    Father God I am requesting that I and my family do your will not our will, walk in obedience to the will of God, serve more in ministry, be faithful tithes, mission communicate better. Bless all those I come in contact with. Bless the building of our church. Bless all marriages and Relationship.
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