Welcome to August.

This is our month of New Beginning.

My earnest prayer is that you will experience a fresh encounter with God’s power and be empowered to take the next steps of your life and destiny in Jesus’ name. Amen.


This month, so much is cooking in our Church and our prayer and evangelism outreach.

First, our seven days fasting and midnight prayers for August begin Sunday, 1st – Saturday, 7th August 2021.

Do not fail to join us in the fast and midnight live prayer sessions. The theme is My Light Must Shine.

I want to pray with you. See the flyer on my Facebook page and join us starting Sunday night.

Facebook flyer Link:  https://bit.ly/augustprayer2021

My Latest Books Are Free

Secondly, I am releasing eleven prayer books in the next three months, three each month, and I want to give them to you for free. You will download three books free each month once they are released.

But before I go into that, though, let’s take the following prayers to command the month of August. Remember to pray these prayers at midnight (anytime from midnight to 5 AM). Enter the gate of August with these powerful declarations:

Prayers to Command the Month

1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for August. Thank You for protecting and preserving my life and family. To You be glory forever and ever, in Jesus name.

2. O Lord, forgive me in any way I have fallen into sin in the past. Forgive me in any way I have let fear decide my walk with You. Forgive me in any way I have disobeyed Your instructions in my heart, in Jesus name.

3. This month, O Lord, empower me to walk in holiness, in love, and in faith, in Jesus name.

4. Father, let every spirit of doubt, fear, unbelief and disobedience, in my life be consumed by Your fire, in Jesus name.

5. I decree today that August will be blessed for me and my household. Our going out shall be a blessing, and our coming back shall be a blessing. Our labor shall produce abundant results, in Jesus name.

6. Every unjust burden and pain in my life and family, be lifted today and never return, in Jesus name.

7. O Lord, when adverse situations confront me, remind me that there are opportunities in every situation. By the Holy Spirit, teach me, open my eyes to discover the benefits to exploit in every challenge I face, in Jesus name.

8. Today, I reject the voices of fear, hopelessness, and spiritual rebellion. I silence the hidden opinions of the enemy in my mind and replace every fear with courage, faith and boldness, in Jesus name.

9. I declare that I shall not fear or worry this month, for I have the Spirit of boldness, of love and of a sound mind, in Jesus name.

10. This month, O Lord, I receive wisdom to stay away from quarrels, discussions, human arguments, and all issues and battles with no Godly and eternal benefits, in Jesus name.

11. When I face crisis and problems, Lord, remind me of Your faithfulness and deliverance in the past. And may such memories ignite a new faith in me, in Jesus name.

12. Every power speaking against my health, speaking against my progress, speaking against my marriage and family, and speaking against my finances, today, I arrest and bundle you into the abyss in Jesus name.

13. I pass a decree against every situation standing like a giant before me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command them to cease from existence. May the giant of debt, fear, and worry in me be destroyed forever and ever, in Jesus name

14. I decree today that I have the power to walk in daily victory and overcome every opposition against God’s purpose for my life. No evil power can stop me. Every witchcraft projected against my life is now canceled, in Jesus name.

15. I declare that the grace of God is sufficiently at work in me and will keep me safe, protected, free from sin, and blessed every day.

=> This is my month of new beginnings.
=> I shall experience a new encounter with God.
=> I shall experience new miracles every day.
=> My health shall be strong; my finances shall be multiplied.
=> I shall be at peace, and no evil shall come near my dwelling, in Jesus name.




My New Prayer Books

As I said earlier, I am releasing eleven of my latest prayer books (see titles below) to all our subscribers – FREE. You can download them free below, with no conditions attached. Though we need your help.

How can you help us?

I kindly request you to join us in our food distribution outreach scheduled to start next Sunday, 8th August 2021.
God placed it in my heart to embark on another round of extensive food distribution outreach beginning next Sunday, 8th August.

=> In the last few years, farmers in my country have been constantly attacked by Fulani herdsmen terrorists, the fourth deadliest known terrorist group in the world.

=> Even though our government is trying to suppress the news by warning media houses to stop reporting on the activities of these terrorists, their activities are obvious to us and the world.

=> Every day, we face kidnapping for ransom, destruction of farmlands, and killing of people in hundreds. This year, about 3,133 people were killed between April to June, and Fulani terrorists killed over 60% of them.

=> Don’t forget, these people kidnapped my mother-in-law in May 2021 and released her after so many prayers, and ransom was paid. While we thank God she’s alive, we want you to know that we’re sad that, unfortunately, many are being killed by these farm invaders and kidnappers every day. Up until this day, my mother-in-law is still traumatized and going through a healing process.

=> Currently, food prices have increased over 200%, the highest in 15 years.

=> Many families can barely feed a square meal today, not to talk of normal two square meals.

In the light of the above, our ministry, Better Life World Outreach, will be doing an every Sunday food distribution outreach.

How You Can Help

We hope to distribute at least 100-200 food packs every Sunday, and we need your help.

A bag of 50KG rice cost N28,000 naira today (about $56). It used to be N9,000 naira ($18).

We usually divide one bag of rice into ten packs; this gives us 5KG per pack to be given to families. And a 5kg rice pack can help a family of four for at least two or three days.

That means that with one bag of 50KG rice, we will give food support to ten families every Sunday. With ten bags, we will be able to support 100 families, and with 20 bags, we will be able to support 200 families every Sunday.

Every time we do this, we usually have more people than we can support attend our meetings. Seeing the tears of joy as they receive food, hear the gospel, and are prayed for is such a great fulfillment for my team and me.

I am asking you to help us carry out this outreach again in this critical time in our nation.

=> With a $28 donation, you will give five families food packs that can last them for two or three days.

=> With a $56 donation, you will give ten families food packs that can last them for two or three days

=> With a $112 donation, you will give 20 families food packs that can last them for two or three days.

=> And with a $560 donation, you will give 100 families food packs that can last them for two or three days.

No amount is too small. You can donate more or less depending on what the Lord directs you. You can donate every week or every month, or just a one-off donation.

This outreach will continue every Sunday until December 2021, and I will update you on my Facebook page and via this newsletter.

How to Donate

Click here to sow your seed.

And may God bless you for every seed you sow to help us share food with others, in Jesus name.

Download the Books Free

For this month, you can download three of my eleven latest books for free, albeit from Monday, August 2nd  to Friday, August 6th.  Since you are getting this email, you can download the books for free on Amazon Kindle. Don’t forget that Amazon only allows Kindle books to be free for five days.  So download the books before Amazon converts them from free to paid.

I will be releasing three books each month, so you get the books every month before it goes for sale on Amazon. You can use the books to pray or share with someone who needs the prayers. You will surely testify.

Download From Amazon

Book 1: Prayers to Cancel Disappointments at the Edge of Breakthrough
Available on Amazon: Can Be Downloaded Free from Monday

Book 2: Prayers to Cancel the Curse of Marital Delay, Unlock Your Marriage, and Get Married Soon
Available on Amazon: Can Be Downloaded Free from Monday

Book 3: Prayers to Remove Yourself from Negative Generational Patterns, Ancestral Covenants, and Curses
Available on Amazon: Can Be Downloaded Free from Monday


Book 4: Prayers to Overturn Evil Conspiracies, Lies, and Spiritual Attacks Against Your Life
To be released in September

Book 5: Prayers to Demand for Justice Over Legal Issues
To be released in September

Book 6: Prayers to Unlock Your Financial Breakthrough
To be released in September


Book 7: Prayers to Unlock Your Job
To be released in October

Book 8: Prayers to Unlock Your Purpose and Know the Will of God for Your Life
To be released in October

Book 9: Prayers to Remove Yourself from a Toxic Person and Move on After a Relationship Breakup
To be released in October

Book 10: Prayers that Activate Unusual Favors and Angelic Intervention
To be released in November

Book 11: Prayers that Activate Confidence, Boldness, Dominion, and a New Beginning
To be released in November

I am praying with you in agreement in these books. Expect unusual encounters, deliverance, and supernatural breakthrough.

God bless you.

More Recommended Books for the Month

1. By This Time Tomorrow: Uncommon Faith-Filled Words and Prophetic Declarations That Will Change Your Life Forever

2. Listening Prayer: How to Listen and Hear God in Prayers and Know That Your Prayers Have Been Answered.

3. How God Speaks to You: An ABC Guide to Hearing the Voice of God

4. Living Debt Free: Bible Secrets and Prayers to Move From Debt to Abundance.

5. Psalm 91: His Secret Place, His Shadow, and the Mystery of His Protection.

6. None of These Diseases: A Reassuring Faith in God’s Protection, Plus Prayers to Walk in Divine Health.

7. Under His Shadow: God’s Promises and Prayers for Protection

8. By His Stripes: God’s Promises & Prayers for Healing

9. Healing Prayers: Prophetic Prayers & Declarations For Divine Healing

10. How to Exercise Authority Over Sickness: Authoritative Prayers and Declarations for Personal Healing, and Healing of Your Loved Ones.

11. Healing Words: Daily Confessions & Declarations to Activate Your Healing & Walk in Divine Health.

God bless You.

Daniel Okpara
For: BetterLifeWorld.org


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  1. Dear Brother Okpara,
    I have purchased many of your books, and have enjoyed them, as well as being blessed by them. I am particularly interested in also purchasing Book 9 in your Enough is Enough series titled “Prayers to Remove Yourself from a Toxic Person and Move on After a Relationship Breakup”. It’s much needed. Can you please tell me where to find it? Thank you so much for your willingness to be obedient to God, and then blessing others with the results!

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