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In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.Proverbs 3:6

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. – Proverbs 14:12

When an Open Door is Not of God

Some time ago, my family was subtly attacked by satan. A family member  called me and my wife and offered us some kind of benefit and proposal. It involved financing my wife to travel to America with a ready-made job and accommodation. Looking at the idea and proposal from the physical point of view, it was great. This member meant well and wanted to assist us in her own way.

My wife liked the idea and wanted us to accept it. She remembered she had been told the previous day by a minister/prophet that she would be blessed miraculously before 7 days. She felt certain that this was God’s open door.

But I did not like the offer even from a first look. I tried to pretend to my wife that I liked it and that we would give it a trial. This family member wanted us to reply if we are interested or not within 24 hours. We didn’t even have time to pray about the whole stuff.

My wife and I talked about it briefly in the night before going to bed. I could see my wife was happy about it. Though I didn’t like the idea, I had to put on a “It looks good” face as we discussed so that I don’t make my wife feel bad. But how would I tell her that I was just pretending to like it all and that as long as I was concerned this was a no no for me?

We prayed a little about it and went to bed.

The Right Decision May Be Costly at Times, But Don’t Negotiate It.

You see, I don’t blame my wife. She’s always been a very hard working woman who always want to contribute her quota to the family. When she’s not making visible contributions she feels bad. No matter how I try to make her realize that she owns everything that God bless me with, she tries to reason that even at that, she has to make her own contributions. She believes the Provers 31 woman is not some lazy folk who only receives from her husband. This woman makes her contributions too. I think that my wife picked this attitude from having worked her way, sponsoring herself, through University education to become a medical physiologist.

For the offer itself, there was nothing wrong with traveling to the US with ready accommodation and job, and with a trusted family member who was a committed Christian. In fact, if you live in Africa, you’ll know that many people aspire to leave their country and explore the west.

Unfortunately, I grew up having a natural dislike for such runaway mentality. I believe in going out as an asset and not as a liability. And my wife knows that. She knows that you can’t make me moved by talking about traveling out. So before we went to bed, she tried to explain to me not to look at this opportunity like I always viewed it. I agreed.

But as I lay in bed and thought about it, the entire scenario of Adam and Eve in the garden began to play in my mind. I realized that this is an attack on my family putting on a face of breakthrough and open door. I needed to resist this and be firm, else we may not like the eventual outcome in the long run.

So the next morning, I called my wife and said, “Dear, tell Sister ……… that we would not accept her offer.”

I was clear in what I said. But I could see that my wife felt offended. She didn’t make the call. So when Sister….. called me I said, “Thanks for this great opportunity. But I’m sorry. We will not accept it.” She was like, “are you for real?” She called my wife.

As we always do in our home, my wife and I allow ourselves to take time to agree over an issue before we say this is what we want. But in this case the parties involved needed answer urgently and I had to decide.

All through that day my wife was hard on me. She told me that I did not take this decision with her consent and she wouldn’t take it. That I have infringed on her rights. No matter what I said, my wife felt that I betrayed her.

After You’ve Done the Right Thing, Stand in God’s Words

I also began to be pained. How would I make my wife understand me and accept this decision? My heart paced without direction for many hours and I felt so burdened. In that situation I cried to God and said “LORD, help me. Please protect my family”

As my heart was crying, the Spirit of God said to me,  “Be calm. God works in all things. All will be well”

Wow. That was the victory I needed. I began to speak to myself saying, “Daniel be calm, all would be well”

I’ve learned to speak God’s Word to myself when I’m not feeling okay. As I do, I usually receive encouragement.

So as I spoke to myself repeatedly, I became encouraged and faith returned in me.

And to the glory of God, all became well. Towards the end of that same day, someone we respect in the family called my wife and after their discussion, my wife came to me and apologized. She became so lightened and happiness returned to my family.

The Takeaways

My story above may be unrelated to your life situation and experience at the moment. But the lessons are the same.

Sometimes a good offer and a seeming breakthrough may not be of God. The parties involved may mean well, but you need to ascertain through calm discernment that this is God’s will for your life at the moment. That is the only way to avoid many future damages in life.

Usually, when you are required to take a decision and they want you to do it in a hurry, you have to be very careful. Decisions taken in a hurry are not always the right ones. The Bible says that “he that believeth shall not make haste.” (Isaiah 28:16b KJV).

Sometimes also, taking the right decision may come with a cost. You may have to lose an opportunity and some benefits. But provided you are sure this decision is in line with God’s will for your life, business and family at the time, you need not worry about the temporary consequences. Eventually, all will be well.

Sometimes also you may be faced with a personal or family situation that threatens your peace of mind and family unity. Do not ever rely on your own knowledge and power to handle the situation. Continue to pray and confess the Word of God. He will see you through.

Remain blessed.


Dear LORD,

Deliver me from all my ways that seem right to me, but are in themselves the ways of death.

Help me to rely and depend on you at all times.

Guide me in my daily life and business, and by Your Spirit help me to discern what is right for me at all times.

I am faced with all kinds of decisions every day. O LORD, please help me to take the right decisions that align with Your will for my life every time, even when it involves a cost


In Jesus name I pray


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  1. I cannot thank God enough for I have been blessed, inspired, my prayer’s are been answered, I am a different person now. I know now who I truly am. thank and bless you Pastor

  2. Thank you for sharing you life experience, it has confirmed that not all offers that appear to be the right answer to my life is. Dare to say no to great offers , it will save a lot of grief in the long run.

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